The Walking Dead Memes

The Apocalypse moods caught the attention of masses long ago. It is explained by someone’s nature – a bit suspicious and pessimistic. Well, the activity that we perform today certainly can lead to really bad consequences, but still, we are now too intelligent to pass all the possible borders! Moreover, there are persons who passionately care about our mother nature, and we try to follow their mood. Or not. Yet, the modern world wants to be ready for any consequences and tries to imagine what is it like to live in the post-apocalyptic planet. The most successive fantasies turn to the series – like the Walking Dead ones that are based on the popular comics stories about the group of people who had to survive in scary and awful circumstances.

We can laugh at any topic and there is no matter whether it is really funny or not. You should be tough and have a grim humor o joke at the Walking Dead! Though, the really optimistic and willing to lulz persons can see something funny even in the situation that is depicted in the series mentioned. So, you can find plenty of the lolable images on the Internet that were shared by the creative fans. Thus, there are pics with all the main characters – Rick, Eugene, Carl, Carol, Glenn, and Negan. All of them react differently to the situations and give us the reason to make the screen captures to make more cool memes with their facial expressions for the other Walking Dead fans be like “wow, I did not notice that Abraham’s weird face when running from the zombies!”.

Every new series and seasons make us not only spend our time to the perfectly stage-managed scenes but also think about our harmful influence on nature and the planet itself for not to become the real prototypes of the unlucky Walking Dead characters.

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