41 Best Sleep Memes That Will Make You Laugh

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– If your bedtime constantly starts with nightly calculations like HOW TO GET 8 HOURS OF SLEEP DURING 3 HOURS…

– If you promise yourself to go to bed early each and every day but keep failing the mission…

– If your brain tends to remind you of all the stupid stuff you’ve ever said or heard when you’re trying to sleep…

  • If you adore this feeling when you flip your pillow over to the cold side…
  • …and if you feel so annoyed when you wake up 1 minute before the alarm goes off – the minute you desperately needed to survive this day…

If you have ever experienced 100 and 1 sleep facepalm situations like these, you’ll definitely enjoy our collection of new real-life sleep memes and recognize yourself in them.


Let the bedtime memes fun begin!

Funny Go To Bed Memes

Getting some sleep is crucial in order to have a productive day. But how often we fail to go to bed on time, or at least more than 3 hours before the alarm.

Oh, yes. This situation is very common for most of us:

For early birds and night owls, for those who really consider sleep as their hobby and those who see it like a basic need only, for ones who can’t fall asleep wandering about their thoughts or memories and those who can doze off in public transport, at the university lecture, or even at work, for people who just want to sleep…

These funniest sleeping memes ever, which are so damn real:

Funny Go To Bed Memes 1
Funny Go To Bed Memes 2
Funny Go To Bed Memes 3
Funny Go To Bed Memes 4

Funny Go To Bed Memes 5
Funny Go To Bed Memes 6
Funny Go To Bed Memes 7
Funny Go To Bed Memes 8

Funny Bedtime Memes

It’s hard to count all the funny (and stupid) things happening to us when we sleep or try to fall asleep. And if you think you’re the only one on this planet falling into such ridiculous situations… No, dude, you’re not alone!

These hilarious memes are so relatable and a lot of fun too.

But the best part is they’re more typical than you could expect.

Find and share the memes about yourself:

Funny Bedtime Memes 1

Funny Bedtime Memes 2

Funny Bedtime Memes 3

Funny Bedtime Memes 4

Funny Bedtime Memes 5

Funny Bedtime Memes 6

Funny Bedtime Memes 7

Funny Bedtime Memes 8

Sleep All Day Memes

Did you know that more than one third of Americans don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis?

In order to keep the optimal health and well-being, an adult needs at least 7 hours of sleep, but an average 21-century person usually has twice less.

Are you in this 1/3 of people struggling from insomnia and breaking into another day through a sleepless night?

If so, you’ll absolutely love these sleep-all-day memes for anyone who can’t sleep at night but keeps falling asleep during the day, who desperately needs a nap right now.

Sleep All Day Memes 1

Sleep All Day Memes 2

Sleep All Day Memes 3

Sleep All Day Memes 4

Sleep All Day Memes 5

Sleep All Day Memes 6

Sleep All Day Memes 7

Sleep All Day Memes 8

Lack of Sleep Memes

What time is it now? 4 a.m. again? Sleep-deprived?

Uselessly checking the emails? Trying to read a book? Watching some stupid videos? Or just surfing the net for some real-life memes?

Well, we can hardly help you to fall asleep, but at least can make your wakefulness not so boring!

Wanna have a great laugh? Scroll down for more sleep memes:

Lack of Sleep Memes 1

Lack of Sleep Memes 2

Lack of Sleep Memes 3

Lack of Sleep Memes 4

Lack of Sleep Memes 5

Lack of Sleep Memes 6

Lack of Sleep Memes 7

Lack of Sleep Memes 8

How I Sleep at Night Memes

Have you ever wondered what your sleep position says about your personality?

Can you imagine that the way you sleep at night also tells about your health? And the way you wake up – about your lifestyle.

But, whatever your sleeping style tells about you, the one thing we know for sure: you’ll find a meme in our collection that seems like made especially for you!

How I Sleep at Night Memes 1

How I Sleep at Night Memes 2

How I Sleep at Night Memes 3

How I Sleep at Night Memes 4

How I Sleep at Night Memes 5

How I Sleep at Night Memes 6

How I Sleep at Night Memes 7

How I Sleep at Night Memes 8

How I Sleep at Night Memes 9

We hope you enjoyed this page of fun! Because we had a lot of fun picking up the life-based memes for everyone who loves sleep, who set up 10 alarms, who sees the morning light when insomnia is kicking in and you have a very important day ahead.

Here are 41 funny sleep memes just for you!

Feel free to share your favorites.

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Last Updated on August 2, 2021