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Oh, it’s Wednesday, the midday of the week. The day when feelings of happiness and despair conflict with each other. Definitely, you completed the half milestone of a week but you still have two more long days to go.

Wednesday – The day when you are full of hope and this hope makes it out all your week alive.

From the last few years, Wednesday has been gaining attention in the world of Internet humor as Hump Day. Very funny name, right?

There is a saying, nothing screw up your Friday like realizing the day is only Wednesday, a hump day.

So, what exactly the hump day is and what does it mean?

Before providing the answer, I would like to ask you a question? Do you ever notice the hump of a camel? If your answer is yes, you probably have seen a little protuberance on the back of the camel, this is what exactly the hump is. Since Wednesday falls in the middle of the week just like the hump of a camel, the day has entitled with “hump day”.

Let’s go back to history: It is a name derived from the old English word “Wodnesdaeg” meaning wooden’s day. In Latin language, Wednesday means “day of mercury” and also known as “hump day”. That means, at the end of the day you successfully made over the hump and move towards the end of the week.

A good hump day helps you to feel happy for the rest of the week. The remaining days of the week can be defined as hump day. Thursday is the next day of the hump day, Friday is the freedom day- the day before the weekend. Saturday is the hangover day and then comes the Sunday, Pre Doom day.

Basically, the word hump is used to define the obstacles and challenges or something comes in between you and your goal.

To achieve success, you have to overcome the hump coming on your way.

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