Game Of Thrones Meme

It is funny, but there is, probably, nothing new to say about the Game of Thrones series, both books, and TV ones. There is so little number of those, who have never heard about “A Song of Ice and Fire” that we totally cannot reveal some new facts (without spoilers, you know). However, the new facts are born with the speed of light, as the fans waiting for a new season, form different theories, related to the series. The theories can be crazy and unreal but sometimes they terrifically look like the truth. Well, there are also funny things, as when all the serious intentions are terminated (or disapproved), the time comes to the lulzes.

The 7th season of the Game of Thrones started a new era of memes and triggered a knocking flow of jokes at Daenerys and Jon Snow. They showed all their inner nature – it allowed us to make new got images with quotes from the series. Well, the fans hold the discussions about their looks. The Internet is filled with pictures of Jon and his hairstyle – he would become a L’Oréal Paris model! Daenerys, in her turn, represents a bit more serious character; but she is still one of the best objects for light mockeries. game of thrones election memes with the Daenerys figure have got plenty of attention and made the days for a lot of fans. Of Cersei fans, actually. By the way, Cersei and Sansa Stark revealed their true characters too, but we cannot laugh at their rough and strict decisions – but we can joke at their lieges, silently, of course, for not to attract the attention of those cool ladies.

We hope that the 8th season will keep pace with the previous one and will bring much more reasons to laugh. We believe that there will be laugh and love – we said that there will be no spoilers in the beginning of this article, remember?

Funny Game of Thrones Memes

Fight for me, drogon. Fit fir mi drigin
That moment when you find the perfect avocado at the supermarket
When you get paid at the end of the month
I gave birth to an evil killer baby. Bitch please
I`m here to love my children and blow shit up and i`m all out of children
I gon burned once. That`s cute.
When you have to fight the white walkers but all you can think about dat ass
Impin` ain`t easy

Game of Thrones Season 8 Meme

My face when I realize I have to wait a year for the next Game of Thrones episode
Anybody know the cure for greyscale? Have you tried some soup and a nap?
...did any of them touch you? no, you?
When you realize there`s only 1 episode left of season 7 then we`ll have to wait 2 years for season 8
Your crush her dad her nephew her ex her lover you
Game of Thrones season 8 could potentially not air until 2019
Good news...I`m back on tv again Dad news.. It`s game of thrones

New Got Memes

Hey Daario! Hey! It`s Aario now actually! But why? I gave the D to Daenerys!
My vagina is dark and full of terrors
And the award goes to...
The girl you like Her Father Her Uncle Her Ex Her brother You
I am the one who knocks I am the one who holds the door
Too old
Still a better love story than Twilight.

Game of Thrones Election Meme

Election 2016
Game of Thrones Election Meme
She gets the house. He gets the dogs. Worst divorce ever!!!
I have mountain. I have dragons. Bithes please!
You Starks are hard to kill. Are you fucking kidding me?
Look, we got fout or five of the main characters at this wedding. I think we`ll be fine...
I heard the party died after i left

Game of Thrones Daenerys Meme

*saves her life 3 times* OH, FUCK OFF JORAH. *gives 3 flowers* OH MI GOD LUV OF ME LIFE
We`re going to die. At least we`re together. Nevermind my rides here. Bye.
I am so sick of your shit
There is no word for selfie stick in dothraki
Let me fight for you Khaleesi. Lit mi fight fir yu Khilisi
Am I the only one around here who knows my name isn`t Khaleesi?!
Even beyonce bows down to me

Game of Thrones Love Meme

I cant go. I`m supposed to marry Prince Joffrey. I love him and I`m meant to be his queen and have his babies!!
6-8 inches of snow tonight? Sounds good to me
I enjoed the dinner, but you don`t have to pay for this. Oh no, I incest
When boys can make you laugh.
When boys surprise you with a hug from behind.
If you`re saying that I play favorites, yo`re wrong. I love all my children equally.
Brought that bitch some ships. Bithces love ships

Got Season 7 Memes

Dies for honor. Died for love. Died for duty. Died for never having heard of a god damn zig-zag
Can this be the end of the man bun?
Welcome to the shitadel
The prophesied prince could be a princess Gender-neutral language ftw!
I promise I`m not going to say anything too savage. One drink later:..
Tyrion in season 1. Tyrion in season 5. Tyrion in season 7.
I am daenerys targaryen, the first of her name, queen of the an.. I`ve heard all your names, what do you want?

Game Of Thrones Meme
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