Military Memes

Warriors and soldiers seem to be quite serious people without any hint of humor. It is explained by their professional ethics: who would joke at their work that is really important and demands the highest degree of attentiveness. Nobody will spend the energy on laughing during a force-majeure!

Nevertheless, there is always a place for lulzes, even if talking about the military field. Our strong army has plenty of cool men and women with a perfect ability to cheer up themselves and every Internet user. There are a lot of military branches with their own special humor. It is often sarcastic, as the officers are usually obliged to be every day on their places, have to spend the years to the military service and should rain hard everyday to be ready for any situation.

Well, they also have plenty of the reasons to laugh, and the social networks see the results of the soldiers’ activity. Funny military memes ridicule the old army customs, reveal the ironical features of characters in the US and Great Britain military forces and totally crack our opinions about tough and reserved “fighters”. Their funny stories about the desire for freedom, the birthday parties and “inner culture” really knock the readers off.

We should say that the military forces are strong in any sphere of life, as they can protect themselves and their close persons (and us, by the way), as well as can have a good time in pauses between hardcore training and playwars. Do you want to see some military-inspired memes? We suppose, your answer will be: “Sir, yes, sir!”.

Anti Military Memes

anti military memes

best anti military memes

amazing anti military memes

common anti military memes

Army Birthday Meme

army birthday meme

best army birthday meme

amazing army birthday meme

common army birthday meme

Army Strong Meme

army strong meme

best army strong meme

amazing army strong meme

common army strong meme

Funny Military Branches Meme

funny military branches meme

best funny military branches meme

amazing funny military branches meme

common funny military branches meme

Gay Army Meme

gay army meme

best gay army meme

amazing gay army meme

common gay army meme

Military Women Memes

military women memes

best military women memes

amazing military women memes

common military women memes

Funny Army Officer Meme

funny army officer meme

best funny army officer meme

amazing funny army officer meme

common funny army officer meme

Military Humor Memes

military humor memes

best military humor memes

amazing military humor memes

common military humor memes

Funny Soldier Memes

funny soldier memes

best funny soldier memes

amazing funny soldier memes

common funny soldier memes

British Army Memes

british army memes

best british army memes

amazing british army memes

common british army memes

Military Freedom Memes

military freedom memes

best military freedom memes

amazing military freedom memes

common military freedom memes

Us Military Memes

us military memes

best us military memes

amazing us military memes

common us military memes

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