Salty Meme

Salty memes are not as popular as they should be; someone even does not know what idea they keep, actually. This tiny article is dedicated to all the curious persons – in this page, we are trying to explain and show some examples of salty pictures.

What Does Salty Mean

If trying to consider in details, we should read some scientific information covering the linguistic field, in particular. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, salty is a slang word. It says that the person using this concept in speech is frustrated and angry because of a fail he has experienced. Someone in Philadelphia has explained this word meaning as “looking stupid because something you did”.

As far as funny salty jokes are aimed at the sarcastic audience, they spread slowly. As we know, the persons having an ironic sense of humor are unlikely to share the cool things they have found in the network because of the fear of this thing will become a part of the mainstream flow. Well, it would be true, if any of sarcastic humor representative had a great taste.

Almost all the faces with the proper look are suitable for feeling salty memes. You can choose any of stock photos, add a salty comment and send it to your friends. Of course, you can and, maybe, should do that, if you are willing to joke at your own disappointments. If you really are – congratulations! Your life will be much easier than the others’ ones. To satisfy your exceptional taste and help you live with your fails, we have created the collection of funny salty memes. Enjoy your salty moments!

Funny Salty Meme

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Feeling Salty Meme

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Salty Pictures

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Funny Salty Jokes

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Salty Meme
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