Funny Weed and High Guy Memes

The weed memes joke at a quite controversial thing, though in some countries this plant consumption is legalized and even considered as a medical practice. Well, we went far with laughing at weird and dangerous topics, so why should we avoid the cannabis theme, especially if it really makes us laugh out loud?

The high people are really funny – it is a fact that does not demand proofs. Every time our smokers-friends, who have found some marijuana, start to behave a bit “differently” than usually, it is high time to make some photos of them! You can make a private collection of smoking weed memes just for your friends group – and it will be a correct choice, as who wants the problems with the law after sharing these images win the Internet users? It will be amazingly cool to add the quotes of your high bros to the high images. By the way, the out of weed memes are as popular as getting high ones, as these stages are a bit different and have their own atmosphere. Those, who quit smoking this thing say that high is nice, but it wears off.

If you have good friends who have no addiction to weed, you can just come together with beer or juices (though we suppose there will be both drinks) and find some hilarious weed memes and pothead pictures. Collective jokes and any activity, in general, unite any group, and even such an unconventional way to have fun will certainly cheer the whole company up. By the way, the most popular google requests concerning weed pics include SpongeBob memes, so try to find some of them! To be honest, we understand why this cute creature is connected with marihuana – the authors of the SpongeBob series certainly know a lot about weed. Probably.

Best Weed Memes

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Cannabis Memes

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Edibles Meme

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Funny High People Memes

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Funny Weed Memes

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Getting High Memes

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Hilarious Weed Memes

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Marijuana Memes

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Medical Marijuana Meme

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Out of Weed Meme

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Pot Meme

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Pothead Meme

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Smokers Meme

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Smoking Weed Meme

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Spongebob Weed Memes

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Stoner Meme

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Weed Head Meme

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As Symbols of Rebellion

They go beyond the tale of stoners. They are a tool of expression for the many who have had an opinion about a product that they feel is too natural to be illegal. Some of the memes carry a narrative of rebellion against law enforcers. It is more of a silent protest against governments that have felt nothing good comes out of marijuana. Of course, the protesters have stories to back up their arguments. Some feel it has medicinal value particularly at a time when researchers feel it could be a solution for cancer. But a good number of these protesters are not even cancer patients.

Weed memes for Social Identity

Some of this memes have been used as a measure of who is cooler than who. Celebrities are propagating this culture. And their fans and followers identify with them. If you can have a joint or two, and feel like the most high, then you are the coolest kid in your neighborhood. Welcome to 2017. That’s the new cool. But don’t even getting it wrong. It does not work for everybody. Some have lost their sobriety, and it might take years to rehabilitate them.

Archives of dumb Decisions

Look at the other side where such memes have been used to narrate stories of the stupidest decisions ever made. Some thought it was cool to smoke until they ran into trouble with law enforcers. Probably ended up in jail and got locked up for years. Some tell stories of how weed renders one unable to make a good judgment. The outcome is not always welcome.

A Reflection of Societal Attitude

Ideally, these memes point out the attitude of the society towards marijuana. A society that has always served the role of a custodian of elements that define morality and ethical conduct. A society that has set the moral standards for just about everyone. These memes underline the fact that, it might take time before marijuana is legalized across various parts of the globe. Many members of the society still harbor some reservations about the benefits of the product. But a few weed memes would have your moments lit up when having a dull day.

Funny Weed and High Guy Memes
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