Homer Simpson Meme

Homer Simpson is considered to be one of the most famous cartoon sitcom characters ever. There are so many fans of the Simpsons series, that you can be one of them without even noticing that. The Sunday Times called him “the greatest comic figure of the modern world”. The 2000 year saw Homer Simpson with the family getting the star on the Walk of Fame. In general, this fictional character seems to be one of the most influential in the world, even noting the fact that he is fictional, actually.

If considering in details, Homer represents the universal symbol of several American stereotypes of the working class: he is untidy, incompetent, awkward, lazy, heavily drinking and ignorant. Probably, he is so popular in some classes because of his similarity to them. Someone can even find that he reminds Mr. Simpson with the personal features or habits. Well, he is not a perfect individual to be taken as an ideal but he is devoted to the family and sincerely loves his children. However, he has difficult relationships with the family members but what kind of man has no troubles with the teenagers and the wife?

The fans noticed that Homer has quite an expressive face, so the Internet immediately filled up with homer Simpson memes. The drooling picture with the quotes of the father Simpson became almost as popular, as the Homer is. The list of the most famous memes includes mmm meme and salivating meme. Even Homer Simpson slobbering did not go unnoticed.

It is really funny to use the drooling pics of that yellow-shaded face in an Internet dialog. Probably, Homer has a facial expression for any life moment, and we have some especially worth your attention in our virtual collection, so have a seat and get your laugh portion for today!

Homer Simpson Mmm Meme

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Homer Simpson Drooling Pic

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Homer Simpson Drooling Picture

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Homer Simpson Meme

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Homer Simpson Salivating Meme

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Homer Simpson Slobbering

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Homer Simpson Meme
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