Best Funny Golf Memes and Pictures in 2023

Tell me what your favorite sports game is, and I will tell you, who you are. If you like football – I would rather think that you are active, optimistic and strict a bit. If I learn that you are a fan of diving – I would suppose that your psychological portrait includes such features as curiosity, patience, and insistence.

However, if you ever ask me to try playing in your favorite golf, taking one of your cool knitted vests – bruh, you’d better keep your trained arms with your boring vest away from me!

We are joking, of course. Golf is not considered to be a deathly boring thing anymore. We can see the rise of its popularity on the Internet, which is filled with cool humorous golf memes. As far as memes represent the public opinion today (well, the memes authors’ opinion, at least), we can draw a conclusion that it is possible even to get drunk in a golf field with your friends, to play rudely and rough, and even to look stupid and silly person, but to win a golf championship with the award in thousands of dollars. We believe that you already feel the desire to take some golf sessions.

By the way, golf is a bit similar to billiard – it can be an intimate playing, especially if you try to court a girl (what a dirty golf player). Just show her several positions that are needed to make a goalball, wait till she makes a mistake, and correct her with your own hands. Be sure to flirt and make this gently!

Do not paw her tempting body with your bandit’s hands, show your respect and attention. Then you will be able to pass over the most interesting part of the relationships that tighten the connection between two persons, who are kin on golf – to scrolling the best golf memes.

Cool Humorous Golf Memes

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Dirty Golf Pictures

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Drunk Golfer Images

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Funny Golf Memes

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Funny Golf Photos

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Funny Golf Pics

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Funny Spastic Jokes

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Golf Bandit Jokes

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Hilarious Gay Golf Pics

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Rude Golf Pictures

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Silly Gay Golf Jokes

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Stupid Golf Meme

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Last Updated on January 5, 2023