Editorial Guidelines

Our Editorial Mission

MemesBams is a website of memes, quotes, messages, and poems aimed at engaging readers, kindling cheers, and fostering thoughtful communication. We believe that relationships flourish by shared moments of laughter and meaningful interaction. Thus, the prime goal of the website is to provide content that resonates with our readers and inspires them to express themselves. Our philosophy is to provide them the opportunity to reflect on themselves and their relationships, and then offer them strategies and tools that may help them convey their thoughts and feelings. Our triumph lies in knowing that we have helped foster ties through our content.

Our Editorial Commitment

We want the website to be useful, accurate, and trustworthy. To adhere to this vow, we formed an esteemed Advisory Board of experts and coaches in lifestyle and relationships that inspects our content and makes sure that it is of high quality, correct, relatable, cogent, reliable, and useful. 

Our Editorial Values

Why trust us? All our content is driven by our goal of providing our readers articles that are backed up by information gathered from reliable and apt resources. Prior to publication, the article is scrutinized by the Advisors to make sure that it sticks to the editorial standards and precisely follows the editorial policies.  

Our Editorial Policy

All content in MemesBams is created with utmost regard for values and ethics. 

Adherence to Editorial Protocols

The quality of the content of the website relies greatly on teamwork and cooperation. Thus, members of the Editorial Team and Advisory Board work closely together to ensure that editorial protocols are met and all published articles are accurate, relevant, clear, engaging, useful, and trustworthy. To ensure accuracy, the advisors check the legitimacy of the content, including the photos, links, and references. As for content relevance, the topic is selected based on current trends and demands. Prior to publication, the article must be proofread so that grammatical, spelling, and style errors are corrected immediately. Rechecking the article after publication is also important so that the readers can focus on the content itself and not on the mistake. This makes the article clear and easy to read. For the article to be useful and trustworthy, the content has to include tips and guidelines verifiable by reliable sources, such as the most-recent studies and latest news articles. 

Links and References

Links are added only when they are necessary. The purpose of adding links is to bring further clarity to the topic. The links may direct to pages within the website or to approved, credible external websites. References for use in the article content must come from reliable sources. A reference list (preferably, in APA style) has to be provided at the bottom of the article content to give credit to the materials used from outside sources.

Copyright Content

All content, both visual and written, are owned by the company. Thus, any form of commercial reuse and/or reproduction is prohibited without the formal consent and approval of the company. 

For any questions related to Editorial Policies, please contact us.

Our Editorial Standards

A content that is of high quality is one of the essential cores of the website. Our content goes through the following editorial processes to ensure adherence to stringent quality standards:

Topic Selection and Content Writing

The Editorial Team and the Advisory Board select topics based on data trends and analysis. Once the content is prepared, it is then submitted to the Advisory Board for review. Before and after publishing, the article is proofread for grammar, spelling, style, photos, and other important details. 

Plagiarism, References, and Hyperlinks

We provide original content except for the quotes, some photos, and other citations. We cite them through a reference list that is typically presented in APA style. We only use references from reputable sources, such as scientific journals and magazines, trusted news agencies, textbooks by well-established authors, and interviews or communication with professionals and experts. You may also encounter links in some of our articles. These links direct the readers to the related content either within the website or to an external website. These links are relevant to the topic for additional information. 


To ensure that the article is accurate, it is reviewed by the Advisory Board. Should there be aspects needing revisions, the article is duly updated and re-evaluated until no further revisions are necessary.

Updating Content

The Editorial Team and Advisory Board conduct checks regularly. When we see any inaccuracy or outdated information, we fix them as soon as possible. 

Our Writers, Editors, and Advisory Board

Our writers, editors, and advisors are the industry’s leading professionals in lifestyle and relationships. We have esteemed psychologists, coaches, and book authors in lifestyle and self-improvement on board. Get to know more about our Editorial Team and Advisory Board here.


MemesBams is independently owned and operated by Digital Ventures, a private company located in California, USA.

Funding and Advertising

All of the content found in the website is free for anyone to access. For us to continue providing our users a freely accessible website, our advertisements help us cover our operating expenses. These include payments for hosting, domain registration, software, professional services, and taxes. The advertising on this website has no influence on the Editorial decision. 

Editorial Corrections

While we do our best to keep our website error-free, there may still be some areas needing improvement. The views of our readers are important to us. We appreciate your feedback. If you notice an error in the website, feel free to notify and contact us