Love Poems for Wife

Love Poems for Wife

Do you know what’s one special gift you can give to your loving wife that’s beyond compare? It’s far more special than that newest smartphone or that glittering necklace… Well, it’s a true love poem for your wife!

A love poem for a wife from her husband is a chivalrous display of devotion. Without any doubt! Loving words from her man is an everlasting treasure and a love poem is your heart speaking to hers in rhythm.

We are certain of one thing. It is your great love for your wife that brought you here. And we’re delighted to bring you beautiful love poems and offer you nothing but the best love poetry of all time. Go ahead and select the best romantic poems for her. Feel free to make changes to make them your own. The ones coming from you are the kind of love poems for your wife that will certainly touch her heart and make her cry.

Poems for Wives From Husbands

Here are the best love poems to make her smile — may it be for a special occasion or just to utter your love in the most affectionate way.

Deep Love and Appreciation Poetry for Wives

Deep Love and Appreciation Poetry for Wives

Make her feel loved and deeply appreciated with these romantic poems for wife from husband. Your wife deserves nothing less than the best. So go ahead and choose from these poems.

I Loved You, I love You, and I Always Will – Love Poems

  • The first time our eyes met
    I knew in my heart it’s meant
    That our lives will intertwine
    The love we share, true and divine.
  • I see no one else but you
    I loved you,
    I love you,
    And I always will
    My life began the moment I saw you
    and it will end with nothing
    but you, everlasting.

The Reason I Love My Wife

  • You’ve always asked me why I love you
    Sweetheart, it’s not just your lovely eyes
    That at times glitter in tears…
    It’s not just your luscious lips
    that I sometimes fail to notice.
    It’s everything about you, my dear
    That makes me feel complete.
    Yes, your smile that lits my darkest
    Your forbearing love and care
    Beyond what’s expected.

How Much I Love My Wife Poem

  • I love our house
    even if others say
    it’s not the grandest
    I love our car
    even if they say
    it’s the blandest
    All these,
    I would have to say
    I feel perfectly fortunate.
    Because having you as my wife,
    all these things
    become life’s bonuses.

You Are My World Poems

  • I never thought there’ll be someone
    Who I wish to live for, forever and a day.
    I couldn’t imagine spending life with anyone
    Of any moment of any day.
  • If it’s not going to be with you
    I might as well live alone.
    You are my world, you’re my best half.
    You are my home.

Breathtaking Love Poems For Her

  • It’s amazing how you can be my strength
    while you can also be my weakness.
    With you, I can be my most vulnerable
    The most fragile man you’ll ever witness.
    I’d rather lose all else than lose you
    You’re my life’s purpose; the meaning in all I do.

Thank You My Wonderful Wife Poems

  • There are so many things
    I have to thank you for
    I may fail to say how much
    But my gratitude’s
    Deep down the core.
  • Your loving gesture
    Amber to my soul
    A gentle flicker that
    You alone are ever
    So worthy to adore.

Love of My life – Poems For Wife

  • Having you as my wife
    Is the best part of my life.
    Your sweet presence
    Grants life its essence.
    I was once a mess
    but now so blessed.
    My bijou, so genuine
    Only I can call mine.

Soulmate Poem For Wife

  • I once thought soulmates aren’t real
    But that changed with a glorious zeal
    Of wanting to know you an arduous deal
    So noble, so surreal —
    Such desire to make you mine.
    Now, our lives, entwined,
    My precious, my wife,
    You’re my soulmate for life.

Christian Love Poem For Wife

  • Love is patient, love is kind
    You are love, defined.
    You are who I prayed for
    A heavenly gift to adore.
    You are God’s doting revelation
    You are a divine love declaration.

Inspirational Love Poetry

  • For the countless times, we almost quit
    We stay loyal to our vows till we make it
    Through thick and thin, laughter and heartache
    We’re bound to each other, a bond no one can break.

Sweet Love Poems for Your Wife for Special Occasions

The best poem for the best wife! We got you covered! Here are some sweet love poems for your wife for that special event. A heartfelt poem is one of the perfect gifts for an anniversary, for her birthday, or when you simply miss her.

Sweet Love Poems for Your Wife for Special Occasions

Missing You Poems For Wife

  • Our distance makes me
    Want you more than ever.
    Your voice, your caress
    Your warmth, your kisses.
  • Take heart, my lady,
    We will soon be together.
    My heart longs for yours
    And none other.
  • For now, dream of me,
    Meet me whencesoever
    My wife, hear my plea
    Heal your aching lover.

Short Anniversary Poems

  • We make the stars jealous
    of how our love keeps burning.
    We’ll leave time and space in awe
    of all the milestones we’re celebrating.
    Happy Anniversary, my Wife!
  • Your shower of kisses
    are my doses
    for me and mine alone.
    You make me
    the luckiest man
    out of the zillion.
    Cheers to more years, Hon!
  • Never did I doubt, my dear
    That our love, our vows
    Forever solemn, ever sincere
    Happy Anniv, my beloved spouse!
  • The stars connived when we first met
    Of the billion souls, it’s us that wed.
    Happy amazing years, my gingerbread! 🙂

Romantic Birthday Poem For Wife

  • I have nothing to give
    My heart’s my gift.
    Take care of it.
    It’s yours to keep.
    Happy birthday, my darling!

Valentine’s Day Poem For Wife

  • You are love personified
    Purer than gold.
    You deserve all there is
    A love, undivided
    My vow to behold.
    Happy Hearts indeed! My love!

Short Love Poems For Wife

Be inspired by these love poems! Make your own that speaks for you! It doesn’t have to be complex or long. All it takes is a few words coming straight from your heart.

Short Love Poems For Wife

Good Morning Love Poem For My Wife

  • Surprise! my darling
    I’m greeting you “Good Morning!”
    Shine upon me your smile
    I’ll see you in a little while! 😉
  • Win the day, honeybun!
    Show ‘em you’re number one!
    If the world ever turns back on you
    Smile! Coz to me, my world is you! 🥰

Romantic Good Morning Poems for Her

Cute Poem for a Cute Wife

  • You’re cute when you’re mad
    Lips pouting and all that
    Makes me want to kiss you so bad
    Will you be glad or will you be sad?
    Will you be gracious to this lad? 🥺

Funny Love Poems For Wife

Funny Love Poems For Wife

Funny love poems can be so sweet, so fine, and so nice. Turn any of these poems into yours. Express your feelings sweetly and in an extraordinary way. Give her something to smile for.

Wife on Top

  • My Wife, My Queen
    Put on the daintiest robe
    Tonight, make me your throne
    I’ll be your servant all night long 😚

Roses are Red (poem)

  • Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Let’s stay in bed
    I think you get the clue 😉

“Am I fat?”

  • If you ask me if you’re fat
    Behold! It’s a trap!
    If I say “Nope”
    You’ll call me ‘dope’…
    If I say “Yes”
    You’ll think I care less…
    If I go silent
    You’ll start to vent.
    So I’d rather say
    “I love you
    Want a pizza or two?”

Funny Love Poems For Wife 1

Romantic poetry for a wife from her husband is an intense expression of romance. It is the next level! Our best love poems are written with an ardent impulse of helping out husbands fathom their innermost feelings that seem difficult to bring to light and yet are earnest to express their love through poetry – through poems that could make her feel beautiful, appreciated, and special– …because she’s absolutely worth it.


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