Weekend Memes

What can you do forever? One can say that it is so pleasant to watch the river’s flow, to hear the sound of a bonfire, and to watch someone’s working. The same wonderfully cool thing is the weekend but, unfortunately, the weekends cannot go forever, and we suppose that there is no need in total procrastination for the whole life.

Especially if talking about those who have to earn the living – such a prolonged rest can turn into real trouble and a lack of money.

In fact, the weekends have plenty of memes dedicated to any aspect of them, actually. For example, there are long weekend memes, showing us how freaking awesome it is to spend the days at parties and rest after them; there exist “weekend is here” funny pictures – they remind us that the week if finally finished and we can calmly feel refreshment of mind and body; we saw “enjoy your weekend” images and totally fell in love with them, as they are the most entertaining and nice from all the memes types.

However, there are some pics, revealing another side of the weekends. Have you ever seen an exhausted person with a blank stare and dirty clothes? If you met such a subject in Saturday, be sure that he or she is definitely working at this day. What a pitiful creature! We wish you to avoid such a fate and have really emotional and positive weekends; but remember that they will be definitely over soon, so be prepared to such a punch from the fortune.

On this page, you can feel sorry for the working wretches and laugh at them quietly, as your working friend, sitting near you, can forget about your close relationships if you will fetch a dreadful laugh at his sad destiny.

3 Day Weekend Funny

Trying to remain professional three-day weekend is imminent

When people ask me what i did this weekend...

That moment when you have a 3-day weekend

Three day weekend

Keep calm it`s a three day weekend!!!

Funny Saturday Memes

Monday morning Saturday morning

That moment when it`s saturday!

My saturday night summed up...

I need you to come to work! This is Saturday!

Have a happy saturday

Funny Weekend Memes

Guess What? It`s Friday!

You know what rhymes with friday? Alcohol

Weekend!!! Please dont leave me!!

Stay strong weekend is coming soon

I Work Weekends Meme

Am i the only one around here that always has to work on the weekends

Happy friday! Oh wait, I`m working all weekend

Oh it`s friday? some of us work weekends.

Why the fuck are we working on the weekend again?!

Long Weekend Meme

When you realise it`s a long weekend!

Friday and long weekend? Excellent!

Not long now... the long weekend is nearly here!!!

Long weekend coming... Yaaaaaaayyy!!!!

Weekend Is Here Funny Pictures

The weekend is here!

I dont` know about you... But I`m already ready for the weekend already

Weekend is here! Let`s roll baby!

Its Friday Let`s Rock

Have a Great Weekend Meme

Cheers!!!! To the weekend ahead!!

Have a nice weekend it`s going to be great, believe me

Hi brother Have a nice weekend!!!!

Have a great week I`m sorry, I meant weekend

Work on Saturday Memes

You reaction when you have to go to work on a saturday morning

Promises friends sweet weekend goes to work on saturday instead

Listen to me, listen to me What do you mean we`re working saturday?

Me when i have to wake up for work on a saturday

When the Weekend Is over Meme

How I feel when the weekend is over

Monday aint na body got time fo dat

Awwww the weekend is it really over?

Hey! How can the weekend be over already?

Enjoy Your Weekend Meme

Enjoy your...

It`s the weekend I dont know you, you do not exist

Enjoy your weeked and stop eating on my desk!

Enjoy your holiday weekend! Your clients will be here on tuesday

Weekend Off Meme

When you been working hard all week and you finally get a weekend off

Friend: when was the last time you had a weekend off?

Weekend off you da real mvp

OMG we have the weekend off I`m gonna spend it sleeping

Holiday Weekend Memes

It`s weekend o`clock

Timesheets? Before a holiday weekend?

Its a bank holiday weekend?? Better get to charlies tnite then to watch dee play some tunes on his geetar!

I don`t get excited for extended holiday weekends

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Last Updated on June 16, 2021