Supernatural Memes

We certainly know that all the topics in the world have the memes concerning them. The Supernatural series are not the exception. Actually, these very series have so many obsessed fans and creative followers that we are not surprised with total Internet overloading with the SPN memes.

Well, what made Supernatural so popular? Let’s get started. Here we have two handsome guys – Sam and Dean Winchesters. Additionally, they are brothers, who respect the family ties as intensely, as it is possible. Then, these two are the hunters – wow, we already hear the girls’ moaning – the hunters for the evil spirits. They killed plenty of deviltries, from the vampires (sorry, Cullen’s bitches), werewolves, and demons to the archangels and limbo’s broods. We can assume that the Winchester brothers are superiorly strong. To be honest, there is a conception behind the scenes, that Dean is stronger and Sam is smarter but we are sure that they are totally perfect. At least, their fangirls believe they are. There are a bit more serious-minded persons in the Supernatural fandom, who understands the mission of the brothers and their heavy responsibilities; they try to add some humor to their “road” and create plenty of funny Supernatural memes with the quotes from the series. Not only the Winchesters are the targets of the jokes, but the other characters also: especially Aleister Crowley, the king of the Hell (being a wonderfully expressive and distinctive man), gave the face and the famous “hey, moose” to various memes.

The Supernatural stories prove that the power of a human is incredibly great. Just two of us were able to guard our world; why cannot we continue their work? There is a lot to do without evil powers. We have picked some of the best Supernatural memes to inspire and cheer you up, so take your sit, and enjoy our collection.

Funny Supernatural Memes

We`re humans and when humans want something really really bad we lie.

The whistle makes me their god. No, Dead, those sports makes you their god..

Vampires... We kill the ones that sparkle for free. Fuck

Sam`s Demon Powers He exorcises demons using his groping hand of death!

Did you kiss him? NO! Excuse me...

How to get locked up in a mental hospital... Always tell the truth.

Hilarious Supernatural Memes

Misleading stare is that tension in there eye`s or the strong urge to kiss

Cas, are you gonna book a room or what? No, I`ll stay here.

I don`t always die... But when I do, I don`t.

So I looked up Sammandriel in my angel dictionary and apparently he`s an angel of fertility.

Walking dead fans be like who did you kill?

What the hell is a Destiel anyways...

Sam and Dean Memes

Dean: Sorry Bro! Sam: What`d you do?

Double bitch face activated

Bitch jerk brothers

Sam and Dean

Sam, it`s a Movie set... act like you belong! Dude, does that girl over there look familiar?

Fighting to protect innocent exorcise demons and save lives... No... Just kill the host and the demon...

Winchester Meme

If you see this you`re in the backseat of a `67 impala and bad thing are happening

Demon has to be removed from premises using an enchantment busts down door and comes in with a sawed off shotgun.

CW: If you love us.. Nake this happen

Dean Winchester high as fuck being nerd and shit

When you see that lost ended

When the teacher asks if you didn`t do your homework just because you were too lazy

Dean Winchester Memes

Attitude The only way to stuff your face full of mini-quiche.

Show of hands... who here thinks I`m adorable??

Who Says the hot huy always has to be bad?

That awkward moment when... You orgasm and scream his name... Dean Winchester

ACDC song comes on radio while driving feels like Dean Winchester

Hell yes! I`d simlpy sing begind my audience and hire a camera man so i wouldn`t have to record myself

Supernatural Jokes

They get more childish the longer you watch.

Boy you put yur foot on my coffee table and i`ll whack you with a spoon!

I mean it`s crazy! we finish each other`s Satanic rituals.

Castiel Meg firty eyes -the f she doin with my bf -what is this woman doing -a bitch good die

Sam dies season...

Supernatural Fan Memes

Supernatural fan What society thinks i do. What my mom thinks i do what my friend think i do.

In our fandom. This is the nerdy bookworm. This is the awkward virgin. This is the surly alcoholic. We win.

Supernatural bringing sexy your tv since 2005

Motivation? I have all the motivation I need Right here! Supernatural Season 7

I took that bitch home bitches love going home

Spn Memes

That moment when you forget what you were about to say

Chubby bunny

We all got that one friend...

When people ask when i`ll stop obsessing over fictional characters: Ohhh, uh, let`s see. Never.

Can I copy your homework? Yeah just change it up a bit so it doesn`t look obvious you copied. Ok.

Sam Winchester Memes

Hi, this is the civil war we`d like our hairstyle back.

i don`t always find Sam Winchester hot.. But when I do, he`s holding Thor`s hammer!

This is a mandatory Sam Wichester`s face appreciation post such a beautiful man.

Girl is a werewolf. Has sex with her

Hard thinker. Somewhere in that brain a bunny with a battery and a drum is running around.

Last Updated on November 1, 2017