If you were looking for some gifs you can use in conversations with your friends on social networks, you found the right page. Sometimes we all want to say no to someone but don’t want to aggrieve our friends or acquaintances. These no gifs will help you to solve this problem. They are pretty funny, rather emotional and undoubtedly awesome. When sending them to someone, you expect for a smile, not for anger. So check the best no gifs we collected for you and save them to say no in the most innocent and painless way.

Funny No Gif

Funny no gif

Funny no gif1

Funny no gif2

Just check these awesome funny gifs out! Really, they are perfect for you to emphasize that your answer is no and nothing but no. Feel free to use them in your conversations with friends – they can’t aggrieve anyone, but they can help you to express your opinion on a certain issue.

Grumpy Cat No Gif

Grumpy cat no gif

Grumpy cat no gif1

Goodness knows the grumpy cat is one of the most adorable and at the same time the weirdest creatures on Earth! Its face is saying no without words, so the Internet users just added some subtitles and got the most hilarious gifs!  

No No No Gif

No no no gif

No no no gif1

No no no gif2

Sometimes one word is not enough to express the feelings. When someone says ‘no, no, no’, the others clearly understand that you really don’t want something to happen. Here we have three cult characters of the contemporary world to say this instead of you.   

What? No Gif

What No Gif

What No Gif1

If you want to demonstrate how strong your wish to turn the time back and not to hear the words that were said is, just take a look at these awesome animations we collected for you. The ‘What? No!’ phrase and the expressive gestures make them perfect to show your real emotions!

No No Gif

No no gif

Hey, guys, do you recognize these people saying ‘no no’ on these gifs? If yes, just save them, if not, God, you have to watch these gorgeous movie to feel free to use the animations from them! Don’t waste time, go ahead!

Steve Carrell No Gif

Steve Carrell No Gif

Steve Carrell No Gif1

Steve Carrell No Gif2

If you have never watched ‘The Office’, just put everything off and enjoy one of the most hilarious TV shows ever! It’s really necessary to understand how epic Steve Carrell’s character is. Undoubtedly, he is the best boss in the world.

No Animated Gif

No Animated Gif

No Animated Gif1

Do you think that all animated gifs are similar? Just take a look at the three short cuttings we gathered for you. All these people are saying no, but how different their emotions are! That, in turn, proves that such gifs are applicable in the most of situations.

No, Stop! Gif

No Stop Gif

These animations are the cry for help! They are great when your friend is telling you or doing something you don’t want him or her to tell or to do. Please, feel free to use them to stop anyone!

Girl No Gif

Girl No Gif

Girl No Gif1

Well, unlike the most of previous animations, these gifs are not so desperate. When saying ‘Girl, no’, you are telling someone that he/she’d better not do it. Moreover, it sounds calm and even a little bit arrogantly. But who said that it’s bad?


Last Updated on December 4, 2017