Funny Minion Memes

If there is one proof that the way we communicate has transformed significantly it is through the presence of minion memes. These products of an evolution of a single celled organism that are unable to communicate in real words have turned to be the vehicle for passing hilarious comments and observations in the form of memes.

The internet community has not only embraced the animated creatures but has also enacted them the representation of their emotions and feelings. The creatures have moved from the box office movie Minions to other similar movies such as Despicable me into the contemporary culture in the form of memes.

Countless Minion memes are not only rib cracking but equally intriguing with Minions carrying the emotions and gestures to complete the interaction. The Minion memes vary from hilarious, dirty, funny, to so true. Other categories such as stupid and Sarcasm exist in the fold.

Consider the meme “That weird moment when a Zombie is searching for brains and walk right past me.” The meme can only better blend the humor and insight with a Minion because of its character and persona. What about having a one eyed Minion in the meme “I do not make the same mistake twice, I do it 5 or 6 times just to be sure.” Then there is one where the factious creature says “I wish my wallet came with a free refill.” Who does not wish that even with a thoughtful Minion standing beside the words?

There has not been an intellectual discourse on the role of minions in Memes. However, opinions exist on their usefulness. Some say, the word Meme comes from Minions while others credit the ability of the small images to take different emotions that capture the humor and genius in the crafted words. It could also be the character that the Minions adopt of hardworking, innovative, and smart creatures that match the memes. It could also be all the mentioned reasons that make them ideal for memes.

Adult Minion Memes

adult minion memes

Delicate adult minion memes

Funny Dirty Minion Memes

funny dirty minion memes

Tender funny dirty minion memes

Funny Friend Minion Memes

funny friend minion memes

Good funny friend minion memes

Funny Minion Memes

funny minion memes

Coolfunny minion memes

Minion Friday Meme

minion friday meme

Colorful minion friday meme

Minion Hug Meme

minion hug meme

Incredible minion hug meme

Minion Meme Images

minion meme images

Interesting minion meme images

Minion Memes Images

minion memes images

Romantic minion memes images

Minion Monday Meme

minion monday meme

Popular minion monday meme

Minion Sayings

minion sayings

Glamorous minion sayings

Minion What Meme

minion what meme

Elegant minion what meme

Work Minion Memes

work minion memes

Smooth work minion memes

Middle School Memes

middle school memes

Stylish middle school memes

Last Updated on July 6, 2017