Iphone Meme

Probably, there is no person, who does not know about the Apple company. It has got the respect and attention because of the highest quality of the products they produce and the software they release. Additionally, the Apple goods have the strict minimalism design – the simplicity is the new sexy, you know. The main figure in the industry was (and actually is still) Steve Jobs. It was he, who generated so many ideas, main designs for the OSes and formed the proper inner culture in the corporation. This man is a cult person in the computer sciences and the IT industry and there are not so many people who could be compared to him.

However, even such the perfect things and men can become the victims of the jokes. The creative fans notice every move and every mistake (it plays a low-down trick with that ideality, huh? It is easy to see the defects in something seemingly amazing and smooth). Well, there are real Apple fails, that were transformed into the hypes, that triggered a huge amount of funny iPhone memes. Sometimes the Apple users be like “that’s cool!” and within a minute “that the fuck, bruh?!”. Something similar happened with the release of the new iPhone 10, which had so many “imperfections”, that some experts supposed it to be really weird from the side of the famous company. They have successfully launched the iPhone 6 and the next series should be even better! In fact, with the technological growth the chances to fail raise in direct proportionality. This fact is depicted in different images, photos of cracked iPhones, and pics with wondering comments on them. Additionally, there are a lot of endless discussions and comparisons between iPhone and Android users. We can only say that one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

To be honest, we should say that the iPhones are still popular and are still on top of the top products in the mobile phones market. Thus, some jokes and memes cannot spoil their reputation – although the Apple can do that by themselves.

Apple Funny Jokes

Our parents taught us the meaning of apple blackberry

Apple maps the most recent game that thousands already have...

Did you read about the new iphones bending in people`s pockets?

Apple iWatch six months later: samsung swatch note 3

Apple Funny Pics

iPhone 5

Apple Funny Pics

Your iphone is far more precious than you

Apple watr you doing apple stahp

Funny Apple Pics

Funny Apple Pics

Funny Dog and Apple logo Pics

Funny Apple Pics rainbow cake

Apple..Do i need to apologize?

Funny Iphone Images

Introducing the iphone 20

In my time.. hh, respect your grandpa ok,ok

Stone vs iPhone 3G

How i use my iphone (based on estimated battery consumption)

Funny Iphone Memes

Lets remove the headphone jack and force everyone to buy proprietary wireless...

Iphone 4 iphone5 iphone 6 iphone 7

iphone bending in your pocket? problem solved.


Iphone User Meme

Oh you chose an android over an iphone you must be so rebellious of popular culture...

Yo Tim! Whassup?! Can you help me collect people`s fingerprints??!!

I don`t always give my fingerprints to the NSA but when I do... I use my iPhone

How I feel when I use iPhones Android

Iphone Users Be Like Meme

Gets an iphone automarically hates all samsung, nokia, htc, and blackberry users

Iphone users y u no like freedom and choices

Iphone users be like *outside *inside

New Iphone 10 Meme

iPhone 10 the tallest iphone yet

iPhone 10 the tallest iphone yet. Remember this meme?

Before buying iPhone X and after:...

When you need to call the police and the new iphone face-id don`t recognize you

New Iphone Meme

When you thought it was safe and you were in the price range of the new iphone 8

The iphone 7 will not have a charging port

We got the same design and no audio jack but atleast out battery doesnt explode

Apple Memes

I like my stocks, like i like my juice apple

Oh look the new apple airpods aaand they`re gone

I will fint you and make you love apple

Iphone Users Vs Android Users Meme

Why people buy an Android Based Phone

When iOS user swipe apps to close in iphone

Introducing me, an android phone! *YAWN*...

Iphone 8 Memes

Breaking! Leaked Pics of iPhone 8 with built in Fidget Spinner

iPhone 8 Galaxy Note 8 Pixel 2 Which one are you Waiting For?

Choose a payment method for iPhone 8, iPhone X

Iphone 6 Meme


It is not the spoon that bends It is only your iPhone 6

Nate Robinson be walking around with the iphone 6 plus like...

Iphone X Price Meme

iPhone X Cost: $999 The entire cracker barrel menu Cost: $887.81

Cost of iPhone X $999 112400 Robux $ 998.50

iPhone X $999.99 $600 on Afghan black market 20 mags/ 800 rounds $300 $36.87 for Furry convention Van hire $40 Fun day out = $976.87