Fucked up Memes & Messed Up Pictures

Everyone has the wave of fails, actually. Well, there exist the bastards that are especially loved by the fortune and have never known any troubles in life. You should not envy them – they are weak and will be certainly knocked out even with a possibility to be fucked up. We, in our turn, are seasoned soldiers, crazy dare-devils, and tough individualities, who saw a lot in life and survived! To be honest, such thoughts are the only things that console us during a recurrent misfortune.

Someone, who has a really good sense of humor, shows its funny messed up photos on the social networks. Such persons realize the importance of laughing at problems, as it greatly helps psychologically.

The experts suppose that the optimistic attitude to life creates the best circumstances for forming a cohesive personality and avoid excessive stress and day-to-day pressure. We understand that it is impossible to be born with a caul in reality and face any trouble with a crazy and suicidal mood. Thus, the most suitable thing we can use every day is just to change our attitude towards the situations we have been fucked up.

All the said above does not prevent us from scrolling some of the Internet pages, filled with funny fucked up memes, messed up pics, and experience truly sarcastic humor. All those screwed-up pics and photos are so satisfying that you will be able to relax even after a bad day.

Hey, you are not alone with your fucked up face! Let’s show our own freaking fails to the public, making the people laugh and joke, and reveal our strong personalities, able not only to deal with problems but also to share a positive mood with others.

Funny Messed up Photos

Fuck yeah! Half day!

Teacher: and what did you do this summer? me:

Dark skin girls are like chocolate. Brown skin girls are like caramel...

You can literally see Tadashi breathe Disney forgets nothing

You guys ever stick your finger up your ass and fart

Funny Fucked up Memes

White boy: every time I come over your dad is never home Tyrone. Tyrone: I said he at the store

He doesn`t know it but I just replaced him with new friends.

Who else remembers turning these on as a kid?

How about a nice, big cup of shut the fuck up

It`s messed up you can accidentally make a baby but you can`t accidentally make a pizza

Crazy Fucked up Pictures

My crazy fucked up childhood...

Mindfuck when you see, you`ll shit bricks.

That job interview was going so well. Until I realized I was fucked up on acid int the middle of a cornfield...

Not sure if it was just a crazy dream or i really got that fucked up last night

I said Happy Birthday & they looked at me like I was crazy... then I realized, it`s My birthday.

Really Fucked up Images

Not sure if i should up vote because that`s really fucked up or i should down vote because that`s really fucked up.

Not sure if these answers are jokes or women are really fucked up.

I really fucked up this time. Going from talking all day every day to not talking at all...

TFW you`re talking shit about your teacher and you realize he is right behind you

That`s when you know you really fucked up

Crazy Fucked up Pics

I`m calling your mother she should know what a fucked up individual she raised

I`m fucked up in my head. I love you. My craziness isn`t your fault. You love me like no one has.

Leviticus 21:9 and the daughter of any priest, if she profane herself by playing the whore...

Some bitches be crazy Some dudes be douches we are all fucked up here

Didn`t your parents teach you not to fuck with crazy people

Fucked up People Meme

What we did to black people is pretty fucked up most of`em still can`t even read

Not sure if i am a good person or these people are fucked up

Didn`t care yesterday, don`t give a shit today, probably won`t give a fuck tomorrow.

People seem to really enjoy those Lebowski themed memes, maybe i could get in on some of that actio...

Some people will never like me and I weill never give a fuck

Funny Fucked up Faces

Where big ass helmet to cover fucked up face

Went to Brazil to meet a boy who said

My client`s daughter cut her own hair. I am a hairdresser. She asked me if I could fix it. NOPE.

That`s fucked up, funny but fucked up

Funny Messed up Memes

When you accidentally send your mom a dick pic and you hear her in the other room fingering herself

Get naked for me no dad Friendzone strikes again

I will fucking choke slam you with my dick

Fucked up Funny Stuff Memes

Mom this popsicle taste like shrimp

Had a couple drinks saw a couple things

I fucked yp already. 2018 will be my year for sure

When some got you so fucked up you can`t even find the words to respond

Most Screwed up Pics

I try not to judge because I`m quite screwed up myself.

This is the most screwed up election I`ve ever seen.

If this is the nominee for the party of family values then you have a screwed up family and no values

The most screwed up, badly designed, inappropriately used appliance in your home: the kitchen exhaust:...

Fucked up Humor

After testing all 3,965 possible men, we still have no idea who the fucking father is. And according to this, you`re a fucking whore.

Your sense of humor is totally fucked up. You`re offensive. Your sexual advances are highly inappropriate. I like that shit.

Fucked up joke: Dark humor is like a kid with cancer. It never gets old.

I overheard my daughter playing truth or dare last night. Her friends asked when her last orgasm was she said 3 days ago. I burst in and yelled i knew you were lying!

Last Updated on May 3, 2021