Football Memes

Inevitably, as it’s such a massive sport, particularly in America, there are a lot of football memes floating around. But what do they usually focus on, and why do people spend their time making them? Here are a few answers.

What’s the focus?

Generally speaking, football memes focus on three things. Firstly, they might mock a funny face a player has made in the heat of battle, or a surprising hairstyle when a helmet is removed, or even the size or shape of a player. It’s fair to say that linebackers aren’t the smallest players, so they’re often the targets for such mockery!

It’s also common to focus on horrendous mistakes, or famous moments. Of late, the controversy surrounding the Patriots and Tom Brady in “deflategate” has been an obvious target for meme writers, but you can also expect the most recent Superbowl results to generate a fair amount of memes.

The third focus of memes tends to be on the very best players, and their recent awesome skills or feats. Multiple touchdown passes or touchdowns themselves, or massive hits on opposing players, can all draw attention and live long in the memory. And these days, if something is memorable in any way, it’s very often made in to a series of memes.

What’s the point?

Often, as these memes focus on bloopers or famous failures, they provide a cathartic outlet for frustrated fans harbouring painful memories of their team’s near misses. Through memes we can learn to laugh at the past rather than dwell on it. Or, if you’re a supporter of the opposing team, you can fondly remember your team’s success at the cost of the other’s failure, so it works well both ways. It does tend to be that memes are humour-focused though, whatever the main focus or point of making them.

A little bonus

It’s always worth having a go at making a funny sporting meme. If nothing else, it isn’t uncommon for players to tweet or Instagram the funniest memes they’ve seen about themselves, so you might earn yourself a little kudos with one of your heroes!

Best Football Memes

Mike Tomlin Becomes First Coach in NFL History...

We Are Building Back Tennessee Brick by..Ah, Nevermind

Highest Paid Player in the NFL...

NFL Referees...

Who's Open - Me! - Seems Legit..

Football Is Back Memes

Dead Lord Baby Jesus Please Don`t Let Anyone on My Team...

There`s Football Today!

Kisses You after Hanging out at a Football Game

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wives...

I Guess Roger Goodell Didn`t See This Viseo Either

Football Is Here Meme

Football Season Is Finally Here, My Brothas.

College Football Is Here Can I Hear a Go Hed and Dawgs

Just Sittin Here Waiting for Football Season to Start

Attempts to Throw Coin into Fountain Coin Intercepted by Pigeon

If I Stay Right Here Will the Bama D Leave Me Alone?

Football Memes

Haters Gonna Hate Deflators Gonna Deflate

But Its so Heavy With All That Air in it

Is It Too Late to Try out for the Cheerleading Squad?

She Watches Football and Actually Knows What`s Going on

Richard Sherman is the Best Corner in the League?

Football Memes Nfl

I`m Running for President of us I Hear We Have an Inflation Problem.

The Real Fantasy Football

Sorry I`m Late Belichick Let the Air out of My Tires!!

Knock!Knock! Who`s There?! Not You! I Know

Guys, We`ll be Alright I just Ate Dez Bryant

Football Season 2018 Meme

After Reviewing the Play the on the Field Stands...

Makes Diving Catch Internet Only Notices Smile

Ooo You almost Had It Gotta be Quicker Then Dat

I Am Finally out of the Shadow of Peyton Manning...

The Moment You Realize the Packers Have more Wins...

Football Sunday Meme

When You Wake Up on a Sunday...

Happy About Football Sunday Then You Remember You`re a Giants Fan

Cowboys Fant be Like

Brace Yourselves It`s almost Sunday...

Your Turn to Win Now Eli..

Funny American Football Memes

10 Minutes of Sport 50 Minutes of Commercial Breaks

Only Player in NFL Hall of Name...

Funny American Football Memes

It Was at This Moment, That the Colts Knew They.Fucked.Up.

You Can Put Lipstick on a Pig...

Funny Football Memes

They`re Not Allowed to Touch Me, Ok?

How Johny Manziel Sees Johnny Manziel

What I Fell Like When Playing Football...

The Moment You Realize That by Beating the Cowboys

I Couldn`t Pass up the Legal Marijuana in Denver

Watching Football Meme

Still More Exciting Than Watching Liverpool...

Are You Serious?? That Was a Pass Interfarance!!!

Watching Football Meme

How Cowboy Haters Have Been Watching Dak Play

Watching Football, Do Not Disturb!!

Last Updated on August 30, 2017