Doge Meme

What Does Doge Mean

“Doge” represents the slang form of the word “dog”. This a bit misspelled term makes us imagine the Shiba Inu with a controversial facial expression and its internal monologue captions on it. The dog is often photoshopped to change its face or to put in its various quotes.

Where Did Doge Come From

The doge meme became superiorly popular in 2005. The meme experts suppose that the birthplace of the doge original image is Tumblr, as it appeared firstly in one of the blogs there. The dog hype is, actually, easily explainable – their cleverness and funny actions became more distinctive than it was decades ago. They must not guard us anymore, they are considered to be our friends (at least, we want them to be), so their natural aggressiveness disappeared, and only trained dogs still play the roles of the protectors.

Our home friends now are the figures of our adoration and high attention. There are so many Instagram pages and blogs with doge pictures that to create a meme is easier than to wink once. Huskies and Shiba Inus are the most energetic and expressive dogs in the world, and their photos can be seen almost on any Internet page and created a real phenomenon. You can pick any of that photos (if you are allowed to do that, of course) and add some of the sayings above. However, remember, that it is the original doge that started the era of the doge jokes. You’d better take the original image and switch on your imagination, as the sayings make the doge memes so different, funny, and adorable.

Lost Doge Meme

Lost doge meme

Lost doge much truble so scare wow

Lost doge reward: 1000000 dogecoins

Lost doge in payday meme

Doge Sayings

Plz no trim 2 moro why this happened so scare

Wow. many edits so Internet meme much wiki very readers

Much ruin diet i am berom far wow such tempt

Danger to touch warning advise will bark nobel dog alert

Doge Cartoon

Such delishus wow nobel doge amaze

Shiba Inu Doge Cartoon

Famous Doge Face Cartoon

Press x to doge Doge Cartoon

Dodge the Dog

Even 'Dodge' the dog thinks you`re stupid!

RIP, Doge! Shiba Inu who insspired popular Internet memes died in Japan aged 16

That moment a big block mopar pulls behind your new 5.0 mustang

Doge Ball a true underdog story

Doge Jokes

You ever hear of the movie 'Conspiration'? Nope. That`s because it hasn`t come out yet.

Call of Doge such skill cool camera ur mum 360 no scope amaze wow so pro

Wow want 2 b plane so fly no gravity much chinz let go pls wow

Disappointed but not suprised

Much Wow Dog Meme

Wow so much wow

Wow doge calm much shibe

Wow much cake sush delishus do want so cream good filled such sponge amaze wow

Such hangover much pain wow no regerts so brightness wow very dehydrate too many sunlite

Doge Original Image

Doge Original Image

Funny Doge Original Image

Best Doge Original Image

Attacking Doge Original Image

Doge Meme

Pls no shoot I hav family such danger very scare is it gune? wow:(

Wow nsa doge always alert tinfoil hat wow wow suspicion such paranoia more danger 2 touch voices in head

Many drink little money stay in bed forever wow poor doge

Wow clap my fellow shibe wow such speech i did not have sexual relations with that corgi conflict resolushon so address

Doge Meme Original

Very meth such heisenburg mush territory so science wow breaking doge

Shibe of war II: doge warfare

Such aryan heil achtung wow judengasse le zyklon b 4 u

Very party wow mom im old enuf dj dnt stahp plox up all nite such music

Doge Pictures

Much pet nee pet more human good doge like pet i luv you

Follow your dreams

Such angry shibe inu picture

Doge wow such terror so fears much wet such scare so swim

Doge Face

Funny Doge Face

Original Shiba Inu Doge Face

Face reveal

Cute Doge Face Wallet

Cartoon Doge

Doge adventure

Cartoon Doge Face

Shiba Inu Cartoon Doge on t-shirt

Shiba Inu Meme

Such dog very brisk so deep such butt many restraint wow so fast sitting there wow

Say in aint so i will not go turn lights off cary me home left me roses work sux all the small shibes

Wot`n tarnation

Last Updated on November 1, 2017