Boob Memes & Funny Titty Pics

Boob memes are quite a serious argument in any jar. Well, boobs are the real arguments in a quarrel. What should you do, if your girlfriend makes you act like a stupid Bandar-log, hypnotized by the “eyes” of a python? Memes represent the same thing in an Internet dialog.

The girls say that they see no advantage in their figures. Well, they are eager even to joke at this topic, making weird pictures, that can make laugh any of their friends. Sometimes they add funny jokes to that pics and it exaggerates the wow-effect from such funny images. However, boob humor sometimes makes guys forget about laugh and start to stare at those memes and giggle nervously, as they represent really hot boob shot without even a hint of ajoke! Of course, there are always some quotes in the funny boobie memes but who on Earth sees those quotes? Especially if talking about the big boobs memes. The best boob pics are made by boys – well, the statistic say that way; and if the statistic is made by various specialists by both genders – the male audience knows funny boob images the best.

One can really joke at little boobs, at their unchangeable size, form, etc. That is easy to do if you really do not care about the actual situation with your own tits (if you are a girl, of course). Well, it is quite good to laugh with your friends, talking about your advantages or lacks but you can also search for some random tit pics – the party you are in will immediately turn into a funny discussion of the girls and titty memes. Of course, memes at first.

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