Batman Memes & Batman Slapping Robin Memes

Today the world experience great raise of popularity. There are so many comics films – we are real fans of the Avengers movies and understand why they are best-sailing. However, today the most famous comics universe is Marvel. One can suggest that it is because of perfect producers and ingenious scriptwriters. It can be true, as all the Marvel films have got plenty of adoration and attention in general, additionally to the pack of awards. Though, we should say that the DC universe is also cool and worth noting! It is less popular because of its’ darkness and seriousness but still has really perfect characters to be followed. It is not a joke, there are even groups of the superheroes’ wannabes. Well, it is better than villains’ wannabes.

Several years ago no one could say that it is possible to joke at the darkest Knight the world has ever seen. Batman has very controversial personality – and we suppose it explains his fame, as he looks realistic. No one can have only a good soul part – anything needs to be balanced. Moreover, the seriousness of Batman is balanced by the funny batman memes and captions. To be honest, the creators of the Batman comics series provoke us to make the lolable pics! Probably everyone saw that perfect image of Batman slapping Robin. The experts of the meme art assure that the greatness of the pages where Batman rudely smacks his companion consists in the possibility to add almost any phrase to it. To be honest, we believe that there are even more wonderful memes with the Dark Knight slapping Superman (there is still an argue between these two fan bases, who is stronger, cooler and prettier). Batman proves that he has the number one place, and anyone who desires to knock him off this place, will be beaten and laughed down. Crack on, Batsy!

Batman Face Meme

Cartoon Batman Face Meme

Best Batman Face Meme

Waits for person talking to him to look the other way leaves mid-conversation

Batman making a derp face meme

Nananananananananana duckface

Batman Punches Robin Pictures

Speaking no word, the masked man-hunter leaps across the room and...

Batman Punches Robin Pictures

Batman Punches Robin Pictures KRACK

ROBIN Yeah, sometimes he doesn`t fuck around!

Such a good vector image based on famous picture! No! It`s great!

Batman Slapping Robin Original

Hey Batman, what are your parents getting you for christ - my parents are deeaaaaaad!!!

Batman Slapping Robin Original

Batman, Bane is gonna break... Bitch please!

Ow! Batman, your grief has obsessed you with this idea of vengeance. I beg you... give it up!

But all they had was lays! I wanted doritos for my super bowl party!

Memes de Batman y Robin en Español

Es Alfred. La cena esta servida.

Deja de estarme abofeteando por toda la red!

Y como olvidar... Cuando batman y robin lucharom contra el equipo rocket

No canto lindo? Despierta mierda!

Precio por inbox!! Di el puto precio!!! estas vendiendo cosas No contando chismes!

Batman Slapping Robin Meme

Batman!! Quiet, you fool! You`ll ruin my disguise!

Enou - Enough!!!

Im voting for Mitt Rom... Your voting for Obama!

Look Batman! Out meme has been upda - everyone can see that!!!

Ben Affleck is the new Batman. Go away Affleck no one wants you.

Funny Batman Memes

My boss told me

I wish I was Batman but I suck at fighting and I`m Poor.

Farts take a while to escape a rubber suit but when they do...

The club can`t even handle me right now

Not sure if Bruce Wayne or Bruce Gain

Batman Captions

Every batman needs a batgirl

Owned asshole

Then it`s settled. Joker gets the batcave. and you get full custody of dick. Batman.

If you kill a killer, the number of killers in the world remains the same

I m Batman Meme

I`m the goddamn batman

I`m batman your argument is invalid

What if I told you that im batman

Holy crap I`m batman!

Happy Birthday Batman Meme

Happy Birthday Batman!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Shut up, Robin!!!

Batman approves of your birthday

Hey you... Happy birthday

Best Happy Birthday Memes Ever.

Batman Smacks Robin Comic

The blue guy is agen flor - There is no Florida dumbass! Freelancers are Spartans... No they`re not!!!

And so Catwoman told me I was... Enough Catwoman stories bitch. Pass the blunt.

And I was like... Baby, baby, baby oooh Like baby, baby, ba... Shut the fuck up!!!

I`m not going to like the man in the gray flannel suit`s facebook pa - you will like it and share every post!

Batman Slaps Superman Humor

Batman Slaps Superman Humor

You`re not so tough with green k under your nose!

Batman Slaps With Green Stone Superman Humor

You`re Not the Messiah! You`re a very naughty boy!