65 Reasons Why I Love You, Best Friend

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Isn’t it a wonderful feeling having a person you can gleefully be proud of and say, “Hey, she’s my best friend!” .. or Yes! I am his best friend!”… that one friend with whom you can share your ever-so-secured private space…expose your untamed, chaotic self… reveal your zany thoughts and cherished secrets, and yet still feel secure? What grace it is to have such a best friend! … One finest friend who you can take inside your sacred “bubble” and fancy staying with you for keeps. Life does become easier when you have a best friend who’s there with you to get through life.

Would you like to state the reasons and the joy of loving someone as precious as your best friend, and yet unsure how to tell a friend you love them? Trouble yourself no further! We have penned here “to my best friend” and “what I love about you” quotes, which we hope could resonate with what you think and feel, and how much you deeply treasure your friendship with your best friend.

65 Reasons why I love you, best friend

The best thing about being best friends with somebody is that you enjoy each other’s company by just being yourselves. No pretensions. No judgments. Hope these cute and funny one-liners and paragraphs for best friends echo the kind of friendship you and your best friend have!

Cute Reasons Why I Love My Best Friend

  1. I’m grateful you are my friend. It’s hard to imagine my life without you. I’m so used to having you around and for always being the first person I ran to through life’s ups and downs.
  2. When we’re together, it feels like I never left home. I love you bestie!
  3. What a wonderful childhood it is with you in it. We have a long shared history and a trove filled with treasured memory. It’s something that other people who knew us could only wish to have.
  4. BFF, I wish we could live 1000 years so I could love you 1000 times.
  5. If I were to cite just one of the 100 reasons why I love you, it is that you know me too well! When I say I’m okay, you know it’s just an attempt to “escape”. But you won’t let me get away with a lie. So you’ll hold me tight and gently chide, ‘No, you’re not. Let’s talk. Don’t be shy!’
  6. What I love about you is that I can be me, with all my glory and flaws. What you offer is a genuine friendship, guaranteed.
  7. Of the many reasons why I like you, the one that stands out is that you can read me like no other can. Sometimes, I don’t even have to say a word. You already know.
  8. I need not validate what I feel. You understand my stance even if I am lost for words or utter only a few in between my sobs.
  9. If I were to keep a reasons-I-love-you jar that stores all things I love about you, my best friend, it would be overflowing by now. I love you for so many reasons that a few words couldn’t tell just how much.
  10. There are so many reasons to like someone like you. You’re someone I can trust with all of me.
  11. A best friend is an extension of yourself. She knows exactly how you would answer, how you would respond, and which ones you would pick. It’s actually something that‘s quite expected from a true best friend.
  12. Being with you is so much fun! With you, happiness is endless!
  13. From the moment we first met, you’ve kept me company and never made me feel alone. At this rate, we will be best friends till we’re old.
  14. Our friendship is bliss. No hang-ups. Pure joy.
  15. I love you, my best friend because you appreciate me for who I am. I never regretted having made myself an open book to you. While some people may be quick to judge, you never made me feel less than I am. Thanks for appreciating the real me.
  16. You’ve played a huge role in my life. You helped me become the better me. With you by my side, I surely cannot quit. You always assure me I am never alone in this fight. We’re in this together. Thanks for holding on to me tight.
  17. Without my best friend, I cannot imagine getting through life without losing a piece of me. He managed to bring me back to my senses. He helped me stay in one piece.
  18. We’ve been apart for so many years but our friendship remains forever young. You will always have a best friend in me who will heartily welcome you with open arms.
  19. Who would have thought I could make it? Actually, it was you! You made me cross the edge of the cliff and reach the mountain top. This, on my own, is something I wouldn’t dare do. If not for you, I would have missed such an amazing adventure! Thank you, bestie!
  20. You came for me to support me when I least expected it. The things you do for our friendship! I will never forget the love you’ve shown me.
  21. I have no guts to even begin but you pushed me out of my comfort zone. For helping me win by pushing me off my limits, you’ve given me and my gold medal a reason to thank you for. I owe you one, bestie!
  22. We have a special connection, which we never had with anybody.
  23. A best friend is that one person whose name never stales and is always on top of your inbox!
  24. Do you know why I love you? It’s because while most people left me on my own, you stayed with me and never canceled our friendship. We kept true to our promise, best friends forever!
  25. I doubt I’ll ever find a true friend anywhere else. Because I already found genuine friendship in you.
  26. We never ran out of reasons to smile and laugh about. Nobody makes me laugh out loud. Only you.
  27. Others have taken me for granted as if I’m already extinct… but you, my best friend, cared for me like I am critically endangered.
  28. We have become so close that people mistake us for twins! I wish we were! But that’s okay. We may not be blood-related but we are of one heart!
  29. If we’re old, I hope to meet your grandchildren so I can bear witness to how crazy we were when we were young.
  30. You may have thought I love you as a friend. But no. You’re my best friend and I love you! I never had it planned. It was more of a serendipitous moment. I hope I’m not too late now that I realize how much I have deeply fallen in love with my best friend. I’m afraid to lose our friendship but I’m betting on it because you and I built something that is in every way beautiful.

Cute reasons why I love you best friend - remains forever young

Cute reasons why I love you best friend - happiness is endless

Cute reasons why I love you best friend - special connection

Cute reasons why I love you best friend - like twins

Cute reasons why I love you best friend - kept our promise

Cute reasons why I love you best friend - if old


Funny reasons why I love you best friend

  1. Being best friends is when we look at each other and then we burst into laughter.
  2. We may not share the same blood, but we have the same coffee running through our veins. Coffee time! Bestie!
  3. You’re a pearl I spat while eating a plate of oysters. Nearly busted a tooth but it’s worth it! A rare find! I love you, friend!
  4. One of the things I love about you is I can tell you things that to you sound perfectly normal while other people might think I‘m delusional.
  5. Of the 100 reasons why you’re my best friend, my favorite is that I can call you past midnight and you always answer like it’s urgent! I love you, my best friend!
  6. 3 reasons why I love my BFF… She always listens… she makes me laugh… and most important of all, she takes my photos when I can’t take my selfies.
  7. You stick up for me like a sibling and scold me like my Mom! My family feels secure when I keep you around.
  8. With you, dear best friend, life is not a box of chocolates but a box of pizza… and chips, and beers! Cheers!
  9. Me and my bestie, we’re no angels. We’re perfect partners in crime!
  10. A best friend is that favorite person who you go to and with whom you won’t think twice about venting the same things over and over again.
  11. Best friend – the door to my step, the B to my FF.
  12. Thank you, best friend, for letting me go over to your house for no special reasons but to chill, nap, and eat your ice cream and nachos.
  13. You said it’s a horrible idea but you won’t let me do it alone. You the best, BFF!
  14. We may be different but we’re essentially the same. We’re two birds of a feather that always flock together.
  15. You’ve stayed with me through good and bad movies! I love you, bestie!
  16. We have the goofiest photos that nobody else has seen.
  17. We’ve been together for days and yet we never feel sick and tired of each other! Beshies forever!
  18. Dear friend, I’m happy we’ve reached the point when we can talk about our most embarrassing moments and feel no threat whatsoever.
  19. I am so comfy with my bestie that I can make gross sounds… and once in a while, he’d join me in a casual gassy symphony.
  20. You can be annoying sometimes but I always want you to stick around. I hate and I love you, bestie!
  21. I owe you 50 bucks. That’s 50 reasons why I love you.
  22. You don’t stab me in the back but you bite me upfront with the truth! Infuriating but I need it!
  23. I thought I was the weirdest human that ever walked on earth. Then, I met you.
  24. You’re my best friend! The first person who comes to my mind when I have the juiciest story to tell.
  25. I’m content having you as my best friend. ‘cause finding a new one is actually hard work! I’m too lazy to start all over again with someone else! So it’s either you or nobody at all!
  26. Do you know what’s odd? I feel most secure when I get to tell you my deepest, innermost feelings. It’s like I gotta tell you all. It’s a must! Otherwise, it drives me nuts!
  27. I’m glad to have you as my best friend. You’re my best life hack ever! I love you, my friend!
  28. You know too much about me that I had no choice but to make you my BFF.
  29. A best friend card is a ticket to roasting a friend who won’t take offense.
  30. You can’t stay mad at me for too long. I’m your happy pill!
  31. My life is quite peaceful and normal. Then you came along.
  32. Best friend, that friend who begs for your advice time after time but won’t heed any of them. Not a single one. Not ever.
  33. A best friend is that friend who has seen the real “I woke up like this”-you.
  34. Only you can make fun of me and I won’t be mad. Only you who I can forgive without having to say you’re sorry. Thanks for training me to be kind.
  35. Choosing me as your best friend is proof that you are capable of making very smart choices. I’m proud of you!

Funny reasons why I love you best friend - proud of you

Funny reasons why I love you best friend - happy pill

Funny reasons why I love you best friend - then you came along


Frequently asked questions

Why is your best friend so special?

Having a best friend is one of life’s many wondrous gifts. Life can be demanding, frustrating even. But life gives you a shot in finding the best in the crowd to be your intuitive support system because it knows you’ll be needing one. And unlike kinship, which relies for the most part on genetic fate, life puts you in charge when choosing a best friend. You choose the best person based largely on your ideals and inclinations. That’s why saying “I love my friend” is never an overstatement. Because a friend acknowledged as best is prompted by your own ruling, your might, your will.

What are the 10 qualities of a good and true best friend?

Not everyone will live up to the meaning of a true best friend. So how can you tell if a friend is good and best-friend worthy? A true best friend is one who has qualities that deserve your 3As – affection, admiration, and appreciation. Some of the common qualities of a great best friend are…

  • Bighearted, a friend with a kind heart that loves generously
  • Engaging, a friend who gives quality attention and is willing to take part in your undertakings
  • Supportive, always there for you to boost and cheer you up
  • Trustworthy, a friend who values your trust and friendship
  • Faithful, your ever-so-loyal and steadfast companion
  • Reassuring, makes you feel calm and homey by taking away your doubts and fears
  • Infinite, always keeping in touch not just when you’re needed, ensuring that your friendship is for keeps
  • Empathetic, someone who can easily relate to what and how you feel
  • Nurturing, a friend who will help bring out the best in you and be happy to see you grow
  • Discerning, a friend with a sound judgment and understanding

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Final Thoughts

The kind of friendship you’ve built together with your best friend presents both of you the reassurance that you have each other to count on whether things go awry or smoothly. Time and again, your best friend has secured you a strong foothold to help you climb atop, even carry you up if a must. And loving your best friend in return means you are – by the same token – willing to come to your friend’s aid by any means whatsoever.

Hope our “reasons I love you, best friend” list will help you express your love and appreciation for your best friend. Send a message now!


Written by Maria Victoria Gonzaga

Last Updated on May 19, 2022