A Hundred and More Reasons To Love Your Mom

reason to love your mom

100 Reasons and more to love your mom

Moms are undeniable proof that true love exists. A Mom’s love is a child’s first love that’s been given with no bounds, without questions, without reservations. She’s the first one that loved you dearly to eternity. When all seems to have left you, you find solace in the truth, that no matter what, a love that is meant for you remains – one that is steadfast and absolute – the love that springs from a Mother’s heart. Of the myriad reasons to appreciate your mom, the mere fact that she exists in your life is enough. And of all the many ways to show how important she is to you, sometimes, sending a short message of the heart can say it all.

100 Reasons Why I Love My Mom

We may have here a list of 100 reasons we love our Moms but the list could easily go on. So be inspired! Hope these short quotes and paragraphs for mom can help you create your own why’s to requite her tender love.

Funny Reasons Why I Love My Mom

  1. I don’t have friends? I don’t care! I got my mommy!
  2. My friends want to always hang out at our house because of my Mom’s delicious cooking!
    My mom is the best!
  3. Of the 10 things I love about my mom, her Tupper collection is definitely not one of them!
    Just kidding, Mom!
  4. I love you, Mom! How can I not? You gave me your best genes!
  5. To my Mother, you may not be as popular as I am on TikTok but I am so proud of you for being more popular on Facebook!
  6. I love my Mom because she always saves the best for me.
    I’m definitely her favorite person!
  7. You are the best, Mom! You know exactly what I want even before I speak!
  8. I can never hide from my Mom.
    She knows when I’m saying the truth or if I’m just spinning.
    She even knows me more than I do.
    Creepy! But that’s why I love her!
  9. I love my mommies!
    My Mommy, my Granny, and my Godmother!
    An impeccable bunch of girl power!
  10. The things you do for us are just too much,
    Always cleaning, wiping our mess so fast.
    I’m so moved I’m in tears,
    And you quickly wipe them off my cheeks.
    You’re a clean freak, Mom!
  11. I know I will always be your young, innocent child… but this time imma handle my snot!
  12. You laugh your heart out! You say things out loud! And never care about what people say or think. Your excuse? “I’m a mom, I can easily get away with it!’ Fierce!
  13. A Mom is when she carries a bag inside her bag… It’s like she contrived ‘bag inception’! She’s an engineer!
  14. When I thought I forgot to pack my spare undies, only to find I already got them inside my suitcase… Wow! Mom’s the best!
  15. You not only got my back but you always fill my tummy up! I’d never go hungry when you’re around! I’m such a lucky child!
  16. No one can mess up with me! You taught me my umbrella is a John Wick kind of weapon.
  17. Who can tell you straight in the eye that you stink?
    Mom. A mom can.
  18. Moms are like superheroes who can call you by your full name and then you start to tremble like a villain.
  19. Do you know what’s a secret language that you can actually sniff?
    A mother’s stare-glare!
  20. Even if you’re not around, I still do what you say.
    You seem to have your eyes all over and I can still hear your voice like an earworm.
  21. Do you know what is on the other side of the black hole?
    It’s a mom. Proof? Try asking her about something you lost and she will come back to you with it.
  22. Thanks for my birthday suit photos you’ve kept through all these years…
    And for taking every opportunity to show them off to your friends.
    The curse of being so adorable!
  23. Thanks for giving up your social life just so you can be sure that my siblings and I won’t kill each other off.
  24. I love my Mom because even if I pretend or lie, she will simply and patiently wait until I spill my guts.
  25. You’re not quick to judge but your furtive ‘I-told-you-so” smug says it all.
  26. To my mom who is always on the go! With just a snappy lipstick on and voila, ready to go!
  27. Mom, you have the biggest, grandest wardrobe I’ve ever seen but you always wear the same voluminous outfit at home, at the store, at the park, or at the mall.
    You are my fashion icon! Classic!
  28. Mom tells me ‘Take care’ a bunch of times.
    She knows I can be oh so frustratingly dense and halfwitted sometimes.
  29. My Mom is so hands-on with her kids.
    She would play with us when we were little and she won’t let us win.
  30. My Mom is my biggest troll.
    And she’s proud of it!
  31. My Mom would ask me what I’d like to eat even if I just had a full meal ten minutes ago.
  32. My Mom is the best alarm.
    Never gets weary, always mad, and 15 minutes ahead of time!
  33. When I’m out with my friends, she’d text to ask me when I’m coming home for dinner. I’m 30.
  34. Got food? …candy? sunblock? painkiller? She won’t say a word. She’ll just hand it to you.
    My Mom actually takes with her a whole resto, pharmacy, and mini store all inside her bag.
  35. I hardly hear my Mom say “please” when she asks me to do something but being with her has ever been so pleasing! Never a dull moment with my Mom!
  36. My Mom’s a doll. A yelling doll.
  37. You keep everything around you, nice and perfect.
    Therefore, I am perfect!
  38. I’m not afraid to become old. Because in your eyes, I‘m forever young!
  39. Thank you, Mom, for staying calm when even I believe I deserve to be whacked.
  40. You always check up on me so you can call me out. I appreciate it! You can make me see what I fail to see. A silver lining.
  41. My battle is your battle. You won’t have second thoughts about knocking my enemies down.
  42. My Mom is the best shopping buddy! We could go around for hours and beat me to it!
  43. My Mom is the first one who made me believe I am beautiful. And I believe her 100%.
  44. Thanks for not leaving me when you had the opportunity.
  45. Thank you, Mom, for allowing me to make mistakes!

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Cute “I Love You, Mom” Reasons

  1. No one understands me better than my Mom does.
  2. You have loved me even before I was born. No one can do it sooner than you did!
  3. No restaurant will ever cook the same way you do. You cook for me with love!
  4. Shout out to my Mom who happens to have the messiest yet most beautiful bun to have ever crowned a woman!
  5. With all that you constantly do for me, Mom, you’ve actually given me more than 365 reasons why I love you.
  6. If love would have to exist as a person, it would undoubtedly be you, Mom. I love you for so many reasons.
  7. While the world seems to let me down, you’re always there to cheer me up, Mom.
  8. You are not only a life-giver but you are also a real lifesaver. I love you, Mommy!
  9. My Mom is a jar of overflowing words of wisdom.
  10. My Mom is my fashion consultant when I’m stuck and don’t know what to wear.
  11. You never left me at my worst.
    You definitely deserve to see me at my best!
  12. Thank you, Mom! Your hugs have always been my cradle of comfort.
  13. A mom’s kiss is a panacea that cures all the aches away!
  14. You’re an amazing Mom! There is none in this world quite like you!
  15. Mama, you know I love you. You are my first love!
  16. All the special words I can think of for my mother were inspired by the special words she cheerfully spoke to me when I was little.
  17. You are the best mom there is.
    If I were to choose my mom,
    I would forever choose you!
  18. Thank you, Mom! You’ve given us home.
  19. Your smile shines beautifully on us. We love you, Mom!
  20. You’re my Mom and my Best Friend!
    I cannot ask for more!
  21. If I become a mom one day, I’ll definitely be one like you!
  22. Whenever I feel lonely, I always come back to you for refuge.
    And you will always welcome me with open arms. I love you, Mom!
  23. Mom, you are my inspiration!
  24. My Mom is my pillar of strength.
  25. I can always bask and count on my Momma’s love.
  26. Moma, you always reassure me of your love.
  27. You make me believe there are no silly dreams.
  28. You always keep your promises.
  29. You fight for the battles I feel I’m losing.
  30. I’m the only one who she has given full access to her heart.
  31. You believed in me when I can hardly believe in myself.
  32. Mom, you are the only one who has consistently loved me.
  33. I will love as you do! Unconditional!
  34. Mom, you are the greatest Teacher of Love!
  35. You defend me no matter what, much so when the whole world is against me.
  36. With you, I feel most safe.
  37. You make me bare my heart like no other!
  38. You fix things for us but we never hear you complain.
  39. You’re the first one to come to my rescue. Always.
  40. You’d give up anything. You always choose us.
  41. It’s not just your advice. Your voice already soothes me.
  42. I wish I were once again a child who would delight and sleep in your lullaby.
  43. My Mom is my first-ever cheerleader.
  44. Your eyes are sadder than mine when I’m sad.
    Your world crumbles when I’m not okay.
  45. My Mom would say, “Your failure is my failure. My victory is your victory.” Not the other way around.
  46. You’d take the punches and shield me from the bouts of life.
  47. You taught me life’s lessons that I can uphold throughout my lifetime.
  48. You made me realize what true happiness is.
  49. You managed to say the right words.
  50. You never get tired of listening to my same old stories.
  51. You showed me how to win life! To live each day with no regrets.
  52. Mother – and none other – can be all that wise, nice, and tender!
  53. Mothers have a gift of healing! I know because your warm hug makes me feel better in an instant.
  54. I put your life on the line when you were giving birth to me
    yet you still called me your ‘gift’ from above.
  55. You showed me the greatest sacrifice there is. Motherhood.


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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why do you love your mom?

Why do we love our moms? Should we count the ways? The reasons are far too many. Mom… Mum… Momma… Ma… Whichever way we call our mother, the love we have for our mother exists even before we realize what love means. From the moment we opened our little jejune eyes, we have witnessed a love unfolding that never stops. No doubt that we are deeply driven to love and appreciate our mother all our life.

  • What do you love most about your mom?

A mother is the quintessence of unconditional love. You don’t have to prove your worth before she loves you. You may fail to realize your value as a person but your loving mother recognizes your worth. And so for those times when you cannot fully grasp it, your mother would neither doubt nor give up on you. Instead, she will show you and remind you that despite your flaws and bad decisions in life you will always be the same person who she loves and adores, from beginning to end.

  • Why is your mom important in your life?

A mother’s love is a multifaceted diamond. She has various roles and each role shines bright in your life. She is your first mentor, your hero, your guide, your friend, your source of strength, vigor, and hope. You learned many essential firsts that helped you deal with life pretty well, each and every day.


Final Thoughts

Mother’s Day is coming up, and what a privilege it is to have a special day when you can tell your Mom your reasons you love her or find creative ways how to make your Mom happy. But of course, you can have all the nice things to say to your Mom not only on Mother’s Day but on any day, for always. While your Mom likely hopes to receive a greeting from you on Mother’s Day, she will most certainly appreciate hearing from you on days beyond special occasions. May you find our list of reasons to love your mom and I love you, Mom quotes inspiring. Realize that no matter where you are at this point in your life, a cheerful message from you to your Mom is all it takes to make her smile. Always.

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Written By: Maria Victoria Gonzaga

Last Updated on April 28, 2022