Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Mom and Dad from Son and Daughter

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

FAMILY. It means father and mother, I love you. Our parents are the first ones who showed us what love is all about. What commitment means. They showed us how staying together despite all odds made us stronger as a family and as an individual. The love we’ve witnessed from our parents is our stronghold, comfort, and a portrait of how we are going to raise our own kids. Do not just text them on their anniversary. Be there for them and celebrate this special occasion as a family.

Anniversaries are an important milestone for mom and dad as a couple. Each celebration is a joyous opportunity to reminisce and reflect on the times spent together. Haven’t made any plans yet? Here are some ideas (1):

  • Throw a party. If your mom and dad are social, invite their friends over to help make the celebration unforgettable.
  • Film and take photos of the event (or past vids and photos) and then create a gift video of all you’ve gathered to cherish the happy moments and wonderful memories of them together. Watch it with them. You also can include friends’ and relatives’ messages and well wishes for them. Apart from a vid, another wonderful present is a group photo of the family with a heartwarming message and a nice frame.
  • Record a playlist of their favorite songs. Musically inclined? Create a song and dedicate it to them. Play them on the big day. Music that takes them down memory lane is a wonderful and easy conversation starter.
  • Engage them in a game. There are a lot of fun games for couples, like a relationship quiz: how well do you know your parents, drinking roulette, paper stop dance, never have I ever, and truth or dare. For more ideas, view (2).
  • They probably want to explore new places or revisit sites memorable to both of them. Arrange a special trip for your parents.
  • Give them a gift according to wedding anniversary stones. Prepare a present that is something “gold” for their 50th anniversary. It can be a piece of jewelry or anything with a touch of gold or golden color. View (3) for specific wedding anniversary stones.  Not sure what to give? Just ask them.
  • Recreate a part of their wedding day. Redesign or repair their old wedding attire. Ask your parents to wear them and ask them to dance to the same wedding song. Bring more nostalgia by playing the vid of their first dance as newlyweds.

Their wedding anniversary is an excellent time for you to say their love inspires you. Don’t hesitate to show your love. Bring them back to the happiest times. Remind them of the most wonderful moments of their life. Feel free to use and personalize these anniversary quotes for your parents.

Quotes for 25th Wedding Anniversary of Parents

Your parents are celebrating their 25th anniversary. Remind them of the most beautiful moments of their life together. Express your gratitude with words like these:

  • Parents like you are the greatest teachers. Happy 25th-anniversary mom and dad, your lives have taught us the real meaning of Love, Commitment, Sacrifice, and Happiness.
  • 25 years ago on that date, you both became one to two and since then, you together made a happy family with your love and joy; you teach me the meaning of love and happiness in sharing. You smile together and cry together and you enjoy whatever you have; you both crossed 25 years and still, you have long years to go.
  • Celebrating your union for 25 years always makes me believe in love. You together make our family complete with your love and whatever you have, you share each other. Sharing joy, happiness, and pain for 25 years makes your journey easier and hurdles smoother. Be happy always and forever.
  • Two persons can be a couple, but to make a perfect couple, it needs sacrifices, love each other always, sharing emotion, and caring in the lows. You are the perfect loving couple, who enjoy all shades of colors, be it happiness or sorrow together for the 25 years. You are the inspiration for all. Happy anniversary to mom and dad.

Parents 40th Wedding Anniversary Quotes

It’s hard to find the right words that describe the extraordinary love that allowed your parents to have 40 years together. Express your admiration, love, and gratitude with one of these quotes:

  • The relation is made with argue and love, crying and joy; as you have enjoyed your happy parts together, you never give up believing each other, how big the storms were, you didn’t care. Be the same as you are; Happy Anniversary to both of you.
  • The bonding you have with each other is love, respect and care and it is 40 years of your journey where lots of emotions you share; looking at you gives me the feeling of young because your love is still young as it was 40 years ago. Happy anniversary to mom and dad.
  • You have seen 40 X 365 forms of each other, And I’m glad to see you still together!!! Happy wedding anniversary!
  • Love brought you together, Trust kept you together, And today on completing years, Feels like, to you two, nothing has bothered!! Happy wedding anniversary!

50th Wedding Anniversary Messages for Mom and Dad

Beautiful gifts and cute cards are great, but your feelings and words are far more important to your mom and dad. A 50th wedding anniversary calls for using one of these inspiring quotes:

  • You both are the sweetest parents in the world and you both make our family perfect with love and joy. You together make a big album of life where the journey of 50 years is preserved with a smile. Each moment tells a story of your love, but it says some moments are yet to experience. Happy anniversary to both of you.
  • Seeing you together gives me the feeling of love; you both have crossed many ups and downs in life and today you complete the 50 golden years of togetherness. I feel very proud having such beautiful parents who build the relationship with love, joy and smile. Happy anniversary to mom and dad.
  • 50 miles of this journey you walked, and lots of love and happiness you have stocked!! Happy wedding anniversary!
  • The fun and joy you share together; in tear and cry, you stay together; you both make your life fun by enjoying many highs and supporting each other in lows. You make sweet home with your love and smile and I feel happy to be a part of you 50 years of togetherness. Many more years are still left for both of you. Happy anniversary.

Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary to My Parents

The celebration of the 30th anniversary is a day when you can express your gratitude to your parents. Here are some quotes to use:

  • Anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, tolerance, sacrifice and all. It is your 30th anniversary, you enjoy all those things to be together. You share your tears, you give your smile to each other. Your past is full of loving notes and your future is waiting for you to live. Happy anniversary.
  • Every child wants to have parents like I have, every couple wants to be as you are, every relationship needs such love and trust you share; you both make a true couple who inspires all. You made many moments in your 30 years of journey and still, lots of emotions are yet to feel. Happy anniversary to my mom and dad.

Anniversary Wishes from Son to Parents

Everything you are today as a son can be traced back to your parents. Convey the best wishes to make your mom and dad smile. We have some ideas for you:

  • Having the childhood I had was the greatest gift for me. If not parents like you I don’t where I would be… Dear mom and dad, Happy Anniversary!
  • Whenever my future wife inevitably asks me how I came to be such a good husband, I am going to show them your pictures and talk about how beautiful it was to see my parents live a blissful married life. Happy marriage anniversary to my parents.
  • Dad, you couldn’t have found a better woman than Mom, who tolerates all your idiosyncrasies. And Mom, you couldn’t have found a better man than Dad, who knows your every mood. You both are truly the perfect pair. Happy anniversary.
  • You are the parents every kid wished for, you are the couple that all lovers wish to be and you are the strong pillar of support every family prays for. Happy anniversary to the most wonderful parents in the world!

Funny Mummy Papa Marriage Anniversary Message

Don’t miss a chance to use one of these funny messages to make mom and dad smile. Nothing can sound better than your parents’ laugh.

  • You’ve been together so long you be granted an honorary P.H.D in EACH OTHER. Happy anniversary.
  • Happy anniversary to a couple whose love and devotion after so many years continues to freak the hell out of everyone.
  • If the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I’m expecting to marry the girl of my dreams and being married X number of years. Thanks Mom and Pops.

Happy Anniversary Quotes for Parents in Law

Express your gratitude to your parents-in-law and show how deep your love is for them through one of these short celebratory quotes:

  • A great many people don’t put stock in ‘everlastingly’; however perceiving how both of you adore each other so much makes me have confidence in the presence of ‘for eternity’. Happy Anniversary!
  • You have dependably taught us to achieve turning points in life. Congrats on accomplishing one yourself. Happy Anniversary to our dear guardians.
  • Mother and Dad, I know love holds the most effective constrain, and should be treated with consideration and admiration. You both hold this power dear, and I needed to say I adore you and Happy Anniversary.

Short Happy Anniversary Sayings for Mom and Dad

Who says the great speech can’t be concise? These short quotes are meaningful and loving:

  • I’m glad to call you both my parents, and hope to have love like yours someday. Happy Anniversary!
  • The only thing better than having you for parents is my children having you for grandparents. Happy anniversary Mom and Dad.
  • Our family owes its happiness to the strong bond you both share. Happy anniversary!

Silver Jubilee Anniversary Quotes for Parents

A silver jubilee is a great occasion which calls for heartfelt and loving words. You have a unique chance to take your parents back to the days when everything began and to the happiest moments of their family life.

  • You both are meant to be with each other forever – 25 years is a just fraction of that time. Happy anniversary.
  • Your marriage is a lovely melody which will ring in the ears of generations to come in your family. Congratulations on your Silver Jubilee.
  • With 25 years of field experience, you are both now officially qualified to become university professors for a subject called Marriage. Congratulations for your 25th anniversary.
  • 12 years of commitment, 25 years of attraction, 25 years of care, 25 years of affection. 25 years of romance, 25 years of togetherness, 25 years of love, 25 years of happiness. Happy anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes from Children for Father and Mother

Celebrate your father and mother’s anniversary using one of these sincere and loving wishes:

  • You are the parents that all kids hope to have, you are the couple that all lovers hope to be and you both are the pillars of support every family wishes it had. Happy anniversary to the best parents ever.
  • Most people find it hard to believe in “forever,” but seeing the never ending love between both of you makes us believe in “forever.” Happy anniversary mom and dad!
  • One more year of your happy life together has passed… And it’s great, because it means that your love has stood the test of time. I wish that nothing could ruin your harmonious happiness, dear parents. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!

Wedding Anniversary Wishes from Daughter

Your parents’ wedding anniversary is the cause of joy not only for mom and dad but also for their children, relatives and close friends. Make this day special. Here are some meaningful and moving quotes to remind your mother and father you are so happy to be their daughter.

  • Mom and Dad, I cannot begin to describe how blessed I am to have amazing parents in my life. Seeing true love through you both makes my heart happy. As your daughter, I see perfection in both of you. I love you.
  • Most kids find it hard to figure out what they truly want their future to look like. For me, I have known what I want my future to look like – just like your present. Happy anniversary my lovely parent!
  • How do I define my parents’ married lives? Sweet, cute, perfect and the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Happy anniversary!


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