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Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes: 69 Best Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Family is the greatest treasure for any person. We can hardly imagine our lives without relatives who teach, help and support us. They make us feel safe because we know that whatever happens, we can rely on them. Cousins occupy the special place in the list of our closest people.

Unlike our parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunts, they aren’t our teachers but rather friends who make our childhood shine even brighter. When you grow up, your relationships with cousins become even closer because it is them who can listen to you without judging you.

Of course, their birthdays are the very special occasions when the closest people can express all their gratitude and show their love. Don’t miss this chance to do it, check out our favorite cousin quotes, personalize them and write the best greeting ever!

Family is the greatest treasure for any person. We can hardly imagine our lives without the relatives who teach, help and support us. They make us feel safe because we know that whatever happens, we can rely on them. Cousins occupy the special place in the list of our closest people.

Unlike our parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunts, they aren’t our teachers but rather friends who make our childhood shine even brighter. When you grow up, your relationships with cousins become even closer because it is them who can listen to you without judging you.

Of course, their birthdays are the very special occasions when the closest people can express all their gratitude and show their love. Don’t miss this chance to do it, check out our favorite cousin quotes, personalize them and write the best greeting ever!

Happy Birthday Beautiful Cousin

When you grow up together, you have a unique opportunity to watch her becoming a gorgeous, beautiful woman. Don’t keep silent and tell her how awesome these changes are! If you’re not a poet or a writer, you can use the awesome texts below!

  • They say beauty is fleeting and it tends to fade with time. But it’s not true when it comes to you, my cousin, because you grow more and more beautiful with each year. Happy birthday to the most beautiful cousin in the world!
  • My dear cousin, today is your birthday. Your smile is shining like a thousand diamonds and your beauty is truly striking. I know only a few women who are beautiful inside and out and you are one of them.
  • I can’t count all the great moments that we shared together as cousins. Thank you for always being by my side, supporting me and keeping my secrets. Happy birthday to the most beautiful cousin!
  • Happy birthday, my beautiful cousin! Not only are you my cousin, but also my sister, whom I always wished to have. Thanks for entering my life and for always having my back in all the situations. I hope your birthday will be remarkable and filled with a lot of fun! Love you a lot!
  • Who needs a best friend when there is a cousin like you? Certainly not me. My Lil’ Cuz, you are both my cousin and my best friend. Happy birthday!
  • I am so glad to have you as my family and my friend. My beautiful cousin, may this birthday be the happiest one! Let our friendship be as strong as steel.
  • Our wonderful cousin, happy birthday! May the days ahead be as wonderful and beautiful as you are!
  • Happy birthday, beautiful cousin! My life would be dull and boring if it wasn’t for your constant support, unconditional love and friendship. You have always been by my side no matter what and for that I am forever grateful.

Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes for Her

Birthday is a special day. It’s a new beginning, a start of a new chapter. On this day, we all need some inspiration that will give us the strength to move further. On your cousin’s birthday, you have a chance to say the beautiful and heartfelt words and motivate her to keep it that way!

  • My beloved cousin, today I’d like to remind you that each of your birthdays signifies a new chapter in your life, so keep doing good things to make this new chapter as great as you can. Happy birthday!
  • I remember when we were kids we would count the minutes till we see each other again. Now we are all grown up, yet nothing really changed. We live our own lives, but each year on the day of your birth I can’t wait to see you and tell you that you are forever my favorite cousin!
  • This date means a lot to me because X years ago my dear cousin was born. Since that day I love you more and more, you are a true blessing to our family. Happy birthday, cousin! May you live long!
  • My dear cousin, please take my warmest hugs, kisses and wishes on your birthday! Many happy returns!
  • Thanks to you, my amazing cousin, my life is so wonderful. You have always been my role model, you have taught me the ways to become a better person. Happy Birthday, Cuz!
  • Dear cousin, you are a blessing to our family since the day you came into this world. May you have many more birthdays to celebrate. As for the current one, let’s get crazy and throw a wild party.
  • Happy Birthday, Cousin! May your special day be filled with lots of sweet treats, lots of fun, and lots of everything you are hoping for!
  • Not only do birthdays mark the end of one year and the beginning of another one, but they also give us a chance to celebrate life as it is the most precious gift we have. Besides, birthdays are a great opportunity to spend time with people you love most. So, dear cousin, may this birthday be everything you wanted to.

Birthday Wishes for Dear Cousin Sister

People usually share everything with their cousins. ‘Everything’ in this case is not just a family but also secrets, thoughts, joy and pain. Such kind of closeness should be valued and appreciated, so tell your dear sister how much she means to you!

  • My dearest cousin, I don’t care about the difference in our age. It always seemed to me that we were twins growing up together. On this day I want to remind you one more time that I love being your cousin. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the only girl in my life who always comes whenever I need her. My cousin, I love you and I would never exchange you for any other!
  • Happy birthday, dearest cousin! It is believed that if you’re lucky enough, you will get two of the greatest gifts of life: family and friends. Apparently, I’m the luckiest person because I have a cousin like you. You are my family by blood and my closest friend by choice.
  • Each birthday a person gets a chance to celebrate the gift of life, not only to mark the end of one year and the beginning of another one. I am here with you to celebrate. You and I will forever be best friends, not just cousins. Happy birthday.
  • Happy Birthday! Dear cousin, since your special day is here, you deserve to eat all birthday desserts by yourself! Though I hope you will leave something for me. May your birthday be as sweet as you are!
  • Life is a book and your birthday is a new page in this book. Hope you will fill the new pages with lots of love, generosity and kindness. I think you should start with generosity. And to show it, you need to share that delicious cake with your favorite cousin!
  • Many congratulations on your birthday, my beloved cousin! There are so many things I’d like to thank you for: your true friendship, your great affection and endless love. I hope you know that I love you a lot and that you’re always in all my good thoughts. Be happy on this beautiful day!
  • Dear cousin, the day you were born is the most blessed day for me, because on that day God gave me the best friend. We gathered here today to celebrate another great year that is added to your life. Happy birthday!

Funny Birthday Girl Cousin Quotes

Well, these greetings are created for people who have a sense of humor! If you want to be creative, just post one of these funny quotes on your cuz’s wall on Facebook. Be sure that it will make your lil girl smile!

  • Happy birthday to my amazing cousin! You are everything a sister can dream of: a truly wonderful person, a bit crazy sis and a fully loyal friend!
  • Here’s a toast to my cousin’s birthday! As far as your birthday celebration goes, hope it will so wild that they will name a hurricane after you.
  • Cousin, don’t get sad that you are old. Look at it positively: with each birthday you’re getting one step closer to receiving a senior discount for movie tickets! Happy birthday!
  • Not only am I glad that you are my cousin, but also that you are my friend who gives me love, compassion, wisdom, friendship and encouragement and always inspire me. Happy birthday, sweetie!
  • We have a big family with lots of aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews. But the family would be incomplete without a person whom I love the most! Happy birthday, dear cousin.
  • Happy Bday, cousin! Hope you will have a fabulous birthday filled with lots of festivity. Wishing wish you more birthdays to come.
  • Happy birthday to the coolest cousin ever! Together we are cooler than any James Bond film, we are better than anyone in this world.
  • Every birthday is like a brand new page the book of your life opens to you. And it’s up to you what you are going to write there. I hope that you will find space for your silly jokes while filling the next page with good deeds. Happy birthday to my wonderful cousin!

Happy Birthday Lil Cuz

Having a lil cuz is a blessing for any person. She’s just like a younger sister: she considers you to be a teacher, a supporter, a friend she can always rely on. You just can’t fail to fulfill her expectations. Use the quotes below to prove her you never will!

  • Cousin, have the best birthday! Our family received the best gift on the day you were born. I wish you all the best things a life has in store for you!
  • Today, we are here together to celebrate the gift of life. The day you came into this world was the day we all received the best gift! Our family has received an annoying yet adorable little cousin who we can’t imagine our life without. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my little cousin. Happy birthday to a person whose silly jokes are the only jokes that can make me laugh like crazy!
  • You are just one of the best cousins my life could present me with. Thank you for being my supporter and loyal friend! I hope your birthday will be just great.
  • It’s the birthday of my favorite cousin! Your birthdays are as special for me as you are! So I will do my best to make you enjoy this day to the fullest because it only comes around once a year. Love you!
  • The moments we spend together as cousins are the best for me. I keep thanking the universe for sending me a cousin like you! May your birthday be as wonderful as you are!
  • My naughty little cousin, happy birthday! You are turning X years today, what a great occasion to tell how much I love you! Congrats! I wish you to receive all the things you ever wished for, my little munchkin.
  • Happy birthday to the most awesome, funniest and smartest cousin I could ever wish for! It’s a great day to celebrate you and your life. May all your days be as special as this one.

Happy Birthday Little Cousin for Female

Any relationship is complicated. Bad mood, bad day, problems can lead to quarrels and conflicts, but they never can ruin true love. Forget about everything bad and remind your little cousin that she is a miracle! Enjoy the best quotes for female relatives we found for you!

  • I always pray before I go to sleep. I ask God to look after my family. Last night I prayed for you, my cousin. I wanted this birthday to be a great start of another successful year for you. Hope your birthday will bring you not only lots of lovely gifts, but also harmony you look for in life. Happy birthday to my cousin.
  • My dear cousin is another year older. You have definitely become wiser since the last birthday and I am so happy for you. Have a fun filled birthday and many more birthdays to come.
  • Our dear cousin, as you continue to grow older, we hope we will be able to witness many more birthday parties. Have a wonderful birthday. We all love you very much!
  • If our family was a painting, you would be all the bright colors in it. If our family was a song, you would be the music to it. If our family was a dance, you would be the rhythm that gives the dance elegance. Dear cousin, you make everything better. Happy birthday.
  • If there weren’t people like you in life, it would be incomplete. My dear cousin, you are so special to me. Your presence makes me smile. Your shoulder is always there for me to cry on. I love you and wish you an awesome birthday!
  • The fate and life have made us cousins, but it was our choice to become best friends. Have a stunning birthday!
  • Dear cousin, a little birdy just told me you are celebrating a birthday, so I couldn’t stay outside such a great event. May you have the biggest and most delicious birthday cake and the presents which you have always wanted.
  • My dear cousin, today you are getting a year older and wiser. Hope your birthday will be filled with lots of joy and happiness.

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Girl Cousin

If you consider your cousin to be your favorite girl, you’ll definitely like these awesome birthday wishes. You can feel free to send them to your cuz, to post them on your wall on one of the social networks. Don’t doubt you’ll make her smile!

  • You are the closest friend and best cousin I couldn’t even dream of having. I wish you lots of happiness and hope that you will always have loyal friends and loving family next to you. Happy B-Day, dear!
  • My beloved cousin, we have been together since we were little kids and I can’t think of anyone else who could be as wonderful, kind, and compassionate as you are. I’m so glad to be a part of your life and share this beautiful day with you.
  • What is that if not a blessing to have such a smart, cool and fun cousin like you? I’d like to take your birthday as an opportunity to thank you for making my life brighter. May your birthday be filled with joy, luck and happiness!
  • Happy Birthday, Cousin! Today is your day! It’s time to forget how busy you are, leave your schedule behind and have fun with your friends. Wishing you the best birthday ever!
  • Cuz, you know so many things about me, but still you love me with all your heart. I am so grateful for that. You are a blessing in my life. Hope that you know that I love you dearly. Have a fun and fabulous birthday, my cousin! Cheers!
  • My dear cousin, on your special day I’d like to congratulate you with all my heart. You’ are such a spectacular and brave girl whom I am proud of.  I pray to God every day and ask him to keep you in safety and send his blessings upon you! Have a very happy birthday!
  • My life gave me the best gift possible – my cousin. I couldn’t even dream of having someone I always can count on. Just so you know, you can count on me anytime. It’s an honor to be your cousin. Happy birthday!
  • What are the odds of having a cousin like you? I guess, it’s one in a million.  You are so special. You can make dull moments in life brighter than the sun. Happy birthday, dear cousin!

Happy Birthday Cousin Messages for Her

If you are looking for nice, heartfelt and meaningful messages for her, you’re on the right page. We tried to collect the texts that will help you to tell everything good you feel about being her sis. So, you can just read the quotes below and choose the one you like the most!

  • Without any doubts, you are the most awesome cousin! I am so thankful that I have you in my life. Thanks to you I have a loyal companion whom I trust more than myself. May your birthday celebration be as marvelous as you are.
  • I will forever grateful to God for having such a fantastic cousin as you in my life. You are truly a great friend to me! May you have a fabulous birthday celebration.
  • Always keep in mind that I consider you not only as a cousin but also as a good friend. Thank you for all the wonderful memories you gave me. Make the most of your birthday celebration because you deserve to be happy!
  • I am so happy to have you as my cousin. It’s you who deserves all the happiness, success and love that this world can only give. May your birthday be superb and fantastic!
  • My beautiful girl, today is your birthday! May all the great and positive things never leave your life. I wish you a lot of happiness and joy!
  • My cousin, you are a source of happiness in my life. Please, don’t tell other cousins, but I want you to know that you are my favorite one. May today make all your wishes come true. Happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday my dear cousin. May festive balloons and confetti brighten your big day. Wishing you an awesome birthday celebration. Have fun!
  • Life made us cousins, but it wasn’t enough and we decided to become best friends. You are the coolest and funniest cousin in the world! I wish you a wonderful birthday cuz!

Happy Birthday Beautiful Cousin Poems

If you want your birthday greeting to be really beautiful, check out the awesome poems below! You can send one of them or even learn it by heart. Believe us, this will impress your beloved cousin!

  • I just want to let you know
    You mean the world to me
    Only a heart as dear as yours
    Would give so unselfishly
    The many things you’ve done
    All the times that you were there
    Help me know deep down inside
    How much you really care
    Even though I might not say
    I appreciate all you do
    Richly blessed is how I feel
    Having a cousin just like you
  • Today gives me the chance to say
    Cousin I wish you a wonderful day
    I hope it’s magical from beginning to end
    These are the birthday wishes from you cousin and friend
  • We are not only cousins we are also best friends
    We played together as children and our squabbles we always did mend
    Attending family gatherings is handy when you are related
    And today is your birthday so it is one of those to be celebrated
    So my dear cousin I wish you a wonderful birthday
    And as usual I will help you celebrate today
  • Hip hip hooray! It’s your birthday today.
    Hoping your day is filled with joy, happiness and kisses.
    Wishing you, dear cousin, the very best of wishes!
  • Happy Birthday. Roses are pink, cupcakes are too,
    it’s your birthday dear cousin, and this I know is true.
    I’m sending lots of cheer your way,
    so that you may enjoy this very special day.

Happy Birthday Cousin Sister Images

If you have a cuz who is not just a relative but your sister and closest friend, you are a very lucky person. Don’t forget to tell her how important she is to you! If you don’t know how to wish the happy birthday to a special cousin, take a glance at these awesome images. Don’t doubt that she’ll like such a greeting card!

Happy Birthday Cousin Sister Images

Happy Birthday Cousin Sister Images1

Happy Birthday Cousin Sister Images2

Happy Birthday Cousin Sister Images3


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