28 Veterans Day Poems for Our Heroes to Send in 2023


28 Veterans Day Poems for Our Heroes

Sometimes it is hard to find the words of gratitude, especially when it comes to honoring veterans on this big day. They are the heroes who were ready to die for their country and freedom. They are truly immortal because they live in our hearts. If you are looking for touching poems to thank a veteran for everything he or she did for the whole nation, read the poems we selected for this special occasion.

Famous Veterans Day Poems

Veterans Day poems are not sweet poems about love: they touch hearts deeply, describe the sacrifice of people who died for the people who live not, and inspire us. It is not only a way to thank you but also a reminder for all of us that we live and enjoy freedom just because nameless heroes gave their lives for us.

There are no words that could describe the gratitude we feel. Still, the poems below are really beautiful and deep, and absolutely worth reading. Some are written by famous authors, and some are created by anonymous authors, but they all touch every heartstring.

  • They are the race –
    they are the race immortal,
    Whose beams make broad
    the common light of day!
    Though Time may dim,
    though Death has barred their portal,
    These we salute,
    which nameless passed away.
  • On Veterans Day we remember again
    Our men and women who served;
    We honor them now for what they did then:
    The liberties they preserved.
    Let’s never forget their sacrifice,
    The hard, heavy work they have done;
    They did what was asked, crucial needs they fulfilled,
    With a telephone, pencil or gun.
    We’re happy and proud to honor them;
    They gave so much more than they got.
    Our heroes, our veterans kept freedom safe;
    All of us owe them a lot.
  • A Nation’s Strengthby Walt WhitmanNot gold, but only man can make
    A people great and strong;
    Men who, for truth and honor’s sake,
    Stand fast and suffer long.Brave men who work while others sleep,
    Who dare while others fly —
    They build a nation’s pillars deep
    And lift them to the sky.
  • To the servicemen
    Who paid with their life
    To ensure our freedom again
    And to live without strife
    Your sacrifice I commemorate
    In my humble way
    And your memory I celebrate
    On this Veteran’s Day.Let us give up this time,
    to give glory and praise.
    To the world all around us,
    to the changing of days.
    We were born to be one,
    to unite and hold hands.
    But the war it continues,
    still dividing the lands.
    Such a sad time of year,
    for the lonely and old,
    Nothing worth giving in to.
    nothing left to withhold.

Short Veterans Poems to Say Thank You

They say brevity is the soul of wit, and these poems prove it. If you are looking for a great touching Veterans Day speech, some of these short but beautiful verses will inspire you. Just like the long poems written by famous authors, they describe the heroic deeds of people who gave us freedom, country, and happy life. The victory always costs a fortune, and they paid for us. Nothing compares to this, and we will never forget these people.

  • While we were home on our comfortable sofas,
    Munching and watching TV,
    Our veterans were fighting our battles,
    In situations, we’d certainly flee.
    Whatever would keep us all safe
    Is what they were called to do,
    Rough duties of every kind
    Protecting us: me and you.
  • V-aliant efforts against
    I-ncredible odds, a
    C-onclusive end, with
    T-riumphant rewards.
    O-utstanding Soldiers awaits,
    R-ecognition well deserved,
    Y-early celebrations, for All who served!
  • Oh you blessed souls
    For us have fallen,
    We wish
    The loftiest of appreciations for your sacrifice to show
    Thanking you for the opportunity given to us
    Enjoy the greatest gift of all
    You have missed:
  • Thank you to our soldiers:
    For standing in the line of fire
    You are the best example of what this country can acquire
    I know that being away from your family isn’t easy
    Thinking about your sacrifice always makes me feel queasy
    The battle that you are currently fighting in
    Makes living day to day feel like such a win
    Without you, our eagle would not soar
    So thank you very much for fighting this war
  • Today we raise flags
    Today we cheer
    At the parade.
    We remember you offered your life
    To our land.
    Today we consider.
    Today we are free.
    Your sacrifice rings
    Proud and clear.
    Tomorrow will come
    But we understand –
    You gave more
    Than one day.

Great Poems about Veterans for Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a day to pay tribute to the heroes, this is a chance to say thank you that must never be missed. Every veteran, living or dead, deserves the deepest words of gratitude, as we owe them everything we have now.

Peace, freedom, happy life, we have all this only due to their heroic deeds. If you are looking for words that would express your gratitude, read these poems about veterans. Each of them is perfect for thanking veterans for their service.

  • Our thanks to you for all you do
    Defending our flag the red, white and blue
    As Americans, we know what freedom means
    The joy, the peace and the right to dream
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you today
    As you fight for freedom so far away
    May God keep you safe in all that you do
    And bring you back home to those who love you.
  • These things I know:
    The sound of your honor.
    The power of your courage.
    The blood of your wound.
    The depth of your strength.
    The terror that binds you.
    The dread that remains.
    Your dignity and your valor.
    For these things we pray:
    The sound of your laughter.
    The power of your voice.
    The joy that frees you.
    The hope that remains.
    Your wholeness and your love.
  • You serve
    for freedom’s need
    “Kids thank a Veteran”
    make butterfly cut-outs
    to hang on the tree
    with names
    of fallen soldiers
    whose ultimate sacrifice
    fully faces the faraway sun
  • I have a little poppy,
    As red as red can be,
    To show that I remember
    Those who fought to make
    Me free.

Inspirational Poems Honoring Veterans

There is no denying the fact that most of the poems honoring veterans are deep and sad, but there are also inspirational poems that remind us that every man can do something really important.

They remind us that living for yourself is only one of the options, and some people choose to serve the country, other people, and the highest ideas. This is heroism as it is, and we all must be forever grateful for that.

  • With bravery and strength, they serve,
    With dignity and pride, they stand,
    With courage and hope they fight.
    The life they live is dangerous, treacherous, rough, and had gone,
    But when the fog clears
    They are the ones who will stand.
  • Veterans, we thank you
    For all that you did
    Thank you for making sure we do not lose our freedom
    Thanks for making sure they do not forbid our rights
    Thank you for making sure that in our lives we can all pursue multiple avenues
    Thank you!
  • I’m proud to be American
    Where at least I know I’m free!
    And I won’t forget the men who
    Died to give that right to me!
  • I don’t know war
    Or the pain of it.
    All you’ve endured
    My gratitude feels insufficient
    So I weave it in words
    And pray they are
    A gift fit for a soldier.
    Thank you.
  • A call to duty is sent out
    And the strong and brave reply.
    They do it for the love of country,
    So there’s never a need to ask why.

Veterans Day Poems for Kids to Read at School

It is important to remind children who made their living as happy and free as it is now. It is crucially important for all of us to remember soldiers that have been protected and continue to protect us from any threats.

They serve not only the country but also serve us all. Their heroism cannot be overestimated or put into words. This is what we all should always remember. Feel free to use these poems for Veterans Day readings at school.

  • When you see someone in a uniform,
    Someone who serves us all,
    Doing military duty,
    Answering their country’s call,
    Take a moment to thank them
    For protecting what you hold dear;
    Tell them you are proud of them;
    Make it very clear.
    Just tap them on the shoulder,
    Give a smile, and say,
    “Thanks for what you’re doing
    To keep us safe in the USA!”
  • On Veterans’ Day we honor
    Soldiers who protect our nation.
    For their service as our warriors,
    They deserve admiration.
    We owe so much to them,
    Who kept us safe from terror?
    So when we see a uniform,
    Let’s say “thank you” to every wearer.
  • When you see a soldier
    Be sure to shake his or her hand,
    And let that soldier know you’re grateful
    For the protection, the military affords our land.
    But most of all express your thanks
    For every soldier’s personal sacrifice.
    In order to serve our country,
    They risked their entire lives.
  • While we were here at home,
    They traveled land and sea,
    To make sure we stayed safe,
    To protect and keep us free.
    Words are not enough;
    To give them what they’re due.
    On Veteran’s Day please thank them
    For their service, to me and you.
  • Why did you leave home and friends,
    comfort and safety,
    to experience pain and hardship,
    so I could be protected?
    I don’t know, but thank you.
    Why did you put yourself in danger,
    injury and death are always a possibility,
    so I could be free?
    I don’t know, but thank you.
    Thank you, veteran.
    Thank you!

The Best Veterans Day Poems for Church

Here are the best prayer poems that were ever written. Each of them is incredibly beautiful and deep, and what is more important, each of them inspires us and reminds us of the things that make life meaningful.

Veterans are braver than many of us, and we must honor them every single day for everything they did for us and our country. Here are some messages and ideas that can help you express your gratitude on this remarkable day.

  • As Christians in America,
    We put God number one.
    He so loved the world
    That He sent His only Son. Christians love America,
    And for our nation, we pray
    That God will give us mercy.
    Some pray this every day. Many veterans live among us.
    Part of their lives they gave,
    Serving these United States.
    Freedom, they wanted to save.
  • On Veteran’s Day, we honor them,
    that honored us with service.
    those who paid the price in service,
    The liberty we owe to them.
  • They leave behind all that they love,
    Their families, their homes and their lives,
    Because to preserve these precious things
    Is the goal for which each soldier strives.
    So God bless our troops,
    The courageous women and men,
    Who fights to make sure
    The bells of freedom peal again.
  • We honor you, who fought for us,
    for the country’s sake of freedom’s plight.
    You kept the greatest country great,
    by the sacrifice of you who served.
    Honor to military, soldiers served.
    There seems no risk in peace to serve.
    When war breaks the silent peace,
    no peace when security cease.
  • A veteran’s not a rookie.
    A vet has paid his dues.
    A veteran knows the hell of war
    just nuanced in the news. A veteran loves his country.
    With pride, he greets its flag.
    He stands up straight (still soldier-like)
    although his shoulders sag. A veteran knows life’s precious.
    Old memories make him cry.
    He wonders why God let him live
    when he watched others die.

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