Thank You Note to Teacher from Parent

Let’s start by looking at why and how we can say thank you. Then, we’ll apply it to teachers. Saying thank you to someone we believe deserves our praise and appreciation is a true show of compassion.

The two words — “thank you” – combine into one of the shortest, most powerful statements we can say. Receiving those words from a person we trust can instantly change a bad mood to bliss.

Saying those words with utmost sincerity can actually encourage the recipient to do the same act or behavior, an idyllic example of positive reinforcement. (1)

Some of us overestimate the awkwardness and underestimate the power of expressing gratitude. We can shy away, fearing giving thanks will be mistaken as asking for a favor in return. Don’t let these thoughts get in the way. There is no denying the benefits of saying thanks as long as the expression is sincere.

Research has shown that saying your thanks as a token of appreciation will make you feel better. It is good for your health, mood, and general well-being. (2) “If both parties are benefitting from this, I think that’s the type of action we should be pursuing more often in our everyday lives,” writes Amit Kumar, from University of Texas Austin’s McCombs School of Business.

Saying thanks to a teacher

Now, let’s get to teachers — your child’s “parents at school.” He or she deserves praise when doing a great job of teaching and caring for your child.

Giving a compliment is an easy way to show your gratitude. It reflects your approval as to how he or she is helping with your child’s learning. You aren’t seeking preferential treatment. Your note simply means you appreciate having someone you can entrust your child with at school.

A simple straightforward “thank you” note will do. Like these:

Thank You Note to Preschool Teacher from Parents

Support a preschool teacher with one of these thoughts and include them in your letter:

  • “We, parents, may be accountants, scientists, doctors, and engineers – but nothing contributes to the nation’s development more than the sacrifices made by teachers. Thank you.”
  • “The school may have found a teacher in you, but our child found a hero in you. Thanks.”
  • “Teachers should be called Fillers because they fill all the gaps and crevices in a child’s life. Thanks for making our child’s life rounded and complete.”
  • “Your words are the sparks that light up our children’s futures. Thank you.”
  • “For the world, you are one person, but for our children, you are the world! Thank you, teacher.”
  • We know some times, your own children were deprived of your care and attention because you were busy attending to ours. We would like your children to know how awesome you are and implore them to be grateful to have such a person as you.
  • I have you to thank for inspiring my child to come out of her shell. She loves you so dearly, and she seems to think that you are made of magic. Thank you for being so good and so patient with her. I’m so glad for teachers like you who really make a difference in a child’s life. God bless you more and keep up the wonderful work!
  • Thank you for being the guiding light, and for always being nice to our child. Thanks for everything that you do.
  • Teachers like you are one in a million! Thank you so much!
  • Thank you for creating such a fun and educational environment for (name of a child). We really appreciate it.

Thank You for Being a Great Teacher

Try one these paragraphs, full of emotions and gratitude.

  • “Teachers are probably the most underrated yet the most powerful professionals in the whole world. Their work has a long-term impact on not just the lives of the children they teach but on society as a whole. They have the power to shape generations, impact minds and make the world a better place. Thank you for your contribution.”
  • “Our once introvert child’s personality has bloomed open like a beautiful fragrant flower ever since being tended by a lovely gardener in the form of a teacher like you. Thanks.”
  • “We might not be paid to teach our children the values of life, but your salaries are far too minuscule considering that your words will resonate inside our children’s minds for the rest of their lives. Thank you for taking good care of our child.”
  • “Parents have got the easy job of raising our own kids. They are rewarded for all their sacrifices with the joy of watching their own blood grow up into fine young men and women. Teachers have tough jobs. Their rewards are limited to the hope that their wisdom will make a tiny difference in the lives of children, helping them to be better human beings. Thank you for all your selfless sacrifices.”
  • “As a wonderful teacher, you may not realize that all good teachers have good parental qualities. But as good parents, we realize that we don’t have exquisite teaching qualities like yours. Thank you for taking good care of our child.”
  • We are grateful that our child experienced studentship while with you. Indeed, it has shaped greatness into our child, more than we could have imagined.
  • I may not say this all the time, but your help and guidance to our children are very much appreciated. You are helping us raise them to become such talented, smart, and kind individuals. You are making our work as parents so much easier. Thank you and we appreciate you very much!
  • I’d like to give you the credit you deserve for guiding my child and for making your class a comfortable place for [him/her] to learn and grow into adulthood.
  • It is impossible to put a price tag on the kind of education our child receives because as a teacher, your guidance is truly priceless. Thank you.
  • The school may have found a teacher in you, but our child found a hero in you. Thank you!

Thank You Letter to Teacher from Parent

A teacher’s lot isn’t easy. Thank your children’s teacher.

  • “A good teacher is everything a parent can never be. Thanks, for being one.”
  • “Thanks for giving our LITTLE one BIG dreams.”
  • “Every word you say, every class you take, every paper you grade – goes on to change lives. Thanks for being a great teacher to our kids.”
  • “My child has become a better person because of a wonderful person like you. Thanks.”
  • “Our children are safeguarded from all of life’s negative influences because teachers like you shower their love in ton and not just ounces. Thanks.”
  • “Google, Wikipedia, Wikihow, Seventeen and Encyclopaedias have no place in our child’s life because of awesome teachers like you. Thanks for being our child’s one-stop helpline.”
  • Dear Mr./Mrs. …,
    Thank you for all your hard work this year. (Name of a child) loves school and it’s easy to see why. We hear all about the dynamic way you deliver lessons and encourage participation and are pleased that our daughter/son is learning so much.
    Enjoy the rest of the school year. You’re doing a fantastic job!
  • We look back with appreciation to you as a brilliant teacher, and with gratitude to you, who touched human feelings of our children. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of them.
  • You’re everything a teacher should be — kind, compassionate, patient, brilliant—and so much more.
  • Thank you for being an excellent educator! We know teachers like you are not easy to find. We appreciate your time, your patience, your ability to make a dry subject interesting.
  • Thank You for all the extra efforts you make to help our children grow, and the challenges you encourage them to face to help them become who they are.

Thank You Note for Teachers with Images

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