23 Best Sad GIFs to Express Your Feelings in 2023

best sad gif

Do you often feel sad? Most people always need psychological support in moments of sadness, that is, that the whole environment – people, atmosphere, conversations, and even the weather – should correspond and maintain the mood.
Just to write “I’m sad” doesn’t sufficiently reflect what exactly you’re feeling.

Your friends won’t understand that they need to come to your rescue. Do you need pizza, words of encouragement, a walk or to sit alone in a quiet place?

To smoothen things down for your friends willing to bolster up your courage, use a sad gif to show your emotional state. Study our gif collection and choose the ones you like most.

Sad Crying Gif

Sad crying gif
Remarkable Sad crying gif
There must be times when you’re unhappy, so you want someone else to be unhappy too. Sad but true – when another person is also sad, the feeling of indiscriminate loneliness does not feel so acutely. Look at gifs with crying people, maybe you’ll stop feeling very much alone.

Sad Gif

Sad gif
Unbelievable Sad gif
Does your laptop stop working? Is the season of your favorite TV series ending? Do you open the fridge and there are no more sweets in it? Decided to rewatch “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale”? These gifs will help express all the depth of your sadness.

Sadness Gifs

Sadness gifs
RefinedSadness gifs
Do you really have problems – you’ve been dumped by a girlfriend / a boyfriend? Nothing is so bad, as not to be good for something. These moments of sadness will allow you to think about what you can change in life. Give yourself some time to grieve (better with friends).

Sad Drinking Gif

Sad drinking gif
Stunning Sad drinking gif
When are on the move, it’s hard to feel sad. It’s much easier to grieve lying on your back and drinking a glass of wine. Mind you don’t spill it! Wine stains are poorly washed off.

Sad Anime Face Gif

Magnificent Sad anime face gif
If you are an anime lover, you must like gifs with anime sad faces. These funny Japanese cartoons look attractive, even when they are sad.

Sad Kitty Gif

Sad kitty gif
StartlingSad kitty gif
Keep in mind that any use of sad cat gifs specifies the need for immediate attention. No one can help but be moved by gifs with sad kittens! Do you want to know which of your friends do not have a heart? Send them such a gif.

Sad Doctor Who Gif

Sad doctor who gif
Awesome Sad doctor who gif
Everything in the world should be balanced, night and day, warm and cold, winter and summer. So there is nothing surprising in that sadness gives way to fun and vice versa. The simple law of the pendulum. Doctor Who better than anyone else knows it.

Cute Sad Gif

Cute sad gif

Outstanding Cute sad gif
Even beautiful and strong women sometimes cry. We’re all people. Do not be shy to wallow in self-pity, express your despair and bitterness and attract the attention of other people. Don’t want to be obtrusive? Hint using sad gifs.
Sad pouty face
Sad pouty face
BreathtakingSad pouty face
Guys are usually not very smart when it comes to getting hints. No offends, but it’s the truth! So if you want to show your boyfriend (or friend) your displeasure, this pouty face gif would be perfect – because it shows exactly what you feel.

Cartoon Sad Face Gif

Cartoon sad face gif
Hypnotizing Cartoon sad face gif
Someone reminded how old you are and said that at your age it’s time to stop watching cartoons? Answer him with these gifs. It’s never too late to watch your favorite cartoons!

Sad Moving Pictures

Sad moving pictures
Zingy Sad moving pictures
If it’s not you who is unhappy, but for example your friend told you a sad story or a difficult situation, use this gif to express your sympathy.

Pouting Face Gif

Pouting face gif
Fresh Pouting face gif
Your friend doesn’t want to go out with you or refuses to go to a party? Send him the gif with a pouting face, showing that he has hurt your feelings. He’ll definitely understand your discontent with these animated pictures!

Of course, you can send this gif to anyone if you want to show that you are disappointed or unhappy.

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Last Updated on January 2, 2023