Cute Love Poems For Her From The Heart

A poem is an art form. Words, in this case, are the way we convey emotions. Poems are written using carefully-chosen words fitting together as a powerful tool to offer up your innermost feelings. Often, it is written in the midst of powerful emotions.

“Contrary to what many men believe, you do not have to spend large sums of money to woo a woman – it really is the thought that counts,” says psychologist Richard Wiseman. (1) Writing poems is one of the most romantic gestures you can use to woo your lady. (2)

You’re really lucky if you have a “hidden poet” inside you. Not everyone dares to write poetry as it is difficult to master. But no worries. We have a collection of poems you can use for inspiration.

You can write your own poem based on one of these that suits your relationship. Make your own poem unique, special and meaningful. Otherwise, you can send one of our poems below.

Be honest. Do not pretend to have written it. Tell her how and where you found it, for example, you can say you saw this poem on MemesBams and it reminded you of her. Tell her it speaks to exactly how you feel.

Tips on writing a poem:

  • Not all poems rhyme. But, every word counts. Choose words that vividly reveal your feelings and feel right.
  • There’s nothing wrong in using a cliché, especially if you intend to inject humor. Otherwise, clichés may be ineffective. Examples: “busy as a bee”, “blind as a bat”, “eats like a horse.”
  • Brainstorm for ideas. Look for inspiration to invoke your inner creativity. Read from our collections of poems below

Love Poems for Her from the Heart

Say it from your heart, especially when it comes to words of love. Someone else’s phrases often can express what you feel deep in your soul. After all, you don’t have a corner on falling love. Check out these poems for her:

  • How is it that you are real?
    My dreams never created something like you.
    I still have to pinch myself,
    Because I’m amazed you are true.
  • I always think of you, in my sleep, in my dreams,
    I always think of you, all night all day, hoping you’re alright,
    I always think of you, wishing that you were thinking of me too, every minute, every second of the day, I think of you,
    I really do, all because…. I love you
  • I never really knew you
    you were just another friend
    But when I got to know you
    I let my heart unbend
    I couldn’t help past memories
    That would only make me cry
    I had to forget my first love
    And give another try
    So I’ve fallen in love with you
    And I’ll never let you go
    I love you more than anyone
    I just had to let you know
    My feelings for you will never change
    Just know my feelings are true
    Just remember this one thing
    I will always love you
  • Defeated by love
    by Rumi
    The sky was lit
    by the splendor of the moon
    So powerful
    I fell to the ground
    Your love
    has made me sure
    I am ready to forsake
    this worldly life
    and surrender
    to the magnificence
    of your Being
  • She Walks in Beauty
    by Lord Byron
    She walks in Beauty, like the night
    Of Cloudless climes and starry skies;
    And all that’s best of dark and bright
    meet in her aspect and her eyes.

I Love You Poems for Her

“I love you” is a powerful, beautiful phrase. Be creative. Choose one of these poems, send it, add some warm words of your own.

  • As nectar fills the flower,
    giving sustenance to the bee,
    I need you every hour,
    to give your love to me.
  • Until you came into my world,
    there was nothing but darkness and gloom.
    My world was missing the clouds and the sun,
    and also the stars and the moon.
    I never believed in magic,
    but you just appeared from thin air.
    I thought I would only be lonely in life,
    but now I’m a complete pair.
    You make me who I am at this point,
    mold me in every way.
    There’s not a precious moment,
    where I do not want to give you my entire day.
    The passion between us is strong,
    ferocious to those that see.
    The feelings that are shared between us.
    Me for you and you for me.
  • I’ll plant a row of daisy seeds,
    In the space below each eye,
    So they’ll remind you of your beauty,
    When they bloom each time you cry.
  • Riding Mountains
    By Julie Hebert
    My love for you rides mountains,
    So many ups and downs, emotions soar.
    But one thing never changes,
    My love for you, I cannot ignore. There are days I feel this is too much,
    And I don’t know what to do.
    But let’s face it, who are we kidding,
    I want nothing else but you!
  • I Always Will
    By Joanna Fuchs
    I loved you then,
    And I love you still;
    I adore you now,
    And I always will

Cute Poems for Her

There are the great love poems that will touch not only her but also your heart. So, if you want to say “you’re amazing” in a way she will appreciate, just choose one of these texts.

  • When I wish upon a star
    I do not have to look too far
    ’cause sitting right next to me
    shining bright and true
    is the loveliest star I ever knew,
    It’s true stars are gassy,
    They tend to twinkle and fade
    but my little star for eternity was made
    I know your flaws,
    You surely know mine
    but like stars in the sky
    our love will burn up the night!
  • Daydreaming, with a smile on my face
    Blissfully lost, in the sunniest of hues
    Carelessly happy, oblivious to worries
    Is what I’ve been, since I’ve met you
    So surreal, everything has become
    Life feels, too good to be true
    My heart knows, this is just the beginning
    Of a lot more to look forward to
  • More dazzling than the stars
    More stunning than the sun
    Prettier than the moon
    Baby, you are the one
    More fabulous than dawn
    More magnificent than twilight
    Sexier than the colors of dusk
    Baby, you’re a gorgeous sight
  • You came into my life like a star
    And filled my heart with joy
    You took my pain as if it was yours
    And gave me love that no one could.
    You gave me a shoulder to cry on
    You were my pillar when I was falling
    You were my strength when I felt low
    With your smile, you made my living on earth worthwhile.
  • If I were a bird,
    a robin or a jay,
    I’d fly to your house,
    and serenade you all day.

Romantic Love Poems for Her

She will appreciate a man who isn’t afraid to be romantic. But, be sure to avoid the common, over-used phrases. Send her one of these verses:

  • My heart speaks softly, through reminiscing of past times
    and the kiss of your seemingly honey-lips in the future.
    Your essence rampages like a wild horse
    galloping to find a fresh stream of water on a scorching summer day.
    Your love triumphs because of your commitment and zeal for life..
    And because you encompass my love everyday…
  • Last night was the best night of my life.
    I can’t wait until we become man and wife.
    Then we wouldn’t be making love in sin.
    We could let our love flow within.
    I love the taste of your sweet tender kiss,
    This I don’t ever want to miss,
    The way you hold me, oh, so tight,
    You make everything seem just right.
    I’m so happy that I have you.
    My love for you is so very true.
    So for now I will let the thought go,
    Cause I just wanted you to know
    That I love you so much my sweetheart
    I don’t ever want us to be apart
  • I love you from head to toe
    And more than you’ll ever know.
    It hurts when you are sad,
    And makes me sad when you are mad.
    I know we fight every now and then,
    But please know I will love you until the end.
    I just know you are the one for me,
    And the only one there will ever be.
    You are the one I want to spend my life with,
    To call my wife and to share a kid.
    I will never tell you the words goodbye,
    And I will love you till the day I die.
    If I was to pass on before you do,
    I will be waiting at the gates of heaven for you.
  • I will love you,
    Not starting with
    Your skin or
    Your organs or
    Your bones:
    I will love madly first,
    Your naked soul.

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