Funny Nurse Meme

What do you imagine when thinking of nurses? Of course, we understand that if you are a student of a medical university, then you really formed your opinion about those persons in whites. Well, they have the boobs – at least they seem to. We certainly know that the studying in a medical establishment is difficult, and even an avid womanizer turns into a person with no gender signs, as there is no energy, left in the reserves by the end of a studying day. Tired nurse quotes are so popular on the Internet that, probably, everyone is aware of the hardcore medical training.

However, if you bear no relation to the medical society, you easily create the image of sexy and cool nurses with perfect figures. If you dream about a nurse girlfriend – get over yourself! The only thing you will see is her messages about the prolonged night shifts in a hospital, where she has the practice hours. student nurse humor is quite grim and sick, so be ready to patient memes and “er” medical photos. What did you want? She is going to become a professional!

The Internet has plenty of funny nurse memes, made by the girls actually or by their boyfriends. What should the latter do when waiting for their beloved for weeks? We are sure that all the nursing home memes are imbued with frustration and total disappointment, and there is no matter who is their author – a girl, exhausted by work or studying, or a boyfriend, keeping to weep near the hospitals. Well, who said we cannot laugh at it?

Nursing Home Meme

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Sick Nurse Meme

sick nurse meme
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Sexy Nursing Memes

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Patient Meme

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Student Nurse Humor

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Nurses Day Meme

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Funny Night Shift Pics

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Funny Nurse Memes

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Nurses Be Like Humour

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Tired Nurse Quotes

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Er Nurse Meme

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Hospital Memes

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Nurses Week Memes

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Funny Nurse Meme
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