Happy Birthday Mom Quotes and Memes

There is no person able to understand and love us more than our mothers. We, in our turn, adore them similarly. Sometimes they are too strict and reserved. Their birthdays are always the significant times of the year, and every child wants to make the most cordial greeting in the mother’s day. Usually, it is the only thing the children can do in birthdays because they have no financial resources to buy a nice gift. Later, in elder age, they obtain the possibility to spend money on different presents, but still, the heartfelt words remain the best thing to cheer up the mummies.

There are cases when we cannot find the proper words to greet our close persons. It is not a problem anymore: the Internet has a big number of funny happy birthday mom quotes. Moreover, someone with a good sense of humor has created plenty of funny happy birthday mom memes and wishes. We can use them also, either in form of a single greeting or in little additional cheers. Start sending funny birthday memes for mom since the morning and at the end of the day she will be full of positive emotions. Pick sweet happy birthday quotes and add them to the photos of your mother, made in the previous year! You can even create a collection of such photos and put them into a single album. It will be a cute tradition, to skip over such an album every celebration day.

If you do not know how to greet your mother on her day, check out this page with the best birthday images for mom! We guarantee the highest quality of the product we have collected on this page (our parents deserve the prettiest things ever) and assure that there will be a lot of smiles and perfect mood.

Funny Birthday Memes for Mom

Mom, mom, mom. Guess what it is? Birth Day! Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Mom! Hope It`s hoppy one!
Happy birthday to my awesome mom
Happy birthday mommy! If you blow out all the candles you wish will come true
You`re how old mom?!?! but you don`t look a day over 30! happy birthday!

Funny Happy Birthday Mom Quotes

This is the most important day of your life, guys and ladies. The birthday of your mom signifies the date of your parent coming into this world; the parent, who gave you your own life, character, abilities, and, finally, her love. Don’t you want to greet her with the best words existing? Try using these simple but warm-hearted words to impress your mother and remind her that you always care about significant things in life.

“Happy birthday, mom! Without you, I can do nothing, and when you are by my side, I am capable of doing anything! You are my inspiration, I love you.”

“Thank you very much for all the things that you offered to us. I am very proud to be your child; I wish nothing but all the best for you. You are my shining star, who has helped me grow and have always been present to guide throughout.”

“You are a true woman, a role model for me. Your femininity, understanding, care have no end. Anybody can confide in you and you’ll always cheer up. Happy birthday to you, my dear! Many-many years of happiness are ahead of you!”

Don`t get all weird getting older! Our age is merely the number of year the world has been enjoying us!!!
Happy birthday mom. Wishing you a day as sunny as your smile, as warm as your heart - a day as wonderful as you are.
Happy birthday to the best mom ever!
It`s amazing how one little word can fill your heart with so much warmth and love!
To my other mother. You are the other mother i recevied, the day i wed your son and i want to thank you mom...

Happy Birthday Mom Meme from Daughter

Mom, thanks for teaching me how to use the big girl potty. Thaht has proven to be a valuable life skill.
Happy birthday, mom. You`re there when I am happy and sad You`re there to guide, support and love I may not always say it...
Happy birthday to the most kind, loving, generous & beautiful Mother. Wishing you a birthday as special as you are.
I love you... passed the moon and the stars, the planets, and the sun wrapped around everything times twenty million, bajillion times INFINITY!
You were there when I couldn`t stand, walk, or talk.

Happy Birthday Best Mother Pics

Happy birthday to the best mummy in the whole wide world ever!
Destiny may have made you my mom, but I chose to have you as my best friend too, Happy birthday
Happy birthday to the best mom in the world
Mom, all I want that I could grow up like you in the future.
Happy birthday to my best mother in the world... Today is your birthday...

Happy Birthday Mom from Son Meme

Happy birthday mother-in-law you truly are a limited edition
Happy birthday mom i love you your son antliey
Happy birthday mom!! How old are you now? 81? 82? Love you too mom!!
Happy birthday my most beautiful, my darling, my mom, my dear my best friend. May your day be as bright as you.
Happy birthday to my favorite mother-in-law love, your favorite son-in-law

Birthday Images for Mom

Happy birthday mom
Dear mom... Without you I don`t know what I`d do but with you I know there is nothing I can`t do Happy Birthday.
Happy birthday mummy cake picture
Happy birthday to my mom. The woman who sacrificed many a grecious moments in her life, so that I could have them in mine.
Happy birthday, mom. You`ve always been at the root of every beautiful blessing in my life.

Happy Birthday Mom in Heaven Meme

Our mothers try to keep us safe even if they are in Heaven. One can say that they turn into the angels, who oversee us, being far from us physically. The scientists say that there are no souls in our bodies and that we are just meat and bones, but it is impossible to believe in such cruel and sad truth. The majority of the people is sure that there is a pleasant and loving place for us somewhere in the sky, in Heaven; at least, it certainly exists for the beloved mothers, who left persons too early, as it is never late for such things. If you want to remind your mother that you still remember and love her – read these warm memes out loud. She will hear you, our dear reader, we believe she will.

Happy Birthday Mom in Heaven I Miss You So Much
Happy birthday in heaven loving you always
Happy birthday my angel mother. Heaven holds my Mother on this her special day lord I ask this of you to give her a bouquet of beautiful, scented flowers.
Happy birthday in heaven birthday wishes, sent to heaven from your family below we miss and love you dearly and we wanted you know.
Mother in heaven if roses grow in heaven lord, pleae pick a bunch for me. Place them in my mother`s arms and tell her they`re from me.

Nice Happy Birthday Mom Quotes

I believe in angels I believe in superheroes I believe in miracle I believe in blessings I believe in good luck I believe in destiny I find all these in my mom whos is my everything Happy birthday
Mom, when you asked me to pursue my dreams, little did I know that you were giving up yours for mine...
Happy birthday mom... Everyday I wake up it always have you to thank. I have your guidance, your warmth and your love.
I believe in love at first sight because I`ve been loving you since I opened my eyes... Mother, happy birthday to you!
Dear mother I want to tell you. I will never forget your love All my life untill i live. All beautiful memories you give I wish you love and long life. Happy birthday mom...

Funny Birthday Wishes for Mom

Mom thanks for always giving me sustenance & shelter. Happy birthday
Mom! Maaaaaa!! Mom! Mom! Mom! MOM! Happy birthday.
I find it strange that we celebrate you on the anniversary of a day when your mom did all of the work.
Happy birthday mom cake with canldes picture
Happy birthday to beautiful, fantastic, amazing and incredible Mom! I love you.

Happy 50th Birthday Mom Meme

I hope that the sun shines as birghtly on you today as your love has always shone on me. Happy birthday mom.
To me you are my mother no matter the circumstance I love you so much and I wish you the best birthday ever.
Happy birthday mom we love you
50 comes with new skills... you can laugh, cough, sneeze and pee All at the same time!!
Happy 50th Birthday Mom Meme

Happy Birthday Mom Pictures

A picture is like killing the two birds with just one stone – we mean, you get the pack of colors, wonderful background and nice words with just one click! If you are not a lazy person, you can try to create your own similar happy birthday picture for your mummy. If you experience a bit of frustration with your Photoshop talent – try to send these bright and full of love images to your mom on an important day!
Happy Birthday Mom Awesome Pictures

Happy Birthday Mom Cool Pictures

Happy Birthday Mom Pictures

Happy Birthday Mom Quotes and Memes
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