125 Endearing Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend That He’ll Love

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Endearing Nicknames For Him That He’ll Love

How do you say “I love you” to your boyfriend without actually saying it? Give him a special nickname! His name already sounds perfect. But there are times that you probably can’t help but give your boyfriend a name that sounds special, sweet, intimate, and personal – a name that’s meant for him and one in which no other could call him the same way as you do. That’s why nicknames can sometimes outvie actual names because they carry a unique touch, a personal meaning, an inside humor, or a collective memory.

Have you already thought of or picked a nickname for your beau? What to call your boyfriend could be one of the cute and sweetest things to say to him. It’s a term of endearment that you can fondly put into a single word or two. So how about we play the old ones a bit or make something new and creative? Take a glimpse of our list! We have more than a hundred cool, cutesy, touchy, flirty, or coquettish nicknames for your boyfriend, to muse and fancy.

125 Names to call your boyfriend

Indulge yourself with our list of things to call your boyfriend for that swift inspiration. Some of them can be even treated as couple nicknames – “shared labels” to christen each other, especially as a sprouting couple.

Adorable and Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

How about these adorable and cute boyfriend nicknames list to pick new affectionate names to call your bf?

Adorable and Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

  1. B!
    When you want to keep it simple. Short for Baby, Bae, Boyfriend, or BabyBoo!
  2. Gift
    For a guy who came into your life and since then has become the best thing that ever happened to you
  3. Mine
    For that special man who you intend to have in keeping for life
  4. Lovie
    For your boyfriend who you fell in love with head over heels
  5. Vigour
    When your guy adds color to your life
  6. Destiny
    When you have no doubt that you and your boyfriend are meant to be
  7. Bijou
    For a man who you adore and have always treasured dearly in your heart
  8. Angel
    For your guy who has always been very patient, caring, and kind
  9. Beacon
    For your man who lightens you up when you’re feeling down or under the weather
  10. Miracle
    For your boyfriend who came into your life by happy chance or under the wire
  11. Ace
    Your boyfriend, your champ! Amazing in so many ways!
  12. Hero
    For your guy who saves the day and keeps you safe from trouble and pain
  13. Star
    Because he has always been your life’s guiding light
  14. Happiness/Happy
    Because he makes you the happiest person on earth
  15. Heart
    Short for ‘sweetheart’!
  16. Icon
    When he’s your source of inspiration
  17. Charm
    For your Prince Charming who exudes so much charisma
  18. Everlasting
    When your love for him is bound to be forever
  19. Soulmate
    Because he completes you
  20. Zion
    You’d choose to love him by and by, to eternity.

Food-Related Nicknames

Food-inspired nicknames are popular because of a lot of sweet reasons. Could be about your fave food… a food you’ve been craving lately… or simply because the dish has such a distinct aroma and style that it kinda reminds you of him.

Well, when you’re in love it seems you see him everywhere and everything seems just about him. So if you fancy food, then, these delish food nicknames for your boyfriend might inspire you.

Food-Related Nicknames for Boyfriends

  1. Matcha
    When you and your boyfriend are a match made in heaven
  2. Poppy
    That seed, what a cute alternative for Daddy!
  3. Wasabi
    For your exquisitely hot guy
  4. Mochi
    Tired of Muffin? … Cupcakes? How about this yummy Japanese rice cake for a nickname?
  5. Maple
    Pancakes and maple syrup are perfect together, just like you and your boyfriend.
  6. Sugar
    Instead of the usual ‘honey’, sugar is a sweet alternative
  7. Maki
    For a guy you can roll with, inside and out!
  8. Popcorn
    When you and your boyfriend always go watch a movie or ‘Netflix and chill’
  9. Tofu
    When your man is tough but is a softie when it comes to you
  10. Toast
    When you and your boyfriend are like two pieces of deep-fried French toast hugging in a slather of jam or peanut butter in the morning
  11. Daiquiri
    When your man always likes to take you by surprise
  12. Sans Rival
    Just like this delicious nutty, creamy cake’s name, no one can rival your guy!
  13. Chips
    When you crave for him even more
  14. Moon Cake
    Another exquisite nickname over Cupcake
  15. Munchies
    This word for the sudden strike of craving for a tasty snack could be a delightful way to call your boyfriend
  16. Munchkins
    Adorable nickname for your teensy cuddly darling
  17. Bonbon
    For your ravishing guy who is as desirable as this chocolate confection
  18. Tonjiru (pronounce: ton-ji-re)
    This Japanese cheering miso soup sounds perfect for a boyfriend who always makes you feel warm and comfy
  19. Toffee
    Because he’s a toughie but the sweetest guy you ever met
  20. Mallows
    For your guy with such a soft and gentle voice that soothes you and a gaze that melts your heart

Funny Pet Names for Men You Like

If you want cute pet names for your crush or your boyfriend that sound neither serious nor shmaltzy, then, romanticized funny nicknames are the way to go. Choose from our list of funny and playful pet names for lovers that you think he’d find amusing and take it lightly.

Funny Pet Names for Men You Like

  1. LadyKiller
    Was he a casanova that collected a jar of broken hearts before he met you? Well, this paradoxical nickname could serve as a warning not to break yours
  2. Butt Boy
    Sure! When he has the best pair of tush in town
  3. Moby
    Have you heard of Moby-Dick?
  4. Beej
    When you’re feeling naughty
  5. Ogre
    For your brawny boyfriend with an adorable accent
  6. Urchin
    Is he like a mischievous rugged little rascal? Then, this pet name sounds perfect
  7. Nemesis
    When you and your boyfriend would often argue about everything but can’t let go of each other
  8. Hush
    Is he always panicky or fidgety? Then, this could be a good name to remind him to stay calm
  9. Blooper
    When he’s adorably clumsy
  10. Jones
    Can’t get enough of him? Then, give this nickname a try! It’s actually a word for a compulsive desire for someone, or something
  11. Zizz
    Because he’s fond of sleepovers and catching Zs with you
  12. Beast
    Because he’s always on beast mode
  13. Chaos
    When his stuff seems forever chaotic
  14. Dude
    When you are best friends and lovers
  15. Glitch
    This word for a sudden malfunction could be a cool and catchy name for your computer whiz guy
  16. Pug
    If he were a dog, he’d definitely be a pug – loyal, people-pleaser, and stubborn
  17. 001
    Might be cool to use for the jealous kind of guy, which means he’s your one and only! … Or maybe he’s just fond of numbers and math stuff so a number nickname might sound fun.
  18. Boogey Bear
    Like a Boogeyman, except that he’s your man
  19. McBurger
    When it’s always burgers when you eat out
  20. Almighty
    When he’s phenomenally surreal

Unique Nicknames for Boyfriends Borrowed from Other Languages

If you want your man to swoon for you each time you call him, then, give these seemingly unique nicknames a shot. These nicknames based on other languages could further invigorate your relationship, especially if it speaks his native tongue.

Unique Nicknames for Boyfriends Borrowed from Other Languages

  1. ‘Ga (pronounce: ɡʌ)
    In the Philippines, it’s a short version of “Palangga”, which means “My Love”.
  2. Beb (pronounce: bɛb) or Bhe (pronounce: bɛ) or Bhie (pronounce: bi)
    A Filipino cutesy name for “Babe” or “Baby”
  3. Habibi
    Arabic for “Darling”
  4. Ya hayati
    Arabic for “My Life”
  5. Hoa kāne
    This is just one of the many adorable Hawaiian names you can use for your guy. In English, this means “boyfriend”
  6. Ko`u aloha
    A sweet Hawaiian term of endearment, which means “My love is yours forever”
  7. Guapo
    It’s “Handsome” in Spanish, which also means you always set your eyes on him
  8. Cariño
    Spanish Cariño”, meaning “Darling”, is also a doting way to name your precious guy.
  9. Amor
    A warm and affectionate nickname, from Latin “amor”, meaning “Love”
  10. Lindo
    In English, it means “neat”… “clean”… “cute”, this Spanish nickname suits your attractive guy who is always looking fresh and smelling great all day (and night)
  11. Cielo
    In English, it means “Sky” or “Heaven”. This Spanish word can be your man’s nickname especially if he’s your heavenly paradise on earth
  12. Bonito
    Another word for an attractive guy
  13. ダーリン (pronounce: dārin)
    Japanese for “Darling”
  14. Amoureux
    French for “Sweetheart’
  15. Mon chéri
    French for “My Dear”, said to a man
  16. Schatz
    German for “jewel” or “treasure”
  17. Putzig
    German for “cute”
  18. Honigküsse
    German for “Honey Kisses”! That’s creatively sweet, right?
  19. 오빠 (pronounce: o-ppa)
    Korean for “older brother” but has romantically transitioned when more women use it for their boyfriends or husbands as a term of endearment
  20. 애인 (pronounce: ae-in)
    Korean for “Sweetheart”

Title-Related Nicknames for Boyfriends

Looking for a cute nickname for your guy who is well-respected in his profession or field? Well, look no further. Feast your eyes on these title-related dominant nicknames you can use to call your highly esteemed boyfriend.

Title-Related Nicknames for Boyfriends

  1. Czar
    A well-meaning nickname for someone who has great power or authority. In Russia, a czar means a ruler with absolute power
  2. Honcho
    A cool nickname, an alternative for ‘boss’
  3. Captain
    Means a person in command
  4. Knight
    For your guy who is certainly worthy of merit and honor for his royal-like achievements
  5. Prof
    Short for Professor, when your man is a highly dignified person for his academic wit
  6. Don
    A Spanish for “Mister”, to show respect to a gentleman
  7. Archi(tect)
    For your boyfriend who is or will assume to become an architect someday
  8. Admiral
    For your admirable boyfriend, especially when he reigns supreme over a fleet
  9. Manager
    For your boyfriend who always takes charge and can withstand anything
  10. Big Chief
    When you’d rather call him ‘Big Chief’ than ‘Big Daddy’ out in the open
  11. Raja
    Means “King” or “Prince”, especially in India
  12. Director
    When you’re proud of your man who is so good at orchestrating and achieving his goals
  13. Chef
    When he’s a professional cook or simply because he cooks food like a pro
  14. Commander
    When your man is a person of character and honest leadership
  15. Kingpin
    When he’s the bigwig of a company or an organization

Not-Entirely-Serious Nicknames for Those World Traveler Boyfriends

Dating a well-traveled boyfriend? Try these affectionate nicknames that will make him tied and bound to you no matter where he goes.

Not-Entirely-Serious Nicknames for World Traveler Boyfriends

  1. Rider
    For your boyfriend who takes you to places
  2. Trip
    When he’s all about tours and trips
  3. Charmy Bee
    For your sweet, caring, and nature-loving greenie
  4. Hunter
    When he‘s fond of hunting new and thrilling adventures for both of you to try
  5. Dear Diary
    When he travels a lot but always keeps in touch and is eager to listen to your stories, like a diary
  6. Bucket
    When he has a long bucket list of places for both of you to visit together
  7. Zoom
    For your boyfriend who will never ever say no to wherever and whenever. It’s always game on!
  8. Happy Feet
    A nickname for your guy who always drags you on exciting tours
  9. Jet
    For your guy who’s just a jet plane away
  10. Neverywhere
    For your guy who’s been everywhere but your side… He won’t let the day pass without calling you up though!
  11. Wild Thing
    For your guy who loves to see the world and shares the experience with you
  12. Ronin
    For your know-it-all street-smart guy who can pretty much handle all sticky situations when you’re out with him
  13. Kismet
    Because wherever his feet take him he’ll always come home to your heart
  14. Boot
    Fit for a boyfriend who loves roaming the planet
  15. Tesla
    For your guy who takes you to grand places around the world

Pop Culture-Related Nicknames for Super Boyfriends

Cute and handsome guys with superb qualities deserve good names indeed. So how about these fantastic names of super characters that are popular at one time or another for your super awesome boyfriend? They can also be nice Snapchat names or cute contact names for your boyfriend on your phone. Check them out!

Pop Culture-Related Nicknames for Super Boyfriends

  1. Thor
    For a smashing boyfriend with godly looks
  2. Luffy
    Is he a fan of Manga? He might be thrilled to have a nickname after Luffy from ‘One Piece’
  3. Zach
    For your buff gamer boyfriend who thinks ‘the price of freedom is steep’
  4. Buzz
    Because your relationship with him is ‘to infinity, and beyond!’
  5. 3000
    Calling him 3000 is like giving him an answer to a question he no longer needs to ask, like “How much do you love me?”
  6. Sherlock
    Is he like the genius sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, who always snoops on you? Then, this one’s definitely it
  7. Hercules
    When your boyfriend is of great strength and jaw-dropping physique
  8. L
    This name of the enigmatic character from Death Note could well fit your brainiac, emo lover, especially when his name starts with the letter L.
  9. Barney
    For your boyfriend who’s super friendly to everybody
  10. Hellboy
    A nickname for your guy who, like Hellboy, is easily misjudged but can actually make morally sound decisions
  11. Neo
    From the film ‘Matrix’, the name sure sounds best for your boyfriend who you believe is ‘the one’
  12. Loki
    Is the God of Mischief a villain or a hero? Despite the confounding character that he has, he’s undoubtedly very much likable… just like your guy!
  13. Chewie
    For your boyfriend who has a big heart and loyalty beyond compare, like Starwar’s Chewbacca (or Chewie)
  14. Daredevil
    Like Matt Murdock’s Daredevil, your man won’t blink an eye when facing danger
  15. Goblin
    A Korean drama series that hails a cursed male character that is ought to protect his one true love from a life of misery

Frequently-asked questions

  • What names do guys like to be called?

Words of compliment are one of the best nicknames for a guy whether they are terms of endearment for your significant other or cute nicknames for your crush. Words like “Handsome”, “Hottie”, “Gorgeous”, and “Heartthrob” are popular nicknames that most men enjoy. There are a lot of sweet names to call your boyfriend that he might be pleased by, like the ones we shared above.

  • What romantic name can I call my lover?

Millennials and Zoomers that are booed up often use Bae”, which seems to have been drawn from the old school, “Baby”, or it may have another meaning, which stands for love “Before Anyone Else”. But if you’re looking for something gold and new, you can whip up foreign words to call your boyfriend. Spanish, French, and Italian languages are some of the world’s most celebrated languages that many deem as utterly romantic. Or how about some special codes like Angel Number 255, which actually signifies love, faith, and encouragement? You can also go for food-, travel-, or pop culture-based nicknames, like the ones we have on our list.

Before You Go At It…

Coming up with some romantic nicknames to call your boyfriend could be healthy for your relationship just as long as he is into it, too. Some men may not be too thrilled to be called “Babydoll”… or be named with some quixotic clichés like “Babe”, “Honey”, “Sweetheart”…. And maybe worse, if one of you has already used any of them before.

But hear this. It actually comes down to one thing – you! A nickname brings about good vibes and a positive feeling because it’s you who calls him by that name. And how you deliver it affectionately and in style, it’s a cherry on top. Because of you, that name meant something. A name he would probably yearn to hear from you, time after time…

So, give it a try! Sometimes you just have to let it out naturally. Coin your own to convey how you feel for him. Or, pick from our list and delight him with an endearing nickname.


Written by Maria Victoria Gonzaga

Last Updated on July 8, 2022