I Miss You Quotes: 80 Cute Missing You Texts for Him and Her

Unbelievable I miss you quotes

How many times have you blithely said something like, “I miss her so much it hurts.” Here’s a scientific news flash: Missing someone is a natural, biological thing. Understanding what’s going on with your body can help alleviate your aching for someone.

The science behind missing someone

Romantic love goes through stages. The first is infatuation. Hormones such as testosterone and estrogen – associated with an increased sex drive – are produced big time.

Next up? You have a desire to get to know more about your partner and be with him or her most of the time. So your body produces another set of biochemicals to boost nerve growth factors. Now, you’re addicted to him or her. (1)

You also can blame the “love hormone” oxytocin. Your body produces more oxytocin when you are with someone you love. It even can be a family member or good friend. It is released when you are physically intimate – hugging, kissing, during sex. (2) The body also releases other feel-good chemicals during these intimate moments.

Yes, missing someone badly can really hurt. Badly.

If you’re not sure you can find the right words, take a look at our cute missing someone quotes you can use. Some are funny, others romantic, kind of sad. Discover the one that reflects what you feel at this very moment.

And Our Expert Says…

Sabrina Alexis

A New Mode

  • It’s important to try and step out of the chemical whirlpool your brain is creating when you miss someone and gain clarity if you can. Sometimes we can confuse feelings of missing and longing with true love or with someone being our soul mate. If you’re in the early phases of a relationship, it is simply too early to tell so it’s important to let your rational mind have a seat at the table, rather than letting your heart call all the shots.
  • Expressing to the person how much you miss them is a beautiful thing, but it’s also important not to dwell too much on how badly you miss them and also stay busy and focused on your own life because this is the most essential part of being able to have a healthy, happy relationship.


Missing You Quotes

Distance can be cruel. It sometimes separates us from those we love. Send your romantic partner a sincere message. Simple missing you quotes say “you are important to me wherever you are.”

  • I look for you even when you’re not around.
  • Missing you comes in waves. Tonight I’m drowning.
  • I wish I were kissing you instead of missing you.
  • Even if I spent the whole day with you, I would still miss you the second that you leave.
  • It’s 2 am and I miss you just like I did last night at 9 pm and just like I will tomorrow at 6 am when I wake up without you.
  • If I could plant a flower for every time I miss you, I could walk through my garden forever.
  • I try not to miss you, but in the end, you’re always on my mind.
  • I miss waking up next to you and looking into your eyes while the sun shines through the curtains.
  • Missing you is my heart’s way of reminding me that I love you.
  • I miss you in ways that not even words can understand.
  • Lone hours fly by so slowly, but when we are together, time flies fast. I cannot enjoy your presence.
  • I miss you a little since you’ve been gone
    A few little memories keep hangin’ on. – John Michael Montgomery
  • We only part to meet again. – John Gay
  • When cold winds blow, I miss you. When the stars fade, I miss you. My longing for you is a huge gaping hole in my heart.
  • In case you can foolishly forget – I will never finish missing you.
  • Even if there is the greatest distance between us, I will keep creating heart beats and poet less words for you.
  • I fell deeper for you when we were apart.

Quotes about Missing Someone

Lots of people are sitting in the same boat with you – missing someone they love. That won’t make it any easier, but you’ll feel better sending along one of these I miss you quotes. All I can do every time I miss you is to stare at your pictures and smile.

  • Missing you is my hobby, caring for you is my job, making you happy is my duty, and loving you is my life.
  • I can’t wait for the day when I don’t have to miss you anymore.
  • When I close my eyes I see you; When I open my eyes I miss you.
  • My heart never knew loneliness until you went away. I’m missing you.
  • Until we meet again, I will be missing you.
  • When we miss someone, often, what we really miss is the part of us that with this someone awakens.
  • Someone asked me if I missed you. I didn’t answer. I just closed my eyes and walked away and whispered ‘so much’.
  • My heart is empty without you and I look forward to the day when it will be full again.
  • If you can’t get someone out of your head, maybe they are supposed to be there.
  • I don’t cry because we’ve been separated by distance, and for a matter of years. Why? Because for as long as we share the same sky and breathe the same air, we’re still together. ― Donna Lynn Hope
  • And I’ll miss you, without saying a word. – David Jones
  • Love knows not its own depth until we are far away from each other.
  • I love you so much darling. I will spend my whole life missing you.
  • Distance unites missing beats of our loving hearts. Today, there is a lonely you and a lonely me. But one day we will be together.
  • I miss you like the sun misses its rays and like the stars miss their brightness in the night sky.
  • You know someone is very special to you when days just don’t seem right without them. – John Cena

I Miss You so Much Quotes for Her

Really miss her? Tell her. These heartfelt I miss you quotes for her can make your love even stronger.

  • I miss you in waves and tonight I’m drowning.
  • I miss you… I don’t know what else is there to say.
  • I don’t know what they are called, the spaces between seconds – but I think of you always in those intervals.
  • I want you. I want you here with me right now. I want to talk to you. I want to be with you. I want to hug you. I just want you.
  • All I can think of is you. It’s crazy but it’s true.
  • I did three things today – miss you, miss you, and miss you.
  • I miss the laugh that made me smile and the eyes that said they care.
  • Why is it so hard for me to admit how much I miss you right now?
  • You may not always be here at my side, but you are always right here in my heart. I miss you.
  • A hug for you means I need you. A kiss for you means I love you. A call for you means I’m missing you.
  • Love for you is forever imprinted on my heart. My love reckons hours until the day we meet again.
  • The pain of missing you is a beautiful reminder of the joy of loving you. – Dean Jackson
  • My deep feelings for you can’t be put into exact words. Your absence makes my world dull, and all the mornings are meaningless without you.
  • How did the days steal you so efficiently from me? Time is a thief that never gets caught. – Tyler Knott Gregson
  • You can never love someone as much as you miss them. ― John Green
  • A child’s heart is empty without love, and my life is empty without you.
  • Thank you for breathing life into fading images, thank you for being a single person who can cheer me up. Thank you for making me less self centered and more open to love.

Miss You Quotes for Boyfriend

Don’t let your man fool you. He’s more sentimental than you can even imagine. Don’t hesitate to send your boyfriend an awesome text or a quote you can find below.

  • I fall in love a little more every time I see you and I can’t wait to see you again. I miss you greatly!
  • I miss you. I might not always show it, might not always tell people, but on the inside, I miss you like crazy.
  • If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.
  • Missing someone is a part of loving them. If you’re never apart, you’ll never really know how strong your love is.
  • I just can’t get you out of my mind. Maybe you are just supposed to be there.
  • Of course, I miss you, it’s all I do.
  • The only way you’ll realize how broken I am without you… is to put your hand on my heart and feel it limping along in pain. I miss you.
  • Thinking of you every; second, minute, hour, day, is medication to my illness of missing you.
  • Missing you is like walking around without my heart. I feel this way because my heart is still with you.
  • I only miss you when I am awake.
  • I miss you with every waking moment of my life.
  • I can’t fall asleep without thoughts about you. I miss our late night conversations and feelings shared with you.
  • Trees quiet without leaves, and my whole world is empty without you.
  • There are countless words that describe longing for someone, but none of them can convey my feelings for you.
  • I miss you deeply unfathomably senselessly terribly.

When You Miss Someone Sayings

Don’t be silent when you’re missing someone like crazy. Use one of the sad and beautiful quotes below. These short but meaningful phrases will reflect your love as well as the sadness you feel.

  • Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated.
  • It’s hard when you miss people. But you know if you miss them, that means you’re lucky. It means you had someone special in your life, someone worth missing.
  • Nothing makes a room feel emptier than wanting someone in it.
  • I long for you in ways I would never have expected and cannot wait to be with you again.
  • I stopped talking to you so you would miss me, but in the end, I’m the one missing you more than ever.
  • Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart.
  • You know someone is very special to you when days just don’t seem right without them.
  • I dropped a tear in the ocean. The day you find it is the day I will stop missing you.
  • Absence from whom we love is worse than death, and frustrates hope severer than despair.
  • You never leave my mind. Not even when I have a million things to think about.
  • The most beautiful discovery true friends can make is that even the smallest distance is not a hindrance to true friendship.
  • Missing a person means feeling his heartbeat from a distance.
  • Our separation is nothing as long as we are under the same sky.
  • My love for you is a flower that will bloom in my garden forever.
  • I will miss you
    even in the moments
    when you are right
    beside me.
    Time apart has planted
    longing inside me
    and I do not think
    it is a weed
    that will ever stop growing.
    It will always live there. — Tyler Knott Gregson

I Miss You Quotes for Him from the Heart

Say it from the heart. It’s especially important when your other half is far away. Take a look at these heartfelt missing you quotes for him to get inspired.

  • I wish we could be together right now.
  • I miss our conversations. I miss how we used to talk every minute of every day and how i was able to tell you everything that was on my mind
  • My heart aches for you.
  • The last time I felt alive – I was looking into your eyes. Breathing you air…touching your skin…Saying goodbye… The last time I felt alive… I was dying.
  • I miss you deeply, unfathomably, senselessly, terribly.
  • Every song I hear reminds me of how much I miss you and want you by my side.
  • Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. I miss you like hell.
  • I miss you a little, I guess you could say, a little too much, a little too often and a little more each day.
  • For when the cold wind blows, I will close my eyes calmly, knowing I am anchored to you.
  • You may be out of sight, but you are never out of my mind.
  • Lonely you, lonely me. I hope it’s not forever.
  • When we are together, in the present occurs the most wonderful feeling in the whole universe – love. When we are apart, the whole world seems depopulated, and lone hours fly so slowly.
  • You broke my self center, broke all the blocks I had, and gave me endless love. You are the miracle of my life. I miss you.
  • I found that I missed him the more he was absent from my life, and the more I missed him, the more I loved him. ― Donna Lynn Hope

Why Do I Miss You so Much

Why do we miss him/her so much? Simple answer: True love. Use some of these miss u quotes to tell them how much you miss them.

  • I miss u so much, a little too often, and a little more each and every day.
  • When I close my eyes, I see you. When I open my eyes, I miss you.
  • Every piece of me aches for you.
  • I miss you so much that I am jealous of the people that get the chance to see you every day.
  • I have never missed anyone in my life as much as I miss you.
  • But nothing makes a room feel emptier than wanting someone in it.
  • I am missing you badly. This feeling is so strong that it hurts.
  • The world just doesn’t seem the same when you are not beside me.
  • I only miss you when I’m breathing.
  • When I tell you that I’ll miss you, it doesn’t mean I’ll never get over you. It just means I wish I didn’t have to.
  • I close my eyes calmly, thinking about you. In my dreams, we are always together.
  • In my self center you are the most important person. I miss you so greatly that not even words can describe.
  • I am so lucky to have a person in my life who is worth missing. You means the world to me.
  • In case you foolishly forget – I will miss you always, even if we are separated by the smallest distance.
  • It’s hard to miss people who are dear to my heart. However, it is unbearable to miss the person who is my heart.
  • Missing someone means realizing how much a person means to you and appreciating everything you shared together.

Missing You Messages

Sometimes it is not the right time to be funny. Just check out the sad but touching I miss you quotes for a family member or a loved one we found for you.

  • I miss you. Not in some cheesy “Let’s hold hands and be together forever kind of way”. I just miss you, plain and simple. I miss your presence in my life. I miss you always being there for me. I miss you best friend.
  • I wanna write ‘I miss you’ on a rock and throw at your face so you know how much it hurts to miss you.
  • Missing you gets easier every day because even though I am one day further from the last day I saw you, I am also one day closer to the day that we will meet again.
  • I don’t care if it’s 5 minutes or a whole night, I just want to see you.
  • I miss the fun we used to have together.
  • In French, you don’t say “I miss you.” You say “tu me manques” which means, “you are missing from me.” I love that…
  • The distance means nothing. You still matter in my life.
  • You realize how much you truly miss someone when something happens, good or bad, and the only person you want to tell is the one person who isn’t there.
  • The silence isn’t so bad, till I look at my hands and feel sad. Because the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly.
  • The sunsets here are wonderful, but my heart aches because I can’t share them with you.
  • Even if we are apart, I am feeling warm inside because you are always in my heart.
  • The feelings shared together with you will always warm my heart.
  • Even the greatest distance can be bridged if two people genuinely love each other.
  • How strange to dream of you even when I’m wide awake. – David Jones
  • When cold winds blow and the whole world seems depopulated, I will still love you and miss you.

I Miss You Images

These love and miss you quotes with images will help you express your longing in a creative way.

magnificent I miss you quotes

startling I miss you quotes

awesome I miss you quotes

Unbelievable I miss you quotes

Refined I miss you quotes

stunning I miss you quotes

outstanding I miss you quotes

breathtaking I miss you quotes

hypnotizing I miss you quotes


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Cute I Miss You My Love Images

These images are universal. Share them with your close friend, child, and, of course, your spouse. They can express everything you’re feeling right now. magnificent I miss you quotes startling I miss you quotes awesome I miss you quotes

Cute I Miss You Pictures

Surprise and please your boyfriend or girlfriend. Send one of the pics below. It’s a romantic way to say I miss you. These pictures are heartfelt, so your bae will understand how difficult and empty the life without him is. Unbelievable I miss you quotes Refined I miss you quotes stunning I miss you quotes

How Much I Miss You Pics

If you miss someone so much it hurts, take a glance at the cute and heartfelt images we collected for you. Who knows, maybe some of them reflect exactly what you feel. If so, don’t hesitate to share them with your dearest one or even post them on one of the social networks – such confessions are always pleasant to see! outstanding I miss you quotes breathtaking I miss you quotes hypnotizing I miss you quotes

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