Cute Paragraphs for Her to Wake Up to

Texting has made communication easy. Any time. Day or night. But a special text is so nice to receive in the morning. Face-to-face interaction is still irreplaceable, but texting proves to be very useful for those times when you can’t be together.

The hard part is capturing the right tone. It’s not easy in just a few words. Make sure she gets your intent by making your message longer.

Greeting your special someone in the morning is one of the sweetest things you can do. It means you’re thinking of her. (1) You care so much about her that you want to secure a smile on her face first thing to start her day. It is also a way to show you appreciate her. How she makes you look forward to each day with her.

Some people love receiving good morning texts, but there others not as enthusiastic. Some might regard these texts as something lazy or childish. (1, 2) It also may appear creepy – particularly if you just met a person the night before.

Slow down and get to know her first. She may or may not be a “morning person.” You may want to try something direct and to the point. Say “I’ve been thinking of you” instead of “good morning.” You also can make your good morning greetings and texts more interesting with these tips:
⦁ Send a message with a picture. It can be your photo, smiling; a funny meme; a joke or a photo with an inspirational quote.
⦁ Use emojis. Emojis can help create a mood and impart a message that everything is fine. (3)
⦁ Personalize. Send a good morning poem. Poetry implies effort and creativity. Consider writing one just for her if she is into poetry.
⦁ Spice up your message with sexting. But be sure you get your partner’s consent before sending her a sext.

Breathtaking Good Morning Paragraphs for Your Girlfriend

Ladies like attention. Hey, that’s a fact. She will feel good about how you have thought about her when she wakes up. Here are some quotes to send to your girlfriend.

  • Time to wake up. As you get up, you should look out at the sky. Think of me as you think of the sun, you might not always be there for you to see but I’m always out there. If you’re patient, I’ll always come back around and shine down with love on you.
  • The weather is perfect this morning. The sun is shining, the air is warm, and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. But to be honest, the beauty of this morning pales in comparison to time with you. I’d rather spend a morning with you in the freezing rain than a day in paradise without you. You’re all the warmth I need.
  • Good morning my love! I know I have woken you up, but it is only to tell you how much I love you. Have a fabulous day, let’s get together in the afternoon and I will give you many kisses and a tender embrace with all my strength.
  • Having someone as beautiful and special as you make me the luckiest man on earth. Good morning my damsel.
  • Having found a wonderful lady like you in my life; I became more comfortable, happy and calm. I trust you though you may not know how much you mean to me. In the beginning, I thought you won’t give me the joy I have been searching for until now I realize how lucky I love you!
  • Thanks for making me feel better and stronger than ever before. Thanks for loving me just the way I am. Thanks for not leaving me to my ruins. Thanks for being there for me. Thanks for being real. Thanks for your support and encouragement. Thanks for standing by me. And thanks for always being a darling. I love you beyond the stars. Good morning my angel.

Cute GM Paragraphs to Write to Your Girlfriend

Love changes us. You feel grateful and try to do your best to respond to love. Write your girlfriend a good morning paragraph. Need some inspiration? Have a look at these:

  • I hope this is the first message you read this morning. Tell me if it isn’t, I’ll be sure to send you an earlier message tomorrow. Because it’s only fair, you were the first thing on my mind when I woke up this morning so I hope I can be the first thing on yours. As long as you’re thinking of me it doesn’t matter how far we’re apart, our love transcends distance.
  • A day that is void of your voice is to me an incomplete one. For with your voice comes the soul melting laughter which is all I need to have a great and happy day. I hope mine makes you feel the same way. Good morning, my cherie.
  • We have come a long way. Nothing in heaven and on earth can make me let you off my heart. The day you came to my heart, I locked it up and threw the key away. Together we’ll walk the path, sing the song and dance the beat… Just you and I. Good morning love.
  • Each and every morning I wake up, you’re always the first thing on my mind. Good morning my love.
  • The morning was a bit cold, but a warm feeling envelops all my heart because I have your love and I do not need anything else in life. Have a wonderful day my dear girlfriend.
  • Morning babe! The last time we were together was incredible, but I know that the next time we meet will be even better. So, hurry up and get moving, I can’t wait to see you again!

Long Good Morning Messages for Her to Copy and Paste

Looking for some special words to express those deep feelings? Here are some long good morning messages for her you can use.

  • Our love is beyond all description. The universe in all of its glory isn’t enough to allow for a true comparison. Eternity isn’t long enough for us to spend together. All of the diamonds in the universe wouldn’t sparkle with the light I see in your eyes. All the stars in existence don’t burn with the heat of our romance. I could say I’d run to the edge of the universe to reach you and I’d still be willing to journey on in search of you.
  • I couldn’t help but reminisce on my past this morning and here’s what I came about… You never have been in my shoes but know where the shoe pinches. You never originated any of my problems, but you’ve been the solution to myriads of them. By chance, I grope in darkness all alone, and by choice, you’re the light that led me out. I thought I’d be forever in my tunnels of tumult and dejection but the touch of your love was the light at the end of it…Your love stood strong and became a pillar for my fragile heart. Your care grew boundless and became a shelter for my wandering mind. From far behind in my sorely state your love took me to the forefront of ecstasy. To say it as it is, you’ve been the best reason I prove to be joyous. I love you and I love you so much. Thanks for it all. Good morning my love.
  • Morning. It’s the time when the darkness goes away, banished by the glorious light of the sun as it rises in the East. That’s what you are to me. I didn’t fully realize it at the time, but my life was darkness before I met you. There may have been women in my life before but they were mere stars, their light pale and dim compared to your brilliance. I was like a baby raised in the long winters of the polar regions, unable to even understand true light until the glorious day when my sun, you, rose up and illuminated everything. The only difference is that I won’t let your light set on me, even if I have to run with all my heart and soul to keep up with you.
  • You came into my world and you invited me into yours with the way you cherish and love me. You see good in me where others only see bad; you see the best in me while others could only see the worst. I’m grateful that you didn’t give up on me and leave me to my ruins. And I wish you have a great and awesome day ahead of you, my baby. Good morning to you, sweetheart.
  • Everything I see this morning reminds me of you. The sun reminds me of your warmth. The breeze reminds me of your breath against my skin. The flowers remind me of the incredible way you smell. The birds singing reminds me of the beauty of your voice. The love in my heart reminds me that I never really understood the feeling before you entered my life.

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