Cute and Romantic Ways To Ask A Girl Out

Cute Ways To Ask A Girl Out

Asking a girl out on a date? It’s so scary for guys…actually, for guys of all ages because Cupid’s arrow strikes whenever he pleases. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to love and romance and if you have a crush on someone at school or at work, you have to be ready to ask the girl you like out on a date with you. Well, how to do this? Of course, only in a cute and romantic way!

Here we’ve gathered some of the best ways to ask someone out and receive a positive response. Check out these great ideas and choose the right one for your special someone.

P.S. If you mix effort with creativity, you’ll get cuteness and any girl responds well to cuteness. So make an effort when asking a girl out and be creative and she’ll definitely agree to go out with you.

Cute Ways To Ask A Girl Out In Person

There’re a lot of different ways to ask a girl out. But sometimes it’s better to keep things simple. Just wait for a moment and ask your crush out directly. Read out these nice ways that can help you impress the girl you like and win her favor.

Offer a piece of gum

What is a cute way to ask a girl out? Maybe, with the help of gum… What do you think about that? This is an original option. However, it needs to do a little preparation work beforehand. Take her favorite piece of gum and write that you’d like to ask out the prettiest girl on a date on the gum paper. When she wraps the gum, she’ll appreciate your efforts.

Ask some friends for help

One more smart way is looking to your friends for help. If you’re really interested in a girl, you can ask a few friends to meet her somewhere and present her your offer. In advance prepare one big message board or several small ones where you ask the love of your life to be your girlfriend and give them to your friends. Then wait for her response.

A lit candlelight dinner to ask a girl out

Girls love softly burning candles, beautiful music and other cute things. So why not organize the sweetest lit candlelight dinner for your perfect lady? Creating such an amazing atmosphere will let you feel more confident and positive. In turn, a lit candlelight dinner can make your girl more relaxed and sensitive and, of course, increase the odds of hearing ‘YES’ to your offer.

Take action in a public place

It can be a bit risky to open your heart in front of a crowd of people but as you know without risk, no success. If you feel that you’re ready, you can ask the girl you like to go out with you with as many people around as you can.

Climb up her balcony

Like Romeo, you can go up to her balcony and ask to go out with you. Be sure no girl can resist such a romantic proposal. Besides, you can pick a special day, for example, her birthday in order to make your first date unforgettable.

Cute And Romantic Ways To Ask A Girl Out Over Text

If you’re wondering how to ask a girl out in a cute way over the phone, take a look at the options given below. The key here is showing your sincerity and saying exactly how you feel about her.

Attempt to write her a poem

It’ll take you some time, maybe a lot of time, to write a poem. But if you can do this, your girl will be excited and can’t refuse this offer. Just think about your loved one and put your thoughts into a wonderful poem.

Write her a handwritten letter

Want to touch the girl you love, write her a thoughtful handwritten letter. In such an interesting way you can confirm the importance of your intentions and make your offer memorable. When you take time to write a letter to your girl, you show that you’re ready to invest in your relationship and cherish your crush.

Use good old-fashioned cheesy chat up lines

“How much the polar bear weight? Enough to break the ice!”. The best way to ask a girl out is by using a classic old-fashioned cheese chat up sayings that still work well. Check out the most popular witty chat up lines, find the proper one and ask your hot girl to go on a date with you.

Pass a note

Ask the special lady out with you by simply writing her a delicate note. You can send her a note by post and then wait for her answer. Don’t hesitate your efforts and frankness will be appreciated. But you know even if you give the note when she’s standing beside you, it’ll be impressive and moving.

Send quotes

There are tons of awesome quotes on the Internet that can help you make your proposal. Browse through the best corny collections and choose the right one to ask out your crush. This way will be really helpful if you’re going to ask her out over a text message.

Funny And Cheesy Ways To Ask A Girl Out

Add a little humor to your offer. Don’t worry if you look funny and cheesy. In effect, it can help you achieve your goal. Just try one of these ridiculous but so fruitful options.

Give her the message in a balloon

The men who usually feel nervous and tongue-tied around girls they like should pay attention to this smooth way to ask someone out. It’s good and effective because it can take off the pressure and save you from stress. Create your loved one a personalized balloon that asks her out on a date and put it to her car door or mailbox.

Cheesy food route

In some cases, it’s better to get a little corny with an offer. Prepare a bowl of tasty fruit, for example, tangerines and leave a note among them like “Tangerine you glad I’m asking you to go out with me?” It sounds so sweet!

Bake her something

You can also impress the queen of your heart by your cooking skills (of course, if any). Take an interest in what she loves – muffins, cakes, cupcakes, etc. Then find the recipe and bake her favorite pastry. Add your proposal on the top. It’ll look delicious and lovely!

Do a T-shirt proposal

As with the message in a balloon, you can make her a personalized T-shirt that asks the most beautiful girl in the entire world out with you. All you need to do is order such a clever T-shirt beforehand and come to your crush. When she reads your proposal, she’ll tell you the answer.

Let your dog do it for you

It’s no secret that most girls love pets. Well, if you have a dog, it can help you ask your special lady out with you. Write a delicate note for your girl and put it to your dog collar. Be sure your pet will leave a deep impression with your crush. Maybe she won’t even read your message, she’ll just look at your dog and agree to go out with you.

Cool Ways To Ask A Girl Out

Here you’ll find some more ideas to ask a girl out and get ‘Yes’ in response. Use imagination and be heartfelt with a girl you want to ask out.

Say it with music

This is especially effective if you decide to ask your crush out with music. Do you play an instrument? If you do, that’s really cool. You can learn a beautiful tune and make your offer with it. If you don’t, it’s no big deal. Choose some charming melody and turn it on via your phone when asking a girl to go on a date.

Use those cute little emojis

People often use emojis to communicate with each other. You can try the emoji way to ask the queen of your heart out. Try to make your proposal with the only emojis, don’t use any words. Maybe you find it a bit challenging but the result will be not long in coming!

Make your own movie

Another cool way to grab a girl’s attention and make her want to go out with you is creating your own movie for her. It isn’t so difficult but it needs some time. Think over an easy script, make a cute movie and present it to a girl you like.

Snapchat her

Want to sweet your crush off her feet, Snapchat her and ask to be your girlfriend. Add some special effects to your message to make it work perfectly. She’ll be thrilled.

Borrow her phone

This is a bit tricky way to ask someone you like out. It’ll take a little time and great patience. Imagine yourself as a spy, take her phone for a few minutes (of course, she mustn’t notice it). Rename yourself in her contacts and change your picture to something really awesome and appealing. Then call her and ask for a date. The answer is likely to be positive!

Sweet Ways To Ask A Girl Out

Looking for some inspiration? Pay attention to these sweet ways to ask your lady out.

Get her a “talking” teddy bear

Oh, teddy bears! Girls adore these fluffy cute plush toys, especially “talking” ones, and you can take advantage of this. Give her a teddy bear who’ll say her that you’d like to go out with the prettiest girl in the world. She can’t possibly ignore such a sweet offer.

Sing it!

If you’re a talented person – you have an ear for music and a nice voice, you may try to ask a girl you like by playing her a personalized song or a romantic serenade. Don’t be afraid to be unique and passionate, open up your heart and sing about your true feelings.

Get her flowers

A gorgeous bunch of the most beautiful flowers is a win-win situation. It seems old-fashioned, but this way still works. Ask her out and give a fancy bouquet to let her know that you’re a real romantic guy. However, before buying the flowers, make sure that she is not allergic to them.

Say it with chocolate

If you’ve found cute things to say when asking a girl out, that’s wonderful. But if you say your thoughtful proposal with chocolate, your chances for success will double or even triple (if only a girl you want to ask out doesn’t go on a diet).

Make her a handcrafted gift

Leave her a gift… a handcrafted gift to show your firm intention. Send or give her a well-thought-out gift that you’ve made with your own hands, she’ll definitely appreciate such a big move and who knows maybe she’ll get a positive response.

Tips For Asking A Girl Out

Luckily for you, there’re a few pro tips for asking a girl out that can maximize your chances for success and ensure you a memorable date with your crush.

Calm Down

It’s important to pull yourself together and stop worrying. Try to stay calm and relaxed when asking a girl you like out.

Lead With Confidence

Women don’t like insecure men. So if you want to hear ‘Yes’ in response, you should have faith in yourself and look like a confident guy.

Put On A Neat Outfit

Your outward appearance is of importance. Think over your look beforehand and make sure that your outfit is clean and ironed.

Be Ready For Rejection

Well, things happen in life. So be prepared to hear ‘No’. Respect the choice of the girl and take it like a real man.

Asking a girl out can be a bit of a challenge. Check out the cute and clever ways to ask a lady out collected above again and choose the most suitable option for your particular case. Don’t be shy to make your offer, just find a unique and creative idea to make it.


Last Updated on December 11, 2021