I’m Sorry Quotes for Him


I’m Sorry Quotes for Him, Forgive Quotes for Boyfriend

To start with, every couple has arguments every now and then. Each person is an individual, thus, it’s okay for people to have different opinions considering one issue. Knowing this simple truth can make your life a lot easier, believe us.

Because idealization of any relationships always leads to disappointment. If you have this perfect picture of perfect you and your perfect boyfriend with who you never have an argument, it’s time to get your head out of the clouds. No one is perfect. When you know what to expect, it will be easier to go through the tough periods and make everything work.

So, the chances are, you had a fight with your beloved one and you came here to find some pieces of advice about what to do to make it up to him. We have collected a slew of good I’m sorry quotes for him that will help you move past your recent fight and work things out.

I’m Sorry Quotes For Him From The Heart

Can you imagine what would it be, if everyone just gave up after every major argument they had? If it was so, people would end up living alone. Apologizing doesn’t mean that you are weak. It means that you are capable of giving up your ego and admitting your mistakes to save your relationship. You can say sorry to a boyfriend in a romantic way with the help of these sorry quotes for hurting you.

  • From now until forever, I will love you. I will love you when you hate me, ignore me and even when you stop loving me. It would make it easier though if you would at least forgive me.
  • Dear, love for you has deeply rooted in my heart, so I am always worried when you take offense at me. Please, forgive me.
  • I guess saying sorry is not enough. But give me a chance and I’ll prove it to you. Please forgive me, honey. Pretty please!
  • I was slightly drunk when I said those words that weren’t supposed to even happen in the first place, please don’t judge me. Please forgive me the love of my life.
  • You are the only guy whose arms I want to be in. Please forgive me.
  • I just want to tell you I am sorry for everything that I have done wrong to you.
  • Please give me a chance to prove that I can be a better person. I miss you. I apologize for my decision. Forgive me.
  • I don’t expect thing to become normal straight away. But until that happens, I will keep trying every single day. I am sorry.
  • I hate when we fight. I feel alone and abandoned when I can’t talk to you. I know you feel the same. I apologize for acting like crazy, I never meant to hurt you, love. You are my everything, please forgive me.
  • Ever since we started dating you have done everything I asked you to. As one last favor, please forgive me so that I can start doing everything that you want me to. I am sorry.
  • Don’t forgive me just because I’m saying sorry. Forgive me because I love you and don’t want to waste a single moment of our time together fighting. Truly yours, now and forever.
  • I cry myself to sleep these days because I am on the verge of losing you to something I never intended. We have been apart for so long and the gap is really eating me up. I want you to stop being so hard and see that all these problems culminated not because I only wanted things to go my way but I want our relationship to go far. I guess I went too far.
  • You truly are one of the most wonderful people I have met in my life. And I want you to continue being that and not allow something minute as this get in the way between us. I love you, and I’m sorry.
  • Darling, I cannot promise that there will be no more fights, but I can promise that I will try to be a better person for you every day. I’m so sorry.
  • I am sorry – if you accept my apology we can move on from being angry and get on to being naughty.
  • I am sorry for making you wait. I am sorry for everything I said. I am sorry for leaving you alone and being so selfish. Please think of me as someone who will be forever in the debt of your kind heart.

Romantic Sorry Messages to Apologize to Your Boyfriend

Keep in mind that your first and foremost task is to restore your affection after the argument with a loved one is over. And there’s only one thing you can and should do to complete this task – apologize to your boyfriend. Usually making your point and playing “who’s right and who’s wrong” game will only make things worse. If you love someone, it’s better to let go of your principles and simply write a sorry message for him. You’ll feel a lot better right after you see a smile on his face.

  • Things won’t be normal right away and I know that. Until that happens, though, I will apologize to you every morning when I wake up.
  • I was wrong, I had hurt you. But it would be more wrong if I didn’t apologize to you. I’m sorry, my dear.
  • I feel bad for making you sad, I feel guilty for making you feel awful, baby I am sorry for making you feel that way. I am so sorry my love.
  • You have always stood by my side through the thick and thin. I am sorry for not being there for you in the same way you have been here for me.
  • Please do not let our relationship lose to the pride that we both have, I am very sorry already.
  • I’m sorry that I overreacted. I just want you to understand and hug me saying, “Everything is going to be okay.”
  • My apology to you is like a selfie – brutally honest and straight in your face. Please forgive me and stop being angry… I miss you.
  • No words can express how sorry I am for hurting you, honey, and for all the harm that I‘ve caused.
  • It was never my intention to hurt you or cause you pain. Destiny conspired to drive this wedge between us and all I want is for this burden to be lifted. I’m sorry.
  • The world’s most loving husband deserves the world’s most tender apology. I’m more sorry than I have ever been. Forgive me darling.
  • In your arms, I find the comfort I seek and I am so sorry for not keeping it real with you. This is a mistake I wish I never made and I beg you to stop being hard on me because I can’t bear this pain any longer. I miss you and I don’t wish to lose you right now.
  • I know that whatever I say things will not immediately get back to normal. But it doesn’t hurt me to try until it is. You have to know that I truly love you and I wish for you to forgive me.
  • I’m just learning how to be a wise and understanding woman, please do not judge me harshly, I will be better for you. I’m sorry for everything.
  • My life makes no sense without you, and I cannot believe I took you for granted in the way I did. Until the rest of my days, I will be sorry, and I’d do anything you ask to have you not worry!
  • There is a pain here in my heart ever since you have stopped talking to me, I’m sorry.

The Best Please Forgive Me Quotes For Him

There’s no need to remind you that apologies to your boyfriend should go from the heart, so make sure you give some thinking to the words you say when asking for his forgiveness. We suggest that you read a few good quotes that will complement the “please forgive me” phrase.

  • No matter what happens, you remain my number one. Could you please forgive me for what I have done?
  • It’s my fault, I know. That’s why I apologize. Give me a chance to prove you, рow sincere I am to say sorry to you.
  • I have hurt you with my action, and you are hurting me by not forgiving me, I will continue to apologize until you forgive me.
  • I do not know what to do without you. Please give me a chance to make things up to you.
  • I never meant to hurt you and your feelings, I just made a few mistakes somewhere there. I am sorry, baby.
  • I was selfish and ignorant of your feelings. I regret that. I apologize that I hurt you.
  • I apologize and promise that I won’t be extremely possessiveness from now on. But this doesn’t mean that if another girl tries to flirt with you, she won’t get pawned. I am sorry.
  • Maybe my words “I am sorry” do not mean that much to you now, but I am truly regretting for what I have done. Please, forgive me.
  • During this entire time, I never meant to be indifferent or aloof. I just wanted to be with you. Forgive me.
  • I know there is nothing I can do to make up for my behavior over the last few weeks. So I got a gift for you. Hope you like it and will forgive me because I love you, and you know it’s true!
  • I am sorry for hurting you. I am sorry for doubting you. I am sorry for my silly actions. I need you to forgive me because I am so sorry. It hurts to miss you but it hurts more when I am the cause of your absence. I want you to look at my face and see that I am sorry.
  • It is painful to see how such a small mistake, can impact two lives like this. How can such a small act of stupidity, make two lives worse. But we don’t have to let it end this way. Please accept my apology. I love you.
  • I’m sorry if I offended you in word or deed, my heart misses you and I am very lonely. I love you very much.
  • Our wonderful time together has been put on hold, because I allowed myself to take you for granted. I would never do so again, only if you were brave enough to forgive me.
  • I said “I love you” and I meant it. But I hurt you, now “I’m sorry” and I mean it.

I Am Sorry Quotes For Boyfriends To Ask For Forgiveness

One more thing to remember when it comes to apologizing is that your “I am sorry” doesn’t guarantee your boyfriend will forgive you right away. You need to be ready to such outcome and give him some space to reflect and get over a fight. And in the meantime, take a look at what else you can say to him to get his forgiveness.

  • It was hormones. Craziness at work made me do it. An elephant fell from the sky and squished all of my common sense. No matter what happened, I just wanted you to know that I am sorry for acting so crazily the other day.
  • Knock! Knock! Here’s an SMS saying “Sorry Sweetheart”. I’ll never do that again.
  • I remember you once said that you would do anything for me, all I am asking from you is to accept my apology. I have committed a mistake but seriously I do not mean to hurt you, I am sorry.
  • I am not very good with words, but I know enough words to tell you that I am sorry. I love you and I mean it.
  • I know I hurt you when I messed up with your ego, I was the wrong one, I hope you understand.
  • To err is human. And I’m not an alien. Please forgive me, handsome.
  • I look ugly when I cry and howl in pain. Now it is in your hands to forgive me and make me look pretty again. I am sorry.
  • Everybody makes mistakes, and I’m not an exception. I have a complicated personality, and I still can’t believe you love me despite that. I’m sorry for what I did. I love you, and I will do my best to become better than what I was before.
  • Although I know that you would never cheat on me, my jealousy got the better of me. I am sorry, my love.
  • Today I’ve decided to stop blaming you for all our problems, because I’ve realized that I’ve not been taking enough responsibility. I’m sorry, and I want to put an end to all the fights and arguments.
  • I said these stuff out of anger. I know that shouldn’t be an excuse because we all are supposed to learn how to control our emotions but I want you to forgive me. I never meant to hurt you because hurting you is same with hurting myself. You are my happiness and I need you back in my life.
  • Whether I’m right or wrong, I’m sorry. Our love is too precious to let a quarrel to keep us apart.
  • My favorite, without you the whole world is tedious, we are the two halves of the whole. Can you forgive me for the last time?
  • For a brief moment, I put my ambition before your happiness, thus making the biggest mistake of my life. I am sorry for all that I have done, and I hope you will be a bigger person than me and forgive me!
  • With a bruised heart and a deflated ego, with a sad soul and a head hung low. I apologize to you unconditionally, baby I am really very sorry. I love you.

Cute Apology Quotes To Say Sorry To Your Boyfriend

Forgiving ain’t easy, especially if a person has hurt you badly. But it doesn’t mean that you have to call it quits every time something goes wrong. Bring your relationship back on track after an argument with these I’m sorry for being rude text messages.

  • Right now, I can apologize and offer my regret. Until you agree to see me again, we cannot even begin to move on from this mistake. Just give me a chance to show you that I can be better than this.
  • It was my fault. Let me make it right. I’ll start by saying I apologize. Sorry for what happen!
  • I am repenting for my mistakes, and am crying out in pain, if you don’t forgive me all our effort will be in vain. I honestly love you. I Am Sorry! Please Forgive Me! I Love You!
  • I am sorry. You know better than anyone else that my heart beats just for you.
  • Let us forget all of the things in the past and just focus on our future together, please forgive me.
  • Baby… I’m sorry! Please forgive me and prove that kindness is still alive in this cruel world!
  • I was slightly drunk when I said all those nasty words. I am sorry, but my judgment was totally blurred. I hope you can forgive my nonsensical outburst, I never meant to show you my worst. I am sorry.
  • Sometimes I just do things without understanding that it can affect somebody in a very bad way. I feel awful for hurting you, baby. Whatever I do, I never want to make you feel miserable. Please forgive me.
  • I trust fate and I believe in love, which is why I know you’ll accept my apology. I’m sorry.
  • There are a lot of things that we need to keep behind us. One of these things is the rift we have. I just want you to forgive me because I am sorry from the depth of my heart. I can’t bear the torment of you being mad at me.
  • I behaved like a child, I am ashamed of my behavior, please, forgive me.
  • You are the one person that deserves all the best in the world, and the one person I hurt the most! I am sorry for not understanding your value, and please forgive me so I can try to be the best girlfriend one more time!
  • I can’t express my feelings except to say; I’m really sorry.
  • I admit that I really messed up. I am sorry. And I love you too much to give up on what we have.
  • I feel guilty because your beautiful smile faded, I will do everything to hear you laugh again! I love you, do not be offended.

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