Best Hanukkah Images Free to Download in 2022

Hanukkah is one of the oldest historical holidays that are still celebrated nowadays. When we say “one of the oldest” we do really mean it – like, more than 2000 years! Millions of people from the Jewish community celebrate it because it’s something much bigger than just a “holiday” – it’s a tradition, a message sent through generations, a symbol of national identity.

It’s also often called Chanukah and Channukah, these two spellings are more accurate, but it doesn’t really matter. Hanukkah is a festival, which is observed for eight days, and there are lots of things Jews do during these days and nights – like, they light the candles (the candelabrum with nine branches is called menorah), sing songs, pray, eat special food and play traditional games.

If you want to wish someone a happy Hanukkah, you don’t have to write a card or send a letter anymore. It’s the 21st century – there are lots of beautiful and free images, that will work better than any card. We’ve found such pictures and collected the best of them here – so don’t waste your time and discover the most interesting ones right now!

Happy Hanukkah Images

If you want to wish someone a happy Hanukkah, you definitely should think about the images. It’s simple as that – you just download the picture you like most and send it to your friend or relative, who celebrates Chanukah. Very easy, very quick.

We’ve found 6 beautiful images and we can guarantee they’ll work great for all cases. Btw, they can be useful even if you aren’t going to send them to anyone – because, well,  watching beautiful pictures is always a pleasure. You’ll find them right here, below this text!

Happy Hanukkah Images 1

Happy Hanukkah Images 2


Happy Hanukkah Images 4


Happy Hanukkah Images 6

Hanukkah Pictures with Greetings

These pictures are kinda like the new versions of the good old Hanukkah cards. We’ve done our best and collected both modern and vintage pictures with greetings for all tastes.

They are right below, as usual – choose the best among these six Hanukkah pictures with greetings, send it and you’ll make this day much better for the person you send these pics to.

Hanukkah Pictures with Greetings 1

Hanukkah Pictures with Greetings 2

Hanukkah Pictures with Greetings 3

Hanukkah Pictures with Greetings 4

Hanukkah Pictures with Greetings 5

Hanukkah Pictures with Greetings 6

Nice Pictures of Hanukkah Candles

Candelabrum and candles are extremely important traditional things when it comes to celebrating Hanukkah. In short words, they symbolize the candles that were lit by the Jewish people after their successful rebellion against the Syrians more than 2000 years ago.

According to the legend, these candles burned for 8 days (despite there was enough oil for 1 day only) – that’s why this festival lasts 8 days instead of 1.

Check these nice pictures of Hanukkah candles out!

Nice Pictures of Hanukkah Candles 1

Nice Pictures of Hanukkah Candles 2

Nice Pictures of Hanukkah Candles 3

Nice Pictures of Hanukkah Candles 4

Nice Pictures of Hanukkah Candles 5

Nice Pictures of Hanukkah Candles 6

Beautiful Hanukkah Photos

Meet the latest set of photos – 6 beautiful images of Hanukkah! We have added only the most beautiful high-quality photos here, so they will work great both if you use them as cards/greetings and if you post them on your Facebook page. Hanukkah Sameach!

Beautiful Hanukkah Photos 1

Beautiful Hanukkah Photos 2

Beautiful Hanukkah Photos 3

Beautiful Hanukkah Photos 4

Beautiful Hanukkah Photos 5

Beautiful Hanukkah Photos 6

Last Updated on October 8, 2022