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It is not a secret that “little people” have a great sense of humor. They willingly joke at their height, weight or even appearance. Probably, they are the authors of the midget memes, that are so popular on the social networks.

It is so pleasant feeling sometimes, to answer your interlocutor with a hilarious midget meme, especially if you are always ready to laugh at your little cute girlfriend, for example. Do not be so biased, photos of midget women can be really funny and have no aggressive attitude to the female midgets.

There are even weird midget memes or scary midget pictures on the Internet but they are offensive than really funny. It is hard to joke correctly if you have lack of humor; however, Peter Dinklage, being of a little height, is eager to make some sarcastic midget jokes even during the serious interviews. Such satirical attitude to his look is the sign of his high intelligence, as only philosophical thinking can override such problems and even see no problem in the situation Dinklage experiences.

Funny midget memes with sayings are on top of all the midget memes lists, as the quotes are like the decoration for a cake. It is not interesting to stare at an albino midget picture without any word.
Making such meme, be careful and try not to offend people of little height with your funny images. Try to see the real situation and imagine what could you think, being a midget, and think several times before laughing at something like naked midget men pics. Well, when no one sees you – you can do that.

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Midget Memes
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