Ghetto Memes and Pictures

If you are looking for funny image, just put ghetto meme on google and you will find all you need to laugh right now. Ghetto meme seem to be only with several jokes from ghetto. A ghetto is just a place, a part of a city where people or a particular race live closely together and apart from other people. Ghetto meme is just an assembling of funny pictures and video based on ghetto. A meme is way of transmitted cultural symbol or social idea. It doesn’t need to be funny. It is just a manner to share society idea. Therefore a ghetto memes share ghetto idea to stay strong and never give up. In today lives; ghetto meme use funny pictures to share serious idea.

Funny Ghetto Memes

It generally come with a picture and some letters at top and bottom. The message written on pictures can be just fun like this example with a brief description of the related picture:

  •  In sickness and in health or until the food stamps expire (two people get married)
  •  I am so ghetto, I commit drive-Bys on the public Bus ( a black man smiling)
  •  When your ugly friend start calling twin. ( with picture of a guy with strong regard)
  •  When the pastor say, turn to your neighbors. (a man in a suit near an ugly man)
  •  When the hood hoe, tweets I’m Pregnant (People with two hand on heard)

The second group of ghetto meme belong to serious and truth idea that share society idea and inform people about how people live in a ghetto, how they stay strong despite their life condition.

  •  Ghetto word of the day is Cologne, Aye Bruh, you think you Cologne me a dollar (with a picture of surprise men)
  •  I don’t have any reason to kill anybody on the ring unless he deserve it. (two men boxing on a ring)

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Ghetto Memes and Pictures
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